Best iPhone 6 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protectors: Safeguard for your iPhone’s Mega Display

If you are a proud owner of iPhone 6 Plus, you should be aware of its ion-strengthened touchscreen. Though it offers good protection, getting a specialized screen protector will undoubtedly help to increase the durability of the phone.

At the end of the day, you don’t want even a minor visible scratch on the screen of your precious iPhone. (Also read: best iPhone SE glass screen protectors) So, find yourself a suitably iPhone 6 Plus tempered glass screen protector from the list given below:

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Best iPhone 6 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Guards

Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone 6 Plus

#1. ZAGG InvisibleShield

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone 6 Plus

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass provides the utmost protection for your iPhone display. It is built with fortified tempered glass which offers unparalleled safety against scratches. With a thickness of just 0.4 mm the glass screen protector, allows you to enjoy an ultra-smooth touchscreen experience.

The surface of the glass is highly polished, and the presence of pointed edges lets you effortlessly take the phone in and out of pockets without hitches. The top-grade glass offers maximum clarity and has a coating that deters natural skin oils, making the screen oil-resistant. The InvisibleShield Glass is very easy to install with just a smooth layer that glues to your phone firmly.

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LUVVITT iPhone 6 Plus TEMPERED GLASS Screen Protector

A premium grade glass screen protector, the LUVVITT Tempered Glass Screen Protector, is made of Japanese Asahi Tempered glass that is 9H+ scratch-resistant. It consists of a shock-proof layer beneath the glass surface that is fully transparent and offers maximum touch sensitivity.

This screen protector fits the screen ideally along with rounded edges for perfect integration and smooth experience. It leaves no everlasting residue or bubbles after installation.

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#3. intelliARMOR HD

intelliARMOR HD iPhone 6 Plus Glass Screen Protector

intelliGLASS Tempered Glass Screen Protector is designed to offer the fullest transparency and true touch sensitivity. It comes with a solid glass that can withstand all sorts of hits and bumps. The intelliGLASS screen protector is extremely thin and perfectly fits your device’s display.

There is an Oleophobic Coating on the glass that repels oils, fingerprints, and smudges. You can install it without any complications as it features an advanced silicone adhesion that leaves no permanent bubbles or residues.

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#4. JETech Premium

JETech Premium iPhone 6 Plus Tempered Glass

JETech’s Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Plus features high-quality tempered glass with a thickness of just 0.33mm. The glass has well-rounded edges to fit the screen rightly. It offers enormous resistance against scratches and damages, as it is 9H scratch-resistant.

The tempered glass protector is highly responsive and ultra-transparent. You just need to give it a slight push to install it. It effectively screens dust, smudges, and fingerprints.

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#5. iCarez

iCarez Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Plus

A solid anti-scratch screen protector by iCarez, this product is made up of a 0.33mm thick tempered glass of 9H hardness with rounded edges to sustain scratches. The presence of rounded edges lets you install it easily, leaving no bubbles.

You get to experience the maximum HD resolution for RETINA display and TrueTouch sensitivity with this protector on your iPhone’s screen. The glass is anti-bacterial, and the interference with responsiveness is very minimal.

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#6. Tech Armor (Edge to Edge Screen Protector)

Tech Armor Premium Edge to Edge iPhone 6 Plus Glass Screen Protector

A glass protector that looks and feels stunning, Tech Armor Premium Edge to Edge Ballistic Glass Screen Protector is designed to keep your phone the way it is with total safety. The tempered glass protector offers great protection against scratches, high-impact drops, and crash landings.

The screen protector features a precise laser cut glass polished and with rounded edges. It offers maximum HD clarity and precise touchscreen experience. Also, the Oleophobic Coating provides resistance to the screen from oils and greatly diminishes fingerprints.

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#7. Spigen

Spigen iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector gives the much-required durability to your iPhone’s display. It has a thin hard coated tempered glass that is 0.4 mm thick and 8H-9H scratch-resistant. It perfectly fits your iPhone 6 Plus’s 5.5-inch touchscreen, providing it complete protection from scratches.

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#8. Maxboost

Maxboost iPhone 6 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Maxboost Tempered Glass Screen Protector claims to be the world’s slimmest glass screen protector. It features a thin glass of 0.2 mm thickness that shields your phone from bumps, scratches, and high impact drops.

The Ballistic tempered glass is ultra-clear, and the precise laser cut glass suits the screen perfectly. It offers high touchscreen responsiveness and maximum HD resolution to your phone’s screen. With the Oleophobic coating on the glass, it keeps your phone’s display free from oils, sweat, and smudges.

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#9. Tech Armor (Ballistic Glass Screen Protector)

Tech Armor Premium Ballistic Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6

With the Tech Armor Premium Ballistic Glass Screen Protector, your precious iPhone looks the right way it should, but with added maximum protection. The ballistic glass screen protector safeguards the display effectively from abrasions, impact drops, and other regular damages.

The protector is made of precise laser cut tempered glass with curved edges that are polished. Due to its slim thickness, it offers maximum HD clarity and high touchscreen precision.

The Oleophobic Coating on the glass keeps off the smudges, oils, and fingerprints from the screen. It is a highly robust glass screen protector that is easy to install and remove.

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#10. Aerb

Aerb Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Plus

A glass screen protector made with nano chemical materials and the Aerb Premium Ballistic Tempered Glass Screen Protector provides maximum HD clarity with true touch sensitivity. At just 0.33 mm of thickness, it gives the necessary solidity to your screen to withstand shock, hits, bumps, and scratches.

It comes with a unique anti-oil processing finish that does not allow oil or moisture to settle on the surface, hence easy to clean. The tempered glass protector has a high adsorption rate thereby making it easy for you to install it quickly.

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