Best iPhone 6/6s Plus Screen Protectors in 2023

Best iPhone 6-6s Plus Glass Screen Protectors

Screen protectors for the iPhone 6/6s Plus can make sure this doesn’t happen. The standard PET-film-based screen guards can prevent scratches and dust while harder, tempered glass screen guards can do heavy-duty work.

Let’s scroll through these top 10 screen guards for iPhone 6/6s Plus to defend the touchscreen from drops and scratch! Screen protectors for the iPhone 6/6s Plus can make sure this doesn’t happen. The average PET-film-based screen guards can prevent scratches and dust while harder, tempered glass screen guards can do heavy-duty work.

1. LK

LK Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6-6s Plus

LK offers three pieces of tempered glass screen protectors for your large-sized iPhone. Instead of covering the entire screen, this film only covers the flat area. This leaves enough space for your iPhone case to perform its duty. LK has produced 0.3mm thick premium glass with rounded edges with high hardness.

This screen guard is harder than a knife, and therefore, it can endure scratches and scrapes of sharp materials. This dust-free and fingerprint-free screen guard can be installed easily with a single push. Once installed, the screen protector remains bubble-free for a long time.

USP: Better touchscreen accuracy
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2. JETech

JETech iPhone 6-6s Plus Glass Screen Protector

JETech is one of the leading brands in the world of iPhone accessories. This screen protector is designed for iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus. This screen guard has a round edge to give you hassle-free access to your phone screen. However, this will not fully cover the phone screen. JETech has used 0.33mm thick, high-quality tempered glass with rounded edges.

JETech is known for manufacturing screen guards with extremely high hardness; this product has 9H hardness, which is harder than a knife. Apart from its hardness, you will love its ability to keep your phone screen dust-free and fingerprint-free.

USP: Highly responsive
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3. amFilm

amFilm iPhone 6s Plus Screen Protector

What sets amFilm Screen protector apart is high transparency—99.9% clarity which provides great viewing experience. Another very important feature of this tempered glass screen protector is just 0.3mm thickness which offers high responsiveness. Due to smooth edges, it perfectly gets installed offering full-screen protection. The industry standard hardness coupled with oleophobic coating helps it prevent scratch and grime.

USP: HD clarity
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4. Witkeen DEFENSLIM

Witkeen HD iPhone 6s Plus Screen Protector

Witkeen DEFENSLIM screen protector offers HD clarity that enhances the viewing experience. The precise cut-out and round edges allow it to fit perfectly. With 0.33mm thickness, it is one of the thinnest screen protectors. It doesn’t let fingerprints or smudge harm its sensitivity. Being very smooth to the touch, you will enjoy using 3D Touch on your iPhone 6s Plus.

USP: Impact-resistant
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5. Mr. Shield

Mr. Shield Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6-6s Plus

If you are living an energetic life, you need reliable protection for your premium iPhone. Mr. Shield has used ballistic glass, which protects your phone screen against high impact drops and scratches. This HD clear screen guard boasts precise laser cut tempered glass, which is polished to obtain rounded edges.

99.99% HD clarity is your passport to enjoy visual contents and experience touchscreen accuracy. Mr. Shield has used 100% bubble-free silicon adhesives to manufacture this 9H hard-coated protective shield.

USP: Silicone adhesives
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6. Foxx Electronics

FOXX iPhone 6s Plus Screen Protector

Foxx Electronics has got all the qualities to be rated as one of the finest screen protectors. Features like industry-standard hardness and HD clarity make this screen protector highly user-friendly.

The smooth edges and exact cutout help it perfectly install on the screen; providing the required safeguard from scratch. The surface is very responsive to the touch. The ability to keep away fingerprints allows it to retain its top functionality for long.

USP: Bubble-free installation
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7. Manto

Manto Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Featuring narrow edges, Manto fits seamlessly on the touchscreen. Thanks to the oleophobic coating, the screen guard prevents grime and fingerprints.

The high-responsiveness ensures you feel comfortable while using the device. As for protection from scratches, the screen guard boasts industry-standard hardness to keep scrapes at bay. Lastly, Manto comes in dual packs.

USP: Fingerprint resistant
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8. Tech Armor

Tech Armor iPhone 6 Plus Screen Guard

Tech Armor’s PET film pack for the iPhone 6/6s Plus is a 3-pack screen guard. It’s products are typically known for heavy-duty protection.

This one features specs like a 5-layered protective film. It’s still not a heavy-duty performer: scratches, dust, accidental bumps, and minor drops will be handled well.

USP: Highly responsive
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DIGITWHALE iPhone 6-6s Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector

“DIGITWHALE” has got all the qualities to be a trusted defender for the touchscreen. The one feature that makes it impressive is the curved edge.

With the precise cutouts and soft edges, the screen guard offers full-screen protection. The 99% high-transparency provides enhanced viewing angle, while the oleophobic coating prevents smudges and grime. Plus, the 9H hardness is fully capable of fighting out even the nasty scratches.

USP: Smooth curved edges
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10. MagicGuardz

MAGICGUARDZ Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Sporting carbon fiber edge, MagicGuardz is designed to fit spotlessly on the screen. The colored frame complements with the original design of your iPhone.

With the high-grade tempered glass material, the screen guard is durable. Therefore, the touchscreen has reliable protection from scratch.

Moreover, you can choose MagicGuardz in four color options including black, gold, white and rose gold.

USP: Carbon fiber edge
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That’s all, mate!

The Bottom Line

So, which screen protector will you choose to protect the touchscreen of your iPhone and why? Let us know the name of your favorite tempered glass screen protector and the quality you like most in it.

There are three important qualities like HD clarity, high responsiveness and needed protection from scratch that make these screen protectors highly user-friendly. Besides, they offer a bubble-free installation.

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