Best iPhone 6/6s Tempered Glass Screen Protectors: Safeguard for Your iPhone’s Precious Touchscreen

Provide safeguard to your iPhone 6/6s with these tempered glass screen protectors and protect your iPhone from accidental drop.

Does the iPhone 6/iPhone 6s really need a screen protector? This is a question worth asking while buying any screen protector for your iPhone 6 as it essentially comes with Gorilla Glass that is ion-strengthened. It is scratch-resistant which certainly helps, but only in cases where you are prone to drop the phone by accident.

However, it has a limit to which it can survive heavy scratches, eventually. This is why you are better off with a stronger third-party screen protector for the everyday wear and tear.

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Best iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

There are also military-grade screen protectors which are overwhelmingly scratch-proof, though given their price they can be somewhat prohibitive. An ideal option for you to protect your iPhone 6/6s screen is to pick one of the different tempered glass screen protectors. To help you do that, some of the best ones are given below:

Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone 6/6s

#1. Bangbreak

Bangbreak Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6-6s

Since Apple introduced 3D Touch technology with iPhone 6s, you need to ensure that you buy a compatible screen protector. Bangbreak brings a perfect fit screen guard that is compatible with touchscreen sensitivity of your iPhone 6s.

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The crystal clear and ultra-thin film is just 0.26mm thick, and still reliable and resilient. The ultra-clear HD screen boasts 99.9% transparency for the natural viewing experience. For your phone’s safety, Bangbreak uses a glass screen protector with 9H hardness.

USP: Reliable and resilient
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#2. G-Armor

G-Armor iPhone 6-6s Tempered Glass Screen Protector

G-Armor brings a tempered glass screen guard for your iPhone 6s. This 0.3mm thick film has 2.5D-curved edges that offer 100% touch accuracy and high screen sensitivity. The screen guard gives you 99.9% transparency and thus, you get a maximum natural display.

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Enjoy HD viewing experience while not having to worry about stains of oil and sweat; the protector has a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to secure the screen from scratches, oil, water, and fingerprints.

USP: Natural display
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#3. Tech Armor Premium Edge to Edge Glass Screen Protector

Tech Armor Premium Edge to Edge Ballistic Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6

Tech Armor Premium Ballistic Glass Screen Protector is designed to provide your iPhone the maximum protection from scratches, drops and crash landings. Just like its name Edge to Edge hints at, it is crafted to cover the entire screen from edge to edge with a unique flex bend assured not to peel or curl. The outer lining is made of custom color to unify with the phone’s elegant look.

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The Screen Protector is built with laser cut tempered glass with rounded, polished edges. The Ballistic Glass Screen Protector can offer High Definition clarity and precise touchscreen experience. Additionally, it comes with the Oleophobic Coating that defies oil smudges and fingerprints.

USP: Hybrid glass screen protector
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#4. MaxTeck

MaxTeck iPhone 6-6s Tempered Glass Screen Protector

MaxTeck presents shatterproof glass screen protector for your iPhone. The 100% accurate and high-responsive tempered glass protector provides maximum protection to your device keeping 3D Touch function intact. The 0.26mm thin screen guard protects your phone’s screen from drops, scratches, scrapes, and bumps.

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This screen protector is crafted from specially processed tempered glass to guard your phone’s screen from shocks. Its 9H hardness is effective in absorbing the impact.

USP: Specially processed tempered glass
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MOKOU iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Perfectly fitting the 4.7 inch iPhone 6/6s screen, the MOKOU Tempered Glass Screen Protector comes with a hard coated scratch resistant tempered glass.

It is made of highly durable materials that can be at par with any other high-end tempered glass screen protectors. It delivers high clarity, high sensitivity and significant resistance to your iPhone from scratches, scrapes, and falls.

USP: Maximum protection
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#6. iCarez

iCarez Premium Anti-Scratch Bubble-free Screen Protector for iPhone 6

iCarez Premium Glass Screen Protector consists of a perfect laser cut; hard coat layered glass sheet that can tolerate any external forces. It acts as an ideal shield for your iPhone’s screen resisting it from hits and shocks.

The glass screen protector is 9H scratch-resistant that is 0.33 mm thick and has rounded edges. It has an Oleophobic Coating that helps keep the screen free from smudges and fingerprints. It provides true touch sensitivity with minimum interferences. This antibacterial glass protector is easy to install and take out, leaving no bubbles and residues.

USP: Dry application
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#7. JETech

JETech iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

A glass screen protector with extreme hardness, the JETech Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector, can resist scratches up to 9H. It can safeguard your iPhone 6/6s screen from scratches due to keys, knife and any sharper objects.

It is built with the high standard tempered glass of 0.3 mm thickness with round edges, fitting the 4.7 inches iPhone screen perfectly. The glass protector provides true touch sensitivity and maximum HD clarity, as it is highly responsive and highly transparent. A protector that is easy to install and remove, it keeps your screen fingerprint-free and smudge-free.

USP: Harder than a knife
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#8. Tech Armor Premium Ballistic Glass Screen Protector

Tech Armor Premium Ballistic Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6

Using the Tech Armor Premium Ballistic Glass Screen Protector is an elegant way to protect your iPhone 6’s or iPhone 6s’ screen. Your screen is completely safeguarded against scratches, crash landings, and impact drops.

The protector comprises of precise laser cut tempered glass built with polished and rounded edges. The Ballistic Glass Screen Protector provides almost 100% HD clarity, accuracy, and true touch sensitivity. Also, it helps keep your phone’s screen free from the oil, smudges, and fingerprints due to the presence of the Oleophobic Coating.

USP: Easy installation
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LUVVITT Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6

A glass protector suitably fitting your iPhone 6’s 4.7-inch screen, the LUVVITT Glass Screen Protector is manufactured using highest grade Japanese Asahi Tempered glass offering a scratch resistant of up to 9H and above. This resistant level makes the glass as hard as diamond, thereby tolerating any sorts of external force on the screen.

The glass protector has a layer beneath the surface that is very clear and highly shock-proof. With a thickness of 0.33 mm, this premium glass is perfectly slim to give sufficient fortification for your phone. Added to that, the protector has high touch sensitivity that renders a smooth touch experience. The rounded edges of the protector make it stick firmly to the screen without any residues.

USP: Japanese Asahi Tempered glass
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#10. ZAGG InvisibleShield

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6

Named by ZAGG as the next evolution in screen protection, the InvisibleShield Glass Screen Protector is built with top graded tempered glass to give the highest level of scratch resistance at the same time maintaining the clear image resolution.

The InvisibleShield Glass is of 0.4 mm in thickness and has a special coating that is oil–resistant, thereby deterring the natural skin oils from the screen. The Glass is easy to install, by just positioning and pushing and it delivers ultra touch sensitivity.

USP: Sensitive and ultra-smooth
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#11. KABB

KABB Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Want to have a strong screen protector with an ultra-slim profile? KABB, made with high-quality tempered glass, can be a simple choice. With 9H hardness anti-scratch, it offers your iPhone’s touchscreen complete safeguard. Being three times stronger than a regular screen protector, it’s quite durable as well.

The superior silicon adhesion allows it to get correctly installed. The automatic absorption eliminates bubble or residue. The smooth surface is very responsive to touch.

USP: Bubble-free adhesives
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#12. amFilm

amFilm iPhone 6, 6s, and 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

With the 99% transparency, amFilm tempered glass screen protector offers excellent viewing experience. It’s just 0.3mm thick and fully compatible with the touchscreen sensitivity.

The 9h hardness is extremely scratch resistant and makes it very durable. Thanks to the quality material, it’s endowed with durability. The oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints.

USP: Extremely durable
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#13. Mr. Shield

Mr Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6-6s

Mr. Shield gives you three pieces of tempered glass screen protectors. Your phone’s touchscreen is now guarded against scratches, high-impact drops, as this one is HD clear ballistic glass. The laser-cut precision with polished rounded edges makes this film more beautiful.

iPhone 6s touchscreen has curved edges and the screen protectors from Mr. Shield do not cover the entire area. When there is 100% screen coverage, screen guard begins to peel off, causing frustration for customers.

USP: HD Clear Ballistic Glass
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#14. Maxboost

Maxboost iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Maxboost is famous for crafting thin glass screen protectors for iPhones. This is the thinnest tempered glass screen protector in the world. With 0.2mm thickness, Maxboost offers scratch-proof, 3D Touch sensitive screen guard for your iPhone 6s.

The open edge design of the Maxboost glass protector only covers the flat area of your phone’s touch. HD comprehensive protection of the screen guard protects the front camera, ASL sensor, and proximity sensors. You will get zero-interference for your selfies.

USP: Open-edge design
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Signing Off

It’s always better to be on the safer side of the stream. Remember, a brutal scratch can severally damage you’re the screen of your device. A precious smartphone like iPhone 6/6s deserves to have the essential safeguard to retain its longevity.

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