Best Car Chargers For iPhone 6s / 6s Plus in 2021

Best iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Chargers

You are listening to some of your finest songs through your iPhone while enjoying a peaceful ride. Suddenly, you find the battery on your iOS device just about to die. Wouldn’t want to charge your smartphone fast and securely to ensure your memorable journey continues to be exciting with all those fantastic songs you have on your device? Ten to one, you would! That’s why; navigate through this long list of the best iPhone 6s/6s Plus car chargers to pick a reliable charger that can deliver rapid charging.


FIMARR Car Charger for iPhone 6-6s Plus

When you charge your iPhone in the car, the safety of devices should be your prime concern. For this reason, FIMARR has manufactured a car charger with perfect compatibility. This ultra-compact car charger provides full safety guarantee; the product protects your devices against over-voltage, temperature, over-current, short-circuit, and fire.

You can quickly locate ports to charge your device at night. The charger comes with two lightning cables, which boast reversible connector, compact shell, and reinforced junction.

USP: 15% faster-charging speed
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2. Ainope

Ainope iPhone Car Charger

“Ainope” features an ultra-portable design and provides an efficient charging solution. The aluminum alloy construction makes it highly durable.

The CE, FCC & RoHS certifications make it more reliable. Therefore, your smartphone has the required safeguard against threats like over current and short-circuit.

The double USB ports deliver 4.8A total output which is sufficient enough to power up your devices in top gear. Besides, you have three colors to pick from black, red and silver.

USP: CE, FCC & RoHS certified
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HUNDA iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Charger

Efficient cable management in the car can make your journey enjoyable. Moreover, cables can cause accidents as well if not managed properly. HUNDA understands this, and therefore, it has built a flexible cable of its car charger. The coiled cable keeps your car organized. With an extra universal USB port, you can charge two devices in your vehicle.

HUNDA also understands the value of time. For fast charging, the charger offers 24W/4.8A high power supply and gives fastest possible charge up to 4.8 amps or 2.4 amps per port.

USP: Flexible cable
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4. Syncwire

Syncwire iPhone Car Charger

For providing secure charging to iPhone, “Syncwire” is undoubtedly one of the better options. The Apple MFi, as well as UL & CE & FCC certifications, does prove that it’s up to the mark.

The car charger comes with two USB ports and offers 4.8A total output which is pretty good for charging multiple devices at one go. Due mainly to the i-smart chip, it keeps common hazards like overloading and overcharging away. Furthermore, it has a compact yet durable construction to last long.

USP: Apple MFi certified
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5. Gembonics

Gembonics Car Charger for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Gembonics presents an Apple Mfi certified car charger in pure white color. Apart from your iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, this charger is compatible with multiple iOS devices. One of the benefits of buying Mfi certified car charger is it charges your devices without error messages.

The charger quickly detects your devices and delivers charging accordingly. And then, the charger gives you the fastest possible charge. For your device’s safety, it will automatically stop charging when there is danger of over-charging or over-voltage.

USP: Safe and reliable
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6. GemDox

GemDox Car Charger for iPhone 6-6s Plus

No matter which iOS device you own, GemDox’s car charger will deliver the fastest charge. A notable feature of this charger is its compatibility with latest and old Apple devices; you can charge your iPhones and iPads without any error. Charge your iPhones on the go and stay connected with your friends and family.

This MFI certified lightning car charger has a long life as will not fall to pieces with repeated use. The product comes with a 3.3 feet cable, which allows you to charge your devices while you are in the rear seat of your car.

USP: MFI certified
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BitTrendx iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Charger

Here’s an extra handy and lightweight mini car charger to keep your devices powered up on the go. The soft LED helps locate ports in the dark without being distracting.

Further, the premium 22AWG copper core ensures charging speeds 15% faster than other charger cables. You can also charge two devices at the same time. The intelligent circuit design keeps you safe too.

USP: Fast charging speed
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8. AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics Car Charger for iPhone 6-6s Plus

AmazonBasics is one of the renowned brands dealing in iPhone accessories. This company has won the trust of millions of consumers, and therefore, people buy car chargers and other accessories with confidence. This straight cable lightning car charger is your traveling partner. With great efficiency, this car charger becomes a must-have travel accessory.

Apple Mfi certified car charger flaunts simple design but gives you powerful performance. You can plug it directly into your car’s DC adapter for high-speed charging. Its 3-feet long cable ensures flexible placement in your car.

USP: Flexible placement
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Wrap Up!

So, which one of these car chargers is going to power up your iPhone? Let us know that in the comments below. There are two qualities that I like in these iPhone car chargers—the compact design and the ability to charge the device with good speed. Besides, they are highly portable and protect your device from threats like the short circuit.

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