iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus‘s ion-strengthened display is supposed to be quite strong. Nevertheless, we don't take risks with our phone's glass displays. Scratches, accidental bumps and drops can lead to a shattered screen at worst and minor, visually-irritating scratches at best.

Screen protectors for the iPhone 6/6s Plus can make sure this doesn't happen. The normal PET-film-based screen guards can prevent scratches and dust while harder, tempered glass screen guards can do heavy-duty work.

Best iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protectors

Best iPhone 6/6s Plus Screen Protectors:

#1. Klear Cut

Klear Cut iPhone 6 Plus Screen Guard

Klear Cut's iPhone 6 Plus screen protector for the 5.5″ screen is the best value for money. It's a 6-pack of multi-layered Japanese PET film screen protectors. The transparency is high so it doesn't look like you've got a screen guard on. And it’s really thin. The Klear Cut can keep your iPhone screen protected from scratches.

Price: $19.99  ($5.99  on Amazon while writing this.)
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#2. Obliq

Obliq iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector

Obliq offers a tempered glass screen guard for the iPhone 6/6s Plus. With a spec that reads “Zeiss Pure Glass”, what we can be sure of is high transparency coupled with greater protection. Tempered glass screens are slightly thicker than PET films and a lot stronger. Obliq's screen guard can protect your iPhone not just from random scratches but extreme cases too: shock, impact and force. And, of course, it keeps your iPhone safe from dust and daily wear and tear too.

Price: $24.99 ($11.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.)
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#3. Spigen Crystal

Spigen Crystal iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector

Spigen Crystal is a PET film screen guard. It's a multi-layered screen protector that can keep scratches and dust away from your iPhone screen. The hardness rating is 3H (average; good). Spigen's screen guards are pretty good, last long and are hassle-free (while installing and in use.)

Price: $9.99 ($5.99 on Amazon while writing this.)
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#4. Luvvitt Tempered Glass

Luvvitt Tempered Glass iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector

Luvvitt's tempered glass protection (rated 9H+) is another glass-screen-guard for your iPhone 6/6s Plus. If you think the chances of your iPhone 6/6s Plus screen being hit by a sharp object (or hitting the ground) are high, Luvvitt's screen guard is a pretty good option. It's not just scratch resistant but also shock-resistant. All this in a thin glass that's 99% transparent.

Price: $29.95 ($9.95 on Amazon at the time of writing this.)
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#5. Tech Armor

Tech Armor iPhone 6 Plus Screen Guard

Tech Armor's PET film pack for the iPhone 6/6s Plus is a 3-pack screen guard. Tech Armor products are typically known for heavy-duty protection. This one features specs like 5-layered protective film. It's still not a heavy-duty performer: scratches, dust, accidental bumps and minor drops will be handled well.

Price: $22.99 ($3.95 on Amazon while writing this.)
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  • alex

    LifeBox is another great brand that has these at a very affordable price. I got mine on Amazon for less than $10 and love it!

  • Arnold Newman

    Amazon seems overwhelmed with fakes and knockoffs in this category. I don’t believe for a second that a $22.95 screen protector selling for $3.95 on Amazon is the real deal.

  • JJ

    I guess my question is how is fitment? Seems a lot initial versions from several companies do not cover the entire screen due to the curved edges. Will they come out with a version 2 if they overcome the gap left currently?