Best iPhone 6s Battery Cases: Keep Your Phone Powered Up All The Time

Explore the list of the best iPhone 6s battery case to keep your phone charged always. You can easily install a charger case on your iPhone and the battery pack will work as a portable charger.

iPhone 6s users have always been complaining about battery life. No matter how many tips or tricks you try, you will always be dissatisfied with the battery performance of your iPhone. We either have to find a charging point or carry a power bank with us.

To over this issue of battery drain, we have handpicked some of the best battery cases for your iPhone 6s. They will make sure your device is always powered up and ready to go. Just check the list given below to make it an easy picking.

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Best Battery Cases for iPhone 6s

#1. Tech Care

Tech Care Battery Case for iPhone 6-6s

Tech Care empowers your iPhone 6s with 240% extra power battery life. With this added power, you can get an additional 35 hours of talk time, 20 hours of Internet browsing, and 9 hours of gaming.

The case is not bulky, as Tech Care has crafted the product from soft silicone frame, which adds only 0.18 inch and 2.9 oz to your phone. Enjoy protection and style with this 5000mAh battery case.

USP: No excessive bulk
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#2. mophie Juice Pack

mophie Juice Pack iPhone 6-6s Battery Case

No list of best iPhone 6s battery cases can be complete without this popular brand–mophie. The Juice Pack may not boast a huge battery but it’s 1,840mAh battery is good enough to provide more than 20 hours of extra talk time.

As for design, this battery case looks a bit on the slimmer side. With the rubberized exterior, you get enhanced gripping. Besides, it can also endure drops and ward off scrapes.

Additionally, you can choose Juice Pack in four attractive color options including black, blue, pink and purple.

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USP: Sleek design
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MAXBEAR Battery Case for iPhone 6-6s

Maxbear presents a battery case that is easy to install and remove. Normally, battery cases are inconvenient to handle, especially when it comes to install and remove. Maxbear has done this effortlessly and offered a battery pack that boasts 5000mAh capacity.

With this battery case, you will get more than 60 hours of extra audio, 24 hours 3G talk time, 15 hours of video, 12 hours of web browsing or 3 hours of 3D gaming. For your phone’s protection, Maxbear has a 360-degree scratch guard to protect your device from drops and impacts.

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USP: Easy installation and removal
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DESTEK iPhone 6-6s Battery Case

Get the most out of your iPhone full day with Destek’s 3000mAh battery case, which prevents your device from power off. This battery case supports lightning headphones while charging. You can sync your iPhone data without removing the case.

Destek has made a stylish and ultra-thin battery case, which is a feat in itself. Destek has combined flexible and hard rubber to make this case look impressive. Moreover, a thin profile doesn’t feel bulky. Don’t forget that built-in high-quality magnetic metal to attach your phone to the magnetic car mount.

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USP: Ultra-thin, compact design
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#5. Yacikos

Yacikos Battery Case for iPhone 6-6s

Yacikos has rigorously and repeatedly tested this battery case, and therefore, you should not bother about the internal and external damage of your device. This 6000mAh battery case has enough power to charge your iPhone fully.

This battery case is made of durable ABS and 360-degree silicone material, which makes this battery case travel-friendly. The non-toxic material keeps the case odorless and the silica gel keeps the case shockproof.

USP: Non-toxic material
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#6. Vproof

Vproof iPhone 6-6s Battery Case

Vproof brings a high-quality battery case that has built-in magnetic metal, which works with magnetic cradles for your iPhone. This 5000mAh capacity battery case provides 200% extra power to your iPhone 6s.

Keep your eyes on the LED power indicator, which shows the power left. You can also use a switch to power on and power down your iPhone 6s battery case. For the protection of your iPhone, Vproof has manufactured this case from a soft rubber material.

USP: Full-edge protection
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#7. HETP

HETP Battery Case for iPhone 6s

A battery case from HETP adds up to 200% more power to your iPhone 6s. With this extra power, you can surf the Internet, watch videos, listen to music, and talk to your loved ones for a long time. A notable feature of this battery case is that it protects your phone not only externally, but also internally. Over-charging and overheating are common issues with ordinary battery cases, but not with HETP case.

Another significant feature is easy installation and removal. Many users have experienced that they find it difficult to install a battery case. HETP’s battery pack is precisely crafted to fit on your iPhone 6s comfortably.

USP: Dual-layer protection
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#8. Nyko

Nyko iPhone 6-6s Battery Case

A slim battery case is a rare sight in the world of smartphone accessories. However, Nyko has manufactured only 12mm thick battery case, which offers 1550mAh capacity. The battery capacity of this case is not enough for a pro-user, but it can add up to 80% battery life to your iPhone.

This battery case is made of soft rubber and premium hard plastic materials, which provide excellent soft touch finish. Check that dedicated power button charge indicator, which lets you know how much charge you need.

USP: Power button charge indicator
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#9. Oakwill

Oakwill Phone 6S Battery Case

Oakwill brings one of the best replacement battery cases for your iPhone 6s. A noteworthy feature is LED indicators, which show the battery status of this portable charger. When this charger case runs out of power, you can quickly charge it with a charging cable.

Oakwill has packed 5000mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery, which allows you to enjoy 28 hours talk time, 98 hours music time and 22 hours video time.

USP: Convenient LED indicator
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#10. Alpatronix

Alpatronix Battery Case for iPhone 6s

Alpatronix battery case is a style icon, finish and looks are impressive. Apart from beauty, the case is certified by Apple and boasts a 3100mAh battery under the hood. Like other battery cases, you can sync and charge simultaneously.

The precise cut objects none of the function of iPhone 6s. Lastly, there are many different colors along with different bumpers to suit your style.

USP: MFi Certified
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#11. i-Blason

i-Blason iPhone 6-6s Battery Case

i-Blason is known for manufacturing rugged cases for iPhones. This time the company has come up with a battery case. However, i-Blason has retained its signature strength in this case, which is Apple MFI certified.

i-Blason’s fame chiefly rests upon its ability to craft kickstand case. And this talent is visible in this battery case, which is reinforced by a holster case. The company has used ion-lithium polymer material to manufacture this 3200mAh battery case.

USP: Belt clip holster battery case
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#12. Gixvdcu

Gixvdcu Battery Case for iPhone 6S

In a day, your iPhone undergoes a lot of stress. You watch videos, photos, and read eBooks. You browse the internet all day. This consumes your battery fast; Gixvdcu’s battery case is loaded with 6000mAh capacity to charge your iPhone 6s on the go. This battery pack gives your iPhone 280% extra power to continue your activities on your device.

Battery cases are believed to be bulky in design, but Gixvdcu has shattered this myth. This case adds only 0.19 inch 3.5oz to your iPhone 6s. With its advanced sync through technology, you can charge your phone and battery case simultaneously.

USP: Advanced sync through technology
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That’s all!

Summing up…

The best thing about battery cases is they are portable chargers. Instead of holding those heavy power banks, it is incredibly comfortable to install a battery case, which keeps your iPhone charged always.

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