Best iPhone 6/6s Plus Wooden Cases – Natural Aesthetic Meets Smartphone Cover

To give your smartphone a bit different look, you must give these best iPhone 6/6s Plus wooden cases a serious look as they are fully deserving!

Wooden cases may not look as gorgeous as slim cases, but they have the enviable natural flair to give your iPhone an aesthetic look. Besides, they are very protective and compact. Keeping your love for natural design in mind, we have lined up some of the best iPhone 6/6s Plus wooden cases.

The admirable handmade design is the most significant aspect of these wooden cases. They are very lightweight and offer all-around safeguard to your iPhone. What’s more, these wooden covers offer better grip that feels pretty comfy in your palm. So, let’s take a quick look at these top wooden cases for iPhone 6/6s Plus!

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Best iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus Wooden Cases

#1. Timberline from Pad & Quill

Pad and Quill iPhone 6 Plus Wooden Case

Timberline is undoubtedly a top-notch wooden case. What makes this cover a cut above its rivals is the FSC-certified hardwood that can fight out an impact with aplomb. The included polycarbonate shell further empowers the casing so that your smartphone has the trusted defense.
With the scratch-resistant finish, it can keep off scrapes. And the precision cutouts ensure you have no trouble while accessing ports, speaker, and camera. Lastly, Timberline comes in three variants like American Cherry, Rosewood, and premium American Walnut.

USP: FSC-certified hardwood
Check out on Pad&Quill


FXYRAIN Wooden Case for iPhone 6-6s Plus

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FXYRAIN brings a case made of natural wood and hard PC material plastic. Note that it is true wooden and not other imitative material. Check out its front, which is a real nature wooden board and the edge is PC plastic material.

Experience smooth touch feeling when you hold the case in your hands. The odorless case is made lightweight so that you can move it easily.

USP: Unique and stylish design
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#3. iATO

iATO iPhone 6 Plus 6s Plus Wooden Case

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The iATO has been made of high-quality walnut wood and polycarbonate material. The solid construction allows it to withstand bumps and shield your smartphone from scratch. The precise cutouts offer easy access to all the ports and buttons. The wooden case fits perfectly on your iPhone, offering enhanced grip to hold it conveniently. This case is available in five colors.

USP: Solid construction
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#4. KERF

KERF iPhone 6 Plus Wooden Cases

KERF Case has a few different options of wooden cases to pick from. The cases are made of mahogany, walnut, maple, cherry, etc. The all-natural texture is accentuated by the handcrafted finish. There are no engravings or other markings on the case. The cases themselves are very simple and minimal. Picture perfect cut-outs for the camera and buttons keep the iPhone 6/6s Plus completely accessible. Read full review.

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  • Different choices of wood
  • Minimal, handcrafted
  • Characteristic, natural wood patterns

USP: High-quality material
Check out on KerfCase

#5. Arctecha

Arctecha iPhone 6-6s Plus Wooden Case

Protect your iPhone and make it look great with this Arctecha wood and metal case. The combination of wood and aluminum protects your phone and creates a stunning impression. Moreover, this combination doesn’t affect the signal.

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Check the rubberized finish inside the case, which avoids scratches. This also works as a perfect shock absorber against accidental drops. You can easily access all essential ports and buttons easily. Safeguard your iPhone from all hazards.

USP: Combination of wood and aluminum
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#6. Hacao

Hacoa iPhone 6 Plus Wooden Case

As far as quality and design are concerned, Hacao’s wooden case for the iPhone 6/6s Plus belongs to the elite list. Made of the finest wood, the case looks the class apart. What makes them so impressive is the impressive design ably complemented by nice craftsmanship. These wooden cases are very compact and don’t look bulky at all on your phablet. Thanks to the neat cutouts, you have easy access to all the ports and buttons.


  • A unique design with sharper edges
  • all-natural wood with no extra engravings
  • perfect cutouts for full accessibility
  • sturdy (and therefore a little thicker than most cases)

USP: Superior craftsmanship
Check out on Alexcious


OAYAWL iPhone 6s Plus Wooden Case

OAYAWL gives you truly one-of-a-kind wooden case for your iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus. The unique wood grain allows you to own only one matchless case that is impossible to have an equal. The natural handmade case protects the environment, as it doesn’t produce pollution.

Check the unique ergonomic design of the case, which makes your interaction with wood more comfortable. The wooden surface efficiently cushions the impact of collision and crash.

USP: Exclusive custom pattern
Check out on Amazon

#8. Snugg

Snugg iPhone 6-6s Plus Wooden Case

The Snugg wooden case has a low-profile design that may not steal your eyes right from the onset. The genuine wood construction is incredibly strong. TPU not just adds more muscle to it but also helps it prevent scratch. This wooden case fits snuggly on your ultra-large smartphone and gives easy access to all the features.

USP: Genuine wood
Check out on Amazon

#9. TabPow

TabPow iPhone 6 Plus Wooden Case

This wooden case from the TabPow is made for heavy duty. The highly protective dual-layer of construction can defend your smartphone from bumps. The combo of high-quality rosewood and TPU has worked admirably in giving it the desired strength to withstand any shock. Despite being so protective, this hybrid case is not bulky at all and makes a nice pair with your device.

USP: Highly protective
Check out on Amazon

Wrap Up

I guess you have selected a beautiful wooden case for your iPhone 6s Plus. What is its name and the quality that you like in it?

There are three important qualities like solid construction, precise cutouts, and form-fitting design that make these wooden cases stand out. Besides, they are not bulky at all.

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