Best iPhone 6/6s Screen Protectors to Toughen Up the “Ion-strengthened” Screen

Top 10 best iPhone 6s screen protectors to make your iPhone scratch-free. Some screen protectors can even protect your iPhone 6 or 6s from hard impacts and shatters.

Although the word “sapphire” did not appear in the PR for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s, Apple has most likely worked to produce harder, tougher and stronger display screens for its flagship smartphone. The Apple Watch features sapphire “glass” but the iPhone, according to Apple, features an ion-strengthened screen.

Whatever that is, it still makes sense to reinforce the display with iPhone 6/6s screen protectors and screen guards. At the very least, screen protectors can keep scuffs and scratches off your iPhone 6/6s screen. And at its best, screen guards can turn out to be shatter-proof.

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Best Screen Protectors for iPhone 6/6s

#1. Maxboost

Maxboost iPhone 6-6s Glass Screen Protector

Maxboost is a leading brand that manufactures high-quality accessories for iPhones. This screen guard for iPhone 6 and 6s ensures worry-free installation with 100% touch accuracy. For your iPhone 6s, you will get perfect 3D Touch Sensing.

The open edge design makes all the difference as it covers only the flat portion of your phone’s screen. When the curve edge is left open, you can easily install your iPhone’s case.

USP: Open Edge Design
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#2. Skinomi TechSkin

Skinomi TechSkin iPhone 6 Screen Protector

Skinomi’s pack comes with PET film covers for both the front and the back of your iPhone 6/6s. One of the highlights of Skinomi’s screen guard is installation: it’s incredibly easy.

The screen itself, while thin and flimsy-looking, is close to military-grade, protecting your iPhone 6 from scratches, puncture, etc. It can absorb impacts and prevent them from affecting the iPhone 6/6s.

USP: High Sensitivity
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#3. LK

LK 3 Pack iPhone 6-6s Glass Screen Protector

LK is a leading screen guard maker in the world. This premium quality screen protector for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. The tempered glass screen protectors are made of superior 9H glass that can resist scratch.

The oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints and keeps your phone away from oil smudges and stains of sweat. This laser cut tempered glass precisely fits on your iPhone. The package comes with an applicator, microfiber cloth, wet wipe and a dust absorber.

USP: Laser cut precision
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#4. Supershieldz

Supershieldz iPhone 6s Screen Protector

Readied with the top quality Japanese PET film, Supershieldz delivers edge-to-edge protection to the touchscreen. With the precise cutout, it fits spotlessly on the screen. It doesn’t use any adhesives hence; there is bubble during the installation.

With the high transparency, the screen protector improves your viewing experience. It also resists fingerprint to keep the sensitivity intact. Furthermore, Supershieldz comes in six packs backed by lifetime warranty.

USP: Japanese PET film
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#5. JETech

JETech Screen Protector for iPhone 6s

JETech PET screen guard is easily one of the finest. Thanks to the curved edges, it fits flawlessly on the screen and offers bubble-free installation.

It provides high definition clarity to boost viewing. Being extremely sensitive to the touch, it allows you to use the touchscreen without any lag.

The screen guard also prevents smudge and dust to keep the clarity and smoothness intact. Lastly, JETech comes in three packs.

USP: Highly sensitive to the touch
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#6. Zagg Invisible Shield

Zagg Invisible Shield iPhone 6 Screen Protector

Zagg’s Invisible Shield series needs no introduction. It’s one of the finest screen guards. There’s one for iPhone 6/6s too. In fact, there are three variants of the Zagg Invisible Shield for iPhone 6. The “original” is good enough on its own with features like self-heal, shatter protection, and clarity.

USP: Made of fortified tempered glass
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#7. OtterBox ALPHA

OtterBox ALPHA Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6-6s

Otterbox’s ALPHA may be highly expensive but when you look at its quality, you will find it one of the better options. It’s strong enough to withstand shatter and even resist nasty scratch.

With the high responsiveness, the screen protector allows you to use the screen with the desired smoothness. It doesn’t let dust and grime to build up on the screen. Another notable feature of this screen guard is that it conceals displays from sideways for the needed privacy.

USP: Anti-shatter
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#8. Witkeen

WITKEEN iPhone 6-6s Glass Screen Protector

When it comes to shielding the touchscreen of your smartphone, the Witkeen is a top bet. The high-quality tempered glass can defend the screen against shatter and sharp scrape. Boasting maximum transparency, it makes sure you have enhanced viewing.

Oleophobic coating plays a big role in keeping the screen sensitive to the touch. Courtesy the high responsiveness, you have smooth sailing time while using your device. Moreover, the Witkeen screen protector offers the lifetime warranty and comes in two packs.

USP: Oleophobic coating
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#9. amFilm

amFilm iPhone 6-6s Screen Protector

Got four stars out of almost 35k customer reviews, amFilm is certainly one of the most trusted screen guards for iPhone 6. It’s made of top-notch tempered glass that provides 99% high transparency. Powered by 9H hardness, it’s fully capable of fighting out the scratch.

The screen guard responds to your touch and tap pretty well. It keeps oil and smudge at arm’s length, making sure the screen remain pristine.

Besides, amFilm screen protector comes in double packs.

USP: 9H hardness
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#10. Mr. Shield

Mr.Shield iPhone 6-6s Screen Protector

Mr. Shield is designed to offer an edge-to-edge defense to the screen. Exact cutouts help it fit neatly on the screen. Therefore, the front camera and Home button aren’t affected by it.

99.99% HD clarity and high touch sensitivity make it an ideal defender for the screen. The tempered glass can withstand even brutal impact.

Equipped with the industry standard hardness, it can thwart the sharpness of the even knife. Furthermore, Mr. Shield comes with lifetime warranty.

USP: HD clarity
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#11. JETech

JETech Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6-6s

With rounded edges, JETech fit spotlessly on the screen. Being 0.33mm thick, it excels in dispersing impact and keeping scratch at bay.

9H hardness not just makes it more protective but also reinforces the structure.

High definition transparency makes viewing a pleasant experience. The glass responds to the touch smoothly and also resists oil from damaging the sensitivity. Additionally, JETech screen guards are available in two packs with the lifetime warranty.

USP: Curved edges
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That’s it, folks!

Your pick?

So, which is the right defender for your iPhone’s touchscreen? Tell us about the qualities that you have found impressive in a particular screen guard.

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  1. I really like my tempered glass screen protector. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is on $15.

  2. I Personally think the Tempered Glass Screen Protector by has the be the best on the market it offer Full Edge to Edge cover for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus and they also do all others too…

  3. LOL @ these blatant ads in these comments. I tried the bodyguardz glass one with the frame around the edge on my 6 but just couldn’t get over how ugly it looked. Only others I’ve tried since are the SecondSkin ONE and the Zagg mentioned above. The SecondSkin is slightly better quality but is a lot more expensive. Can’t really go too far wrong with any of the big names but make sure it comes with a warranty because those glass ones have been known to chip

  4. I have used the Titanium model from ScreenProtectors UK and I would recommend them as per Rob mentions below…


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