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Best iPhone 6s/6s Plus Car Mounts in 2021

Best iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Car Mounts

All geared up to track your ride or navigate using GPS? You would want to choose one of the best iPhone 6s/6s Plus car mounts to have much better hands-free experience on-the-move.

With the 360-degree rotation, these car mounts offer optimal viewing angle. They easily adhere to most surfaces and keep your iPhone securely in place. Furthermore, they are designed to be compact and lightweight so that you can easily carry them. Let’s run through this list of the top 10 car mount holders for iPhone 6s/6s Plus to get one for your smartphone!

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#1. Bestrix

Bestrix iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Mount

With the use of CD slot, Bestrix is securely mounted without adhesives or suction caps. The car mount comes with the 360-degree rotating head that provides an optimal viewing angle for the fabulous hands-free experience.

The Adjustable Clamp ensures your iPhone remains firmly intact at its place and also helps in mounting and dismounting your device with ease. The mount holder is lightweight and easy to carry. More importantly, you won’t need to remove a case to perfectly mount your smartphone.

USP: 360-degree rotating head
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#2. Ainope

Ainope iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Mount

Sporting a very sturdy construction, Ainope is designed to be a long-term companion for your smartphone. It features a stable arm that holds your iPhone firmly. With the sticky suction design, the car mount can adhere to the dashboard or windscreen steadily.

You can adjust the telescopic arm can extend from 3.1in to 5.1in to have desired viewing angles. The ball-joint with 360° rotation lets you position your iPhone both vertically and horizontally. Lastly, Ainope car mount comes a one-year warranty.

USP: Optimal viewing angles
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Soaiy iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Mount

SOAIY boasts of 3-in-1 multi-functionality. Thanks to the flexible gooseneck and 360-degree rotating, you can position your smartphone horizontally, vertically or even tilt it as desired to have the best viewing angle.

The extendable grip with non-slip feet and surface keeps your device tightly locked. There is a side button that provides comfortable one-handed operation. Besides, it functions as a competent car charger and powers up two devices at once.

It also features a LED display screen car voltmeter circularly that displays your vehicle’s battery voltage, the device’s charging voltage and charging current.

USP: Car mount with secure charger
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#4. Newward

Newward iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Mount

The Newward car mount has a long arm up to 13 inches that keep your iPhone close to your sight. The sticky gel suction cup allows the car mount to firmly adhere to most surfaces.

You can easily adjust it to have the most convenient viewing experience. Moreover, you will be able to easily install and remove your device without any trouble. Lastly, the car mount comes in four color options.

USP: Strong sticky gel suction cup
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#5. TaoTronics

TaoTronics iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Mount

TaoTronics is primed to hold your iPhone steadily to offer fabulous hands-free experience. This car mount comes with very strong suction cup with the sticky gel that tightly adheres to most surfaces.

Padded back and convenient adjust lever keeps your device scratch-free. As it’s completely adjustable, you will have great viewing angle. The simple release button ensures you don’t have any inconvenience while dismounting your device.

USP: 180-degree extendable arm
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XSPUS Car Mount for iPhone 6-6s Plus

I’ve found XSPUS very impressive. There are a couple of qualities that makes this car mount worth giving a look. First, it has a secure locking mechanism that keeps your iPhone intact.

The second, you can fine-tune the extendable arm to have the more convenient viewing angles. The suction cup enables the phone holder to attach the dashboard with ease.

With the help of a quick button, you will be able to easily remove your smartphone. Furthermore, the sturdy construction helps it withstand bumps.

USP: Sturdy construction
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#7. BE

BE iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Mount

One of the most appreciable features in BE car mount is the one-handed operation. Hence, you won’t have any trouble in mounting or dismounting your device on the move. Just like any other top car mount, it can also be fully adjusted to meet your specific viewing needs. It keeps your device securely locked. Made of high-quality material, this universal car mount is very durable.

USP: Quick installation and removal
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#8. iOttie

iOttie iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Car Mount

One of the best qualities of iOttie car mount is that you can easily remove it. Unlike other mounts that stick to the surface, this car mount can be removed easily. Locking lever helps you install the mount without any hassle; pull down lever once for smooth surfaces and pull down lever twice for textured surfaces.

Moreover, you can install this mount on the dashboard and windshield of your car; according to your convenience and comfort, you can decide where you want to place your iPhone. Before installing, make sure that the surface is not dirty or dusty.

USP: Easy and secure locking mechanism
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#9. TechMatte

TechMatte Vent Car Mount for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Another magnetic vent car mount but this one is from TechMatte. This car mount boasts a compact and economical design; it is very easy to install this mount on your car vent. Just put the slim MagGrip plate inside the protective case of your iPhone and fix the small MagGrip magnetic clip in your car’s air vent.

The magnetic force will make sure that your iPhone is stable; since this car mount doesn’t clamp up your iPhone, you can enjoy interruption-free operation on your phone.

USP: Strong neodymium magnets
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#10. Mpow

Mpow iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Mount

This offering from Mpow is one of the most loved on Amazon (four stars out of 7K customer reviews). So, what makes this car mount stand out?

First and foremost, it’s got a durable construction and features a superior locking mechanism. And the second, the swivel ball head is fully rotatable to ensure you have optimal viewing angle.

You can easily adjust the arm width by just pressing the button. Foldable holding feet allow you to charge the device without hassle. Plus, you will be able to pick out Mpow in three good-looking colors such as black, gray, and red.

USP: Foldable holding feet
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That’s all!

Signing off

What make these car mounts different from their competitors? Share your valuable feedback in the comments below.

To me, three major qualities make these mount holders stand out. The ability to provide an optimum viewing angle, securely hold your device and protect your smartphone from scratch. Besides, they are very lightweight and compact.

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