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The iPhone 6 is obviously a very thin device – it's thinner than the iPhone 5/5s, and in a list of thinnest smartphones, it will find itself near the top. While some folks like to wrap their iPhone 6 in the usual cases (that add bulk and beat the purpose of a thin iPhone), some others like to be very picky and go for ultra-thin iPhone 6 cases.

If your iPhone 6 is not exposed to the much troublesome environment, a thin case is all you need. A slim iPhone 6 case helps in showcasing the device's slim profile excellently. It can also prevent scratches, dust, and minor accidental bumps. The market's inundated with them.

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Best iPhone 6 Slim Cases

Best iPhone 6 Thin Cases: A Slim iPhone Needs a Slim Case

iPhone 6 Slim CasesFeatures 
Caseology VaultMilitary-Grade Protection
Elago Slim Fit 2Minimalistic Design
Roybens Super-SlimAnti-Slip Grip Pattern
TorrasUltra-Thin Design
LuvvitJapanese Tpu
Spigen Thin FitSleek Design
JotoAnti-Slip Design
JohncaseTransparent Soft Tpu
TecharmorProtective Design
Hardcover From JotoPremium Hard Polycarbonate

#1. Caseology Vault II Series

Caseology iPhone 6 Slim Case

Caseology Vault II Series slim case has got a highly protective design. It provides military-grade protection to your smartphone. Created with the soft TPU material, this sleek case offers anti-slip grip. Matte finish enriches its design. Covered buttons have better click and are more responsive. The case features precise cutouts for Apple logo, camera, and ports.

USP: Military-grade protection
Price: $21.99 [$12.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.] 
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#2. elago Slim Fit 2

elago iPhone 6 Slim Case

elago Slim Fit 2 features a low-profile that fits snuggly on iPhone 6. Through the neat cutouts, the case provides direct access to all the ports and buttons. Non-slip matte surface offers enhanced grip. With all being so thin, the case is able to absorb shock. Above all, Slim Fit 2 case comes in 16 color options.

USP: Minimalistic design
Price: $8.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.
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#3. Roybens Super-Slim

Roybens iPhone 6 Slim Case

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

Roybens Super-Slim is ultra-thin and flexible. With the anti-slip grip pattern, this case offers the desired comfort to hold the smartphone in hands. The soft-textured surface adorns its design. It can withstand shock and keep scratch away from harming the look of your device. Super-Slim comes in six color options.

USP: Anti-slip grip pattern
Price: $20.99 [$9.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.] 
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TORRAS iPhone 6 Slim Case

TORRAS showcases enviably slim design. With the matte exterior, the case looks very impressive. It features four layers of coating that keeps its elegance alive for long. The hard plastic can withstand minor drops. This slim case comes in six color options such as blue, champagne gold, red, space black, navy blue and rose gold.

USP: Ultra-thin design
Price: $21.00 [$10.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] 
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Luvvit's been making a lot of iPhone cases and they're kind of popular with slim, naked cases. This one's about 0.6mm thin. It's made of TPU rubber so here again what we have is a very flexible case that's also form-fitting.

Luvvit's clear case lets you show off the iPhone's skin and from past experiences, I can tell you that it does best to avoid yellowing over time.

USP: Japanese TPU
Price: $12.97 on Amazon while we are writing this.
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#6. Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen iPhone 6 Case Thin Fit

Spigen has a couple of thin cases for the iPhone 6 but there's the Thin Fit which looks really cool.

The cases feature a matte surface (for good grip), a urethane coating to avoid yellowing/discoloration. There are four color options to pick from (in the Thin Fit case). Both the cases fit perfectly, the cutouts are neatly made.

There are eight color options to pick from.

USP: Sleek design
Price: $9.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.
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#7. JOTO iPhone 6 Thin

JOTO iPhone 6 Slim Fit Hybrid Bumper Case

JOTO's iPhone 6 Thin case is a lightweight, TPU guard case. It features a naked-case-design (with transparent back) coupled with a bumper-style edge which protects the iPhone 6 from accidental bumps and shocks.

The case can also keep your iPhone 6 protected from scratches. It's flexible enough to be an easy-snap-on. And it has a sleek, stylish design. JOTO slim case is available in six color variants.

USP: Anti-slip design
Price: $5.99 on Amazon while we are writing this
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#8. Johncase iPhone 6 Thin Case

Johncase Ultra Slim iPhone 6 Case

Although not a popular choice (yet), Johncase has a decent line of thin cases for the iPhone 6. There are three color options to choose from. And the case is made of soft TPU that lends a good level of flexibility.

The case can mostly protect your iPhone 6 from basic scratches and bumps and contact with sharp objects. It's branded as “shock-resistant” but don't take that too seriously.

USP: Transparent soft TPU
Price: $14.88 [$5.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] 
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#9. TechArmor iPhone 6 Shell

Tech Armor iPhone 6 Case

TechArmor's iPhone 6 shell is not exactly an ultra-thin case but it is one of the thinnest hard-shell cases out there. It has a pretty decent spec for a hard shell – with a solid design, raised lip frame, cutouts and button caps and more.

Most importantly, the TechArmor is a light-weight case despite being a hard shell. And that is something very valuable for an extremely lightweight iPhone 6. Tech Armor SlimProtect slim case comes in three colors such as gray, clear and white.

USP: Protective design
Price: $14.95 on Amazon while we are writing this.
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#10. JOTO HardCover

JOTO Slim Thin Fit Hard Case for iPhone 6

If you liked JOTO's naked-bumper case, you might love the hardcover even better. It's not as thin as the other JOTO case on this list, but it's definitely thin enough to warrant a mention. The JOTO Hardcover case for iPhone 6 is much like TechArmor in terms of protection and light-weightedness.

The dark themed case can look cool on your iPhone 6.

USP: Premium hard polycarbonate
Price: $7.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.
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Signing Off

Despite being so thin, these slim cases are very durable. They can be fully trusted to keep off scratch and even endure minor bumps. With the anti-slip design, they provide enhanced grip.

Which slim case have you chosen for your iPhone 6? I would be really glad to know its name as well as the features that have won you over.

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