Best iPhone 6 Slim Cases in 2019: Ultra Thin Cases for an Ultra Thin Phone

Give your iPhone 6 a sleek suit today! Navigate through this long list of the best iPhone 6 slim cases in 2019 to pick an enviably svelte case for your adorable smartphone.

The iPhone 6 is obviously a very thin device – it’s thinner than the iPhone 5/5s, and in a list of thinnest smartphones, it will find itself near the top. While some folks like to wrap their iPhone 6 in the usual cases (that add bulk and beat the purpose of a thin iPhone), some others like to be very picky and go for ultra-thin iPhone 6 cases.

If your iPhone 6 is not exposed to the much troublesome environment, a thin case is all you need. A slim iPhone 6 case helps in showcasing the device’s slim profile excellently. It can also prevent scratches, dust, and minor accidental bumps. The market’s inundated with them.

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Best iPhone 6 Thin Cases in 2019

#1. JETech

JETech Slim Case for iPhone 6-6s

JETech is known for manufacturing slim cases for iPhones. The best thing about this case is it protects your iPhone even though it is slim. Made of PC and TPU material, this protective cover keeps shocks and drops away from your iPhone 6. Carbon fiber texture of this case provides a firm grip on your device.

To prevent scratches from damaging your phone screen, JETech has raised the bezels that keep the screen elevated when you place your phone face down. Moreover, this case is 100% compatible with the screen protector.

USP: Scratch prevention design
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#2. elago Slim Fit 2

elago iPhone 6 Slim Case

elago Slim Fit 2 features a low-profile that fits snuggly on iPhone 6. Through the precise cutouts, the case provides direct access to all the ports and buttons. Non-slip matte surface offers enhanced grip. With all being so thin, the case can absorb shock. Above all, Slim Fit 2 case comes in 16 color options.

USP: Minimalistic design
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KUMEEK iPhone 6 Slim Case

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If you want your sleek cover to not only fit snuggly around your smartphone but also offer better grip, try out KUMEEK. The cover is made of liquid silicone rubber and sports pretty smooth finish.

Another notable feature of this slim cover for iPhone 6 is the presence of soft microfiber interior. As a result, it’s a bit more capable of enduring shock.

Both the camera and screen have the necessary safeguard thanks to the elevated edge. On top of all, KUMEEK also comes in some modish color variants.

USP: Much-improved grip
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TORRAS iPhone 6 Slim Case

TORRAS showcases enviably slim design. With the matte exterior, the case looks very impressive. It features four layers of coating that keeps its elegance alive for long. The hard plastic can withstand minor drops. This slim case comes in six color options such as blue, champagne gold, red, space black, navy blue and rose gold.

USP: Ultra-thin design
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#5. Caudabe Veil

Caudabe Thin iPhone 6-6s Case

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Yet another slim case that has caught my eyes! “Caudabe Veil” is pretty much like the offering from totallee.

I like its snug-fit profile and smooth finish. The semi-transparent design offers enough freedom to the iPhone to reveal its look elegantly.

Though Veil can’t withstand impact, it does have the strength to thwart the nefarious attempts of scratches. Plus, it’s got the special raised edge to safeguard the protruding camera.

USP: Sleek and form-fitting profile
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#6. Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen iPhone 6 Case Thin Fit

Spigen has a couple of thin cases for the iPhone 6, but there’s the Thin Fit which looks cool.

The cases feature a matte surface (for good grip), a urethane coating to avoid yellowing/discoloration. There are four color options to pick from (in the Thin Fit case). Both the cases fit perfectly; the cutouts are neatly made.

There are eight color options to pick from.

USP: Sleek design
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#7. CellEver

CellEver iPhone 6 Slim Case

CellEver doesn’t boast an ultra-sleek design unlike some of its counterparts. But what makes it a fine bet is the ability to safeguard the smartphone against drops and scratches without adding any unnecessary bulk. And this is what separates it from most other slim cases.

The dual-layer design makes the real difference when you want to offer a reliable shield to your device. Beyond the defense factor, the cutouts appear to be on point so you will have quick access to your device. Plus, CellEver is available in multiple vibrant colors such as pink, red, mint and more.

USP: Dual-layer design
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#8. Spigen Liquid Air

Spigen Slim Case for iPhone 6-6s

First things first, “Liquid Air” doesn’t have the enviable sleek design to arrest eyes. Nor does it allow your smartphone to shine through. So, why should you consider giving it a chance?

Well, if you wish to have an enhanced grip and also trusted defense from impact without adding any bulk, Liquid Air would be a better deal.

The case is carved out of soft and flexible TPU. Plus, it has a textured outer surface that fits perfectly in your palm.

USP: Textured grip
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ACMBO Thin Case for iPhone 6-6s

Times when you want your iPhone to make a match with your style, a case like ACMBO seems to be an ideal pick. The case has a durable PC shell and sports matte coating.

With the metal texture, it looks pleasing to the eyes. Add to that the special cutout for the Apple logo, and you have an elegant suit.

One notable feature of ACMBO cover is the anti-fingerprint functionality. On top of all, the four-color options (rose gold, red, black, and gold) go along nicely with your smartphone.

USP: Matte finish
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#10. PowerBear

Powerbear iPhone 6 Slim Case

Should you wish to get a cover made of liquid silicone gel for enhanced hold, be sure to check out this offering from PowerBear. Being pretty soft; the exterior not only feels incredibly comfy but also gives a modish look to the smartphone.

But is this case capable of defending your iPhone against impact? Due mainly to the inclusion of smooth microfiber interior, it can absorb low volume impact. Plus, the case can also prevent fingerprints to keep the elegance intact.

USP: Fingerprint resistant
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Signing Off

Despite being so thin, these slim cases are very durable. They can be fully trusted to keep off scratch and even endure minor bumps. With the anti-slip design, they provide enhanced grip.

Which slim case have you chosen for your iPhone 6? I would be happy to know its name as well as the features that have won you over.

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