Best iPhone 6s Belt Clip Cases in 2020

For daily commuters, a multi-functional mobile case is the best companion. During their tiresome journey to and from office, they find it challenging to use hands-free to talk to somebody. And taking out their iPhones from their deep pockets makes no sense.

So what is the solution? Thankfully, accessories makers offer a better solution. Belt clip cases are the best thing to protect your iPhone 6s. It is easy and safe; quickly take your Phone out, finish the conversation and put it back into the belt clip case. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your iPhone as the magnetic clip protects your phone against any damage.

We have compiled a list of the best iPhone 6s belt clip cases for you. These cases are varied in designs, colors, and functionalities. But one thing that connects each is security and ease they offer. Some of the common features of holsters are kickstand, magnetic closure, premium leather finish, shock-protection and more.

Best iPhone 6s Belt Clip Cases/Holsters in 2020

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#1. Aduro

Aduro iPhone 6s Belt Clip Case Holster

Aduro has come up with a case that combines a shell and holster. You can remove the holster and use only the shell to protect your iPhone 6s. The case has a kickstand to enable you to read and watch your favorite contents and movies/videos.

A notable feature is that holster clip swivels and flaunts a sturdy locking mechanism to keep your phone protected and in place. For more convenience, you can easily take out your phone from the holster without removing it from the case.

USP: Swiveling holster clip
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BOMEA iPhone 6s Belt Clip Holster Pouch

Bomea offers a simple but robust belt clip holster for iPhone 6s. This black-colored case can easily grab your attention; the belt clip case has sturdy magnetic closure ensuring a robust grip and security for your phone.

The case has three strongly attached loops to slip your belt through; this provides an extra layer of security to an entire case, thereby your iPhone 6s. If an idea of a jazzy case doesn’t fancy you, Bomea offers this belt clip case at an excellent price.

USP: Classic profile
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#3. Encased SlimShield Series

Encased iPhone 6s Belt Clip Holster Case

Encased SlimShield Series didn’t have to work a lot to walk into this elite league. Simply put, it’s designed to take care of all of your basic needs.

Thanks to the solid PCR contraction, it can last longer. You can rotate the belt clip up to 180-degree to keep the device firmly in place.

With the soft finish, you feel very comfortable holding the case in your palm. Lastly, you can choose this case in two colors: deep blue and gray.

USP: The Secure locking mechanism
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Encased iPhone 6s Belt Clip Case

Featuring a vintage design, Bomea is primed for the folks who seek simplicity. It’s made of high-quality material and features a soft interior to resist scratch.

The three loops of the case provide the extra guarantee that the case will never come off the belt. But make sure that you place your Phone with a protective case as this pouch is too big for a naked iPhone.

There is also a cardholder to let you securely carry your cards. Courtesy the magnetic closure, all of your valuables remain safe inside.

USP: Slot for cards
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#5. Gcepls

Gcepls iPhone 6s Belt Clip Case

Gcepls has introduced a unique design in belt clip cases. Unlike traditional belt clip cases, this one is way too different in style and design. A noteworthy feature of this case is the way you insert your iPhone 6s into the holster. You need to slip your phone into the case upside down.

You can rotate the belt clip swivel in 360 degrees; this feature gives better comfort when you are driving your car or any two-wheeler. Check its magnetic closure that keeps your phone in place and secure.

USP: Premium Leather
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#6. Trianium Duranium Series

Trianium iPhone 6s Belt Clip Case

Trianium’s “Duranium Series” cases are exceptionally protective. These covers have been armored by the double-layered of structure featuring an extremely rugged outer shell and rubberized inner shell. Thus, your iPhone 6s will stay safeguard from all sorts of damages.

Moving beyond the rugged casing, Duranium Series cases sport built-in screen protector to ward off scratches. Plus, the detachable hip holster works perfectly in letting you carry your device comfortably during adventurous times.

USP: Built-in screen protector
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FOGEEK Belt Clip Case for iPhone 6s

Should you want to have a bit stylish heavy-duty case, this offering from FOGEEK would be the ideal way to go.

This case has a shockproof structure and features an Apple logo cutout on the back. The detachable hip holster offers you needed flexibility.

However, what makes FOGEEK belt clip case nice is the good-looking design. And with so many color variants on offer, picking out the one that can fit into your iPhone 6s shouldn’t be a big deal.

USP: Nice-looking design
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#8. Debin

Debin Belt Clip Pouch for iPhone 6s

If low-profile design appeals you, Debin can be worth checking out. It’s carved out of top-quality leather. Featuring soft-textured exterior, you get improved grip.

Soft-lined interior helps the pouch absorb shock and even resist scrape. The inclusion of magnetic closure ensures you can fasten the case with ease. As for belt clip, it works pretty well in letting you keep your device in place.

USP: Soft-lined interior
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#9. TurtleBack

Turtle iPhone 6s Holster

Here comes a simple but gracefully designed belt clip case for your iPhone 6s. TurtleBack has manufactured this case with superior quality dirt-proof bonded leather for iPhone 6s. Now protect your iPhone against scratches with this soft felt; this durable belt clip holster can take in any naked iPhone 6s or with a slim case.

The magnetic flap closure is designed ergonomically to protect your Phone even while you are active in your professional life. The metal clip is detachable; you can rotate the case as per your sitting and standing postures.

USP: Rotating belt clip
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#10. E LV

E LV iPhone 6s Belt Clip Holster Case

There are very few heavy-duty cases that are as robust as E LV. Apart from featuring solid construction; the cover has got air-cushioned corners. So, it won’t give random bumps any chance to hurt your iPhone.

It also provides an extra defense to the touchscreen thanks to the raised bezel. Moreover, the built-in kickstand can let you pro-up your smartphone in the preferred angle during your video-calling or movie watching times.

USP: Built-in kickstand for improved hands-free experience
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That’s it, folks!

Your favorite?

So, which one of the above iPhone 6s Belt Clip Cases is going to defend your smartphone against impact? It would be nice to know its name.

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