Best iPhone 6s/6s Plus Tripods of 2020 for Perfect Click By Stabilizing Your Device

How can you convert your iPhone into a smart camera used by professionals? A tough question to answer, but it is not impossible. The latest iPhone 6s/6s Plus has a better camera app that allows you to take awesome pictures. But, before you click any, make sure that you don’t get the blurred or shaken image.

A tripod comes handy if you are a click-happy creature; fit your iPhone on the tripod and start taking pictures of your choice. As a matter of fact, a tripod helps you explore the full potential of all camera features on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

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We have listed the best iPhone 6 and 6s tripods to stabilize your device and capture all beautiful pictures around you.

Best iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus Tripods in 2020

#1. Acuvar

eCostConnection iPhone 6s-6s Plus Tripod

A tripod that is lightweight and has compact design is easy to carry along. This 50-inch tripod has three section aluminum alloy legs that provide unshakeable support to your iPhone 6.

It is quite easy to attach your iPhone with the tripod; the padded grip ensures that your iPhone is not damaged. Enjoy perfect still photography with its non-slip feet and a bubble level indicator.

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USP: Aluminum alloy legs
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Tripod for iPhone 6-6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8 Plus, X, XS, Xs Max, XR

PEYOU brings 50-inch iPhone tripod made of aluminum material. Its 360-degree rotatable holder comfortably holds your phone. You can place your iPhone in a vertical and horizontal position to click photos and shoot stunning videos. Since the tripod is made of lightweight, you can carry this product with you during travels.

PEYOU offers you a range of iPhone tripods in a different size. You can buy the best tripod as per your requirement. Sturdy legs of this tripod hold the ground firmly, and you can place it on an uneven surface.

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USP: Lightweight & compact
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#3. Arkon

Arkon iPhone 6s-6s Plus Tripod

Arkon presents a tripod with the smartphone holder. This mini tripod has got bendable legs so that you can securely mount your iPhone 6s on any surface. The universal holder fits all iPhones; you can fix your iPhone horizontally and vertically.

Moreover, its octopus-like legs allow you to install the tripod on any branch of a tree. Enjoy two-year limited warranty on Arkon tripod.

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USP: Secure mounting anywhere
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#4. Ubeesize

UBeesize iPhone 6-6s Plus Tripod

Ubeesize gives a perfect angle to your iPhone and helps you capture the best shot every time. Check its adjustable OCTOPUS style legs that help to click blur-free shots from any angle. Moreover, the legs of this tripod are stable on any surface as they are made of durable foam and plastic.

Apart from your iPhones, this tripod is compatible with other digital cameras, GoPro and webcams up to 3.75 inches wide.

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USP: Adjustable Octopus style legs
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#5. Joby

Joby iPhone 6s-6s Plus Tripod

Joby brings a flexible tripod for your iPhone within the width size of 54-72mm. With the help of Joby tripod, you can click better perspectives; the flexible joint secure phone to objects and allow for adaptable camera positioning for perfect control in photo or video composition.

The rubber foot grips of tripod provide your iPhone stability on flat or uneven surfaces. Its rubber pads tightly hug your iPhone in any position.

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USP: Thoughtful engineering
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Insten iPhone 6-6s Tripod

Click better photos with the Insten tripod; listen or watch visual content on your iPhone. Insten tripod tightly secures your iPhone in place; its locking mechanism is installed side of the holder, and its horizontal and vertical slide rails reach up to 15mm each. Ball joint allows 360-degree rotation. Its legs unfold to make it portable; it is lightweight and portable in design – you can carry this tripod anywhere.

USP: Portable design
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#7. Fotopro

Fotopro iPhone 6s-6s Plus Tripod

Fotopro brings a 39.5-inch aluminum iPhone tripod with a Bluetooth remote control to capture stunning pictures and videos. This lightweight iPhone stand is the best camera accessory while you are traveling, climbing, and camping. To achieve perfect height, you can quickly adjust this tripod to take selfies.

With its Quick open design, you can set up this tripod in a jiffy. For any cameraman, timing is the key, and therefore, a tripod with a quick-open system is the best choice.

USP: Retractable holder
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DIGIANT iPhone 6-6s Plus Tripod

Digiant presents a lightweight and compact design in this tripod. You can easily move this camera stand wherever you go. Look at the easy attachment and padded grip, which avoid smartphone damage. You can install your iPhone with case wrapped on.

The quick-release plate helps you spread the legs of the tripod easily. With dimensions 3.1 x 3.1 x 15 inches and weighs less than 1lb, you can carry your tripod in the designed bag anywhere you like.

USP: Quick-release plate
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Ailun Tripod for iPhone 6, 6s Plus, 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X

Ailun manufactures durable and secure tripod, which is made of high-quality metal ball joint and screw. Ailun has used longer and tightener pin with premium legs and an upgraded phone holder.

The 360-degree ball joint helps you adjust your iPhone for multiple angles, and thus, you can capture perfect shots. You can take level shots on an uneven surface; with bendable tripod legs, you can wrap the tripod on a pole or tree to click beautiful shots.

USP: 360-degree ball joint
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#10. LOHA

LOHA iPhone 6s-6s Plus Tripod

Get blur-free pictures and videos with LOHA tripod for your iPhone. The superior stability allows cinematic video capturing; you can create amazing time-lapse or stop-motion videos. The bendable legs of LOHA tripod will enable you to take creative photos in portrait and landscape modes.

The tripod is universally compatible; hence, you can adjust all your iPhones and other smartphones on this tripod. The tripod is made of premium materials to protect your iPhone and its accessories.

USP: Smooth video shooting with stability
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That’s all folks!

What is your choice?

For photography lovers, a tripod is one of the essential camera accessories. Given the fact that Apple is improving its camera feature, more and more users turn to iPhones. Use one of the best tripods for your iPhone and take perfect pictures.

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