Best iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Bluetooth Headphones of 2019: Enjoy the Freedom of Movement

Time to bring life to your music! Handpick one of these best iPhone 6s/6s Plus Bluetooth headsets of 2019 to enjoy the amazing sound and enhance hands-free calling experience.

The one thing that thrills our joy in happiness and consoles our heart in sorrow just like our soul-mate is music. To remain upbeat through thick and thin and make the most of the music elegantly, I use wireless headphones. The qualities that I prefer to see in headphones are top notch noise reduction system and high stereo sound. Speaking the truth, I have a special liking for the ones which have the in-ear design. Based on all of these top qualities, I have carved out a distinct list of the best iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus Bluetooth headsets.

These wireless headphones have all the qualities to offer magnificent hands-free calling and music experience. You can effortlessly control your music. Moreover, the earphones come with ergonomic design and are highly affordable. Let’s head over to explore the top 10 wireless earphones for iPhone 6s/6s Plus!

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Best Wireless Bluetooth Headsets iPhone 6s & 6s Plus in 2019

#1. LG

LG HBS-910 iPhone 6-6s Plus Bluetooth Headset

LG’s strong brand presence in the world market encourages people to believe in this Bluetooth stereo headset. A notable feature of this product is retractable earbuds, which are linked with intuitive wire management solution. When you don’t want to use the buds, simply remove from your ears and they will retract.

The sleek headset is popular among users with its impressive features like a customizable fit, lightweight profile, and comfortable contour. It is a sheer pleasure to listen to music with rich bass and crisp treble.

USP: Retractable earbuds
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SENSO iPhone 6-6s Plus Bluetooth Headphones

SENSO presents a feature-rich Bluetooth headset for your iPhones. Among the prominent features, Senso offers up to 9-hour playback, pure HD sound, IPX7 waterproof rating, comfort gel grips, tangle-resistant cable, wireless up to 30 feet, comfortable silicone fit and more.

The headset delivers true HD Hi-Fi sound along with deep bass and crystal clear treble. Senso has used new and improved lithium polymer battery, which gives you up to eight hours of music play and 240 hours of standby. Its CVC 6.0 noise suppression technology delivers only the music and nothing else.

USP: HD Hi-Fi sound
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#3. Mamamiya

Mamamiya Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 6-6s Plus

The powerful battery of any Bluetooth headset should not be measured by how long the device works but how fast it is charged. Mamamiya brings wireless Bluetooth headsets that can be charged in just two hours, and then you can use them for fourteen long hours. As the product is certified by MSDS, it is good for your health and truckers/drivers can listen to music for a long time during their trips.

Never worry about drizzle or light rain as this Bluetooth headset boasts IPX4 waterproof and sweatproof standards. The lightweight and neckband design help you wear this product comfortably while you are working out.

USP: 14Hr play Time
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#4. Kelodo

Kelodo Bluetooth Earphone for iPhone 6s-6s Plus

Kelodo Bluetooth headphones come with ear anti-shedding design that helps them stay firmly placed. Courtesy of the comfort fit, they don’t come off the ears even during your intense exercise. The built-in mic offers superb sound.

There is a handy multi-function that allows you to receive calls and control music with ease. The earbuds provide up to six hours of play time on a single charge. Voice prompt delivers notification of incoming calls and phone numbers to ensure you don’t miss a phone call.

USP: Anti-skidding design
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#5. ADAX

ADAX Wireless Earbuds for iPhone 6s-6s Plus

Blessed with exquisite sound quality, ADAX wireless earphones are readied to rev up your music experience. The earbuds fit all the contours of your ears. As a result, they remain at their place steadily.

The built-in magnets allow you to wear the earphones with ease. Six hours of play time is up to the mark for normal use. You won’t have any problem in fine-tuning your music. These headphones come in only two colors—white and black.

USP: Built-in magnets
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FOCUSPOWER iPhone 6-6s Plus Bluetooth Headset

FOCUSPOWER has designed a wireless bud, which is smaller than a cashew nut or a coin. With such a compact size, you need to be extra careful while using this Bluetooth headset as you may lose the bud. On the other side, it is incredibly versatile as you can use FOCUSPOWER wireless headset discreetly in library, classroom, or theatre.

You can charge this earbud without using any cable; you can use a USB charger by connecting it to your laptop. The inductive charging allows you to use this earbud on the go.

USP: Multipoint connection
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#7. LBell

LBell iPhone 6-6s Plus Bluetooth Headphones

LBell is arguably the most powerful wireless Bluetooth headset as this device is packed with longer battery life. It takes 3.5 hours to charge this wireless earbud, and then, it delivers 30 hours of music time and 600 hours of standby time. Voice prompt is one of the best features of LBell Bluetooth headset; when you receive a call, the headset will remind you of vibration and phone number reporting.

To provide long-lasting comfort, LBell has used skin-friendly ear cushion, which looks fashionable also. The multi-pairing headset can be connected to two smartphones simultaneously.

USP: Voice prompt
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#8. Mpow

Mpow Jaws Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Mpow is a reputed name in Bluetooth headsets and headphones. This stereo headset cancels external noise so that you can enjoy your favorite music peacefully. The neckband design allows you to hang the headset around your neck when you don’t want to use it. Don’t miss that built-in magnet, which attracts the earplugs when not in use.

Bluetooth 4.1 technology quickly pairs your iPhone with the headset and stays connected for a long time. Once charged, you can listen to music for 13 long hours. This flexible and durable neckband is 60% lighter than other neckbands available on the market.

USP: Quick pairing
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#9. Acadia

Acadia Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Make the most of the high fidelity sound from Acadia Premium Products to bring a lot of thrill to your music time. The soft silicone butterfly earpieces are available in three sizes to let you easily find out the ones that fit perfectly in your ears. Top of that, the ear hooks firmly holds the earbuds without hurting your ears. Perfect for intense workouts or jogging.

Multifunction button lets you quickly take/end calls along with controlling volume and your music. Top quality lithium rechargeable battery is equipped to offer a good five hours of playback time, which is quite decent by any standard.

USP: Comfortable and firm fit
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#10. Bonai

BONAI Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Experience a crystal clear sound along with deep bass with Bonai’s in-ear headsets. It has a solid noise-cancellation and allows you to listen to the beats peacefully. Besides that, the product comes with three different sized earbuds, find the one that fits perfectly.

You can also control music, take/ reject calls from the controller. The best part is that the headphones are sweatproof, making them perfect workout companion. When it comes to battery, it can entertain you with 4-hours of playback time while 100 hours of standby time.

USP: Solid noise-cancellation
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That’s it!

Your Favorite Headphones?

Which one of these Bluetooth headphones is going to pair up with your iPhone? I would be extremely glad to know your pick.

There are three major qualities like long play time, comfy design, and noise reduction technology in the headphones. Besides, they are all available at a comparatively low price than many of their counterparts.

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