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It's easier to wrap your iPhone 6 or 6s on a simple, normal polycarbonate case but wooden cases impart an aesthetic style of their own. There's something about wooden iPhone 6 cases that lend a distinct, inimitable style to your iPhone.

We've got a bunch of iPhone 6/iPhone 6s wooden cases listed here. They are from highly-regarded, popular case manufacturers that specialize in handcrafted wooden clothing for Apple's latest gadget. Check them out.

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Best iPhone 6 Wooden CasesBest iPhone 6 and 6s Wooden Cases

iPhone 6 Wooden CasesFeatures 
CarvedGenuine Wood
JoylinkShock-Absorbing Design
JuBeCoHandmade Natural Case
TabPowHybrid Design
BELKSlim Fit
SzwisechipReal Bamboo Wood
VolksRoseCompass Design
NeWisdomRugged Construction
VENAImpressive Craftsmanship
GrovemadeHigh-Grade Case


CARVED iPhone 6 Wooden Case

CARVED wooden case is pure class. It's a must have for the folks who want a high-quality wooden case that can match beautifully with the elegance of iPhone 6. It features rubber bumper that withstands shock and also provides enhanced grip. The case snugly fits on your smartphone; offering comfortable access to all the features of your device. This stylish wooden case comes in four color options.

Price: $39.00 on Amazon while we are writing this.
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Joylink Wooden Case for iPhone 6-6s

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Unlike Slicoo, Joylink wooden case is handmade from Oakwood. The inner shell is made from polycarbonate and tight fitting ensures complete safety from normal falls and bumps. Oakwood nature is such that no two cases are identical. Every case will have the different hue. Apart from looks, all basic functionality of iPhone 6/6s is fully accessible.

Price: $17.99 [$12.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] 
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#3. JuBeCo

JuBeCo iPhone 6 Wooden Case

JuBeCo wooden case exhibits admirable workmanship. With the solid bamboo wood construction ably enriched by the fascinating pattern, the case has got the design to arrest the heart. TPU bumper adds more strength to it; fighting out the challenge of drops. It also features front lip to prevent the screen from touching surface. What's more, this beautiful wooden case is available in 19 adorable color options with different patterns.

Price: $19.88 on Amazon while we are writing this.
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#4. TabPow

TabPow iPhone 6 Wooden Case

TabPow has been made of high-quality rosewood and TPU. The soft TPU interior allows this wooden case to absorb shock. Raised bezel makes sure the touchscreen remains protected in case the device falls flat. The case is very lightweight and fits nicely on your iPhone 6. The buttons are very responsive to the click. This wooden case comes in three color options.

Price: $49.99 [$10.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] 
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#5. BELK Air To Beat

Belk iPhone 6 Wooden Case

This wooden case from Belk has a very slim look. Constructed with the quality wood and TPU, the hybrid case provides complete protection to your device. With the snap on design, “Air To Beat” is easily installed on your device. Thanks to the soft interior, the wooden case is capable of resisting shock. With the extra grip, it feels pretty comfy in the palms. Lastly, there are five color options to pick from.

Price: $12.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.
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#6. Szwisechip

Szwisechip iPhone 6 Wooden Case

What makes the Szwisechip wooden case so attractive is the USA flag design on the back. Crafted out of genuine bamboo wood, it is extremely strong and fully capable of knocking down the impact of drops. With the exact cutouts, this solid wooden case offers comfortable access to all the buttons and ports. Courtesy the compact design, the case looks nice on the iPhone. The non-slip design provides better grip. What's more, you have 13 good-looking color options to choose from.

Price: $18.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.
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#7. VolksRose

VolksRose iPhone 6 Wooden Case

With the attractive compass design, VolksRose wooden case easily catches attention. The minimalist design looks nice on the iPhone. Carved with the eco-friendly wood, the case is very protective. The case offers trusted safeguard to your smartphone from bumps and scratch. VolksRose is available in ten color options.

Price: $49.99 [$16.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] 
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#8. NeWisdom

NeWisdom iPhone 6 Wooden Case

NeWisdom has been created with the top grade sandalwood. The rugged construction is powerful enough to defend your smartphone from accidental falls. Due mainly to the high-quality TPU rubber, the case doesn't let impact damage your smartphone. The non-slip design provides the needed grip to hold the iPhone comfortably. This protective wooden case comes in a couple of color options.

Price: $18.59 [$12.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.] 
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#9. VENA NEU Unity

VENA iPhone 6 Wooden Case

VENA NEU Unity wooden case showcases impressive craftsmanship. With the neat design, the case looks very compact and pairs perfectly with the smartphone. The genuine wood construction boosts its durability. The hard polycarbonate shell is capable of resisting even nasty shock. NEU Unity is available in three color variants

Price: $13.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.
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#10. Grovemade Maple

Grovemade Maple iPhone 6 Case

Grovemade needs absolutely no introduction to folks who have tried to look up wooden cases for the iPhone 6/6s. Grovemade has a bunch of wooden cases for the iPhone 6. We’ve picked the Maple here. Grovemade makes minimalist cases but the attention to detail in every case that comes out of Grovemade is exceptional. In this one, look at the corners of the case.


  • All-natural wooden case
  • Exceptionally handcrafted details on the case
  • Thin, lightweight but high-grade case
  • Cool button caps for the volume and power buttons

Price: $99
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Wrapping Up

Which wooden case have you elected out of these worthy contenders to give your iPhone 6 natural flair? It would be really great to know the name of the case that has caught your attention. Also, let us know the quality you prefer in a wooden case.

These cases are made of eco-friendly wood. They are extremely compact and able to shield your smartphone from accidental damage. Furthermore, they fit snuggly with your device, provide trouble-free access to all the features of your device.

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  • Old_Muley

    I had the Grovemade Maple case for my iPhone 5s and just loved it. So many times I had my phone out, people would just marvel over how it looked. Unfortunately it had one flaw that killed it for me. The entire back is an exceptionally thin piece of wood that is semi-permanently attached to the phone with a double sided tape.You basically get one shot at getting it attached correctly, otherwise it will go on crooked. Because the back is so thin and the wood is raw, I found it to be very sensitive to humidity. Mine developed a warp after I had spent some time outside with my phone on a very humid day. The sides started to curl, and twist. After that, I was never able to get it to lay flat again.

  • TCLA

    I love wood cases, they feel great in hand and have so far offered great protection for my phones over the years. I pre-ordered the Grovemade iPhone 6 Plus case and waited 3+mos for delivery. When it finally arrived I was disappointed with the design as the “case” consisted of a bumper and a veneer backplate that needed to be applied onto back of iPhone with an adhesive. Unfortunate, as I’ve loved all the Grovemade cases to date and have owned all the iterations of their previous iPhone cases. Instead, I decided to order the Hacoa iPhone 6 Plus case through Alexcious. I ordered two, and upon receipt realized that one of them had a hairline crack in the case. I contacted Alexcious immediately and was told that “by opening the package the warranty was invalidated,” so they could not process replacement. They did provide instructions on how to glue the case together–thanks! I also contacted Hacoa directly to see if they stood by their products, and of course they blamed “possible damage in transit” and referred me back to Alexcious. Ultimately, I escalated issue with Paypal and Alexcious agreed to partial refund, but it was an unnecessary inconvenience and I would not recommend their service or Hacoa products. If only Miniot would make an iPhone 6 Plus case, I’d love to try that! My brother ordered one for his iPhone 6 and loves it, it fits the phone like a glove and craftsmanship quality is fantastic.