Best iPhone 6/6s Plus Folio Cases: The Ultra- Convenience You May Seek for Your iPhone

If the vintage design is your fascination, these top 10 folio cases for iPhone 6/6s Plus will ideally live up to your expectation. They are crafted to fit snuggly on the smartphone and allow you to carry multiple cards. Moreover, they also work as a trusted shield for your phablet!

Folio cases take care of all the basic needs like protecting your smartphone and the comfort to carry the device with ease. They may not allow your device to shine through, but they have the quality to be the premium suits. Taking everything into account, we have made an elite list of best iPhone 6/6s Plus folio cases.

Made of high-quality material, these folio cases are very enduring. They are less bulky and flaunt praiseworthy design. Let’s swim across the list to pick the right suit for your phablet!

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Best iPhone 6 Plus Folio Cases

Best iPhone 6/6s Plus Folio Cases

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#1. Abacus24-7

Abacus24-7 iPhone 6-6s Plus Folio Case

Abacus24-7 folio case has been readied with the vegan, synthetic leather. Enriched by accented stitching and smooth surface, it has a nice looking low-profile design. The sturdy construction assists the case in resisting the impact of bumps.

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The two card slots are RFID blocking to ensure your information is thoroughly protected. You will watch media from your favorite angle thanks to the stand feature. Lastly, nine color options offer you just the opportunities you would want to pick a befitting match for your smartphone.


  • Synthetic leather
  • Three card slots
  • A cash pocket
  • RFID blocking

USP: RFID Blocking
Price: $9.95 on
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#2. Dreem Fibonacci Luxury Series

Dreem iPhone 6s Plus Folio Case

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Classic is the perfect word for Dreem Fibonacci Luxury Series folio case. Carved out of top quality faux leather, the cover sports a professional look and feel. The case has got enough space to let you carry 3-6 cards without any hassle. And there is also a big compartment for stashing 5-10 dollar bills.

Just in case you want to reduce some bulk or don’t want to carry cards, you can detach the case. You can also attach it to a magnetic mount to use your device hands-free. Furthermore, the case is available in several attractive features including brown, pink, grey, etc.


  • Vintage design
  • High-quality faux leather
  • Magnetic mount support
  • Detachable case

USP: Top quality faux leather
Price: $34.99 on
Buy it from Amazon

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#3. Benuo

Benuo iPhone 6s Plus Folio Cases

Exhibiting an evergreen design, Benuo Vintage Classic Series won’t have to work hard to steal your heart if you appreciate a more refined profile. Carved out of top quality grain leather, it wraps around impressively on the smartphone. The handmade design coupled with soft flannel lining further enriches its class.

You can keep a card inside the slot, and with the built-in stand, you will be able to watch videos in landscape mode. With the precise cutouts, you have trouble-free access to port and camera. Better still, you can pick this folio case in 7attractive colors including black, red, navy blue, etc.


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  • Grain leather
  • Soft flannel lining
  • Handmade design
  • Smooth leather texture

USP: Genuine leather
Price: $26.99 on
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#4. WenBelle Blazers Series

WenBelle iPhone 6-6s Plus Folio Case

Should you desire to go for an ultra-thin profile, WenBelle Blazers Series folio case would be a decent deal. It has been created with the optimum quality faux leather that makes it very enduring. The smooth finish along with the accented stitching boosts its design.

The low-profile gives this folio case a formal look and feel. The three card slots, a money pocket, and a stand feature make this wallet case very handy. Besides, the leather wallet case comes in three color options such as gray, brown and blue.

USP: Fabric and Leather-Look Design
Price: $12.99 on
Buy it from Amazon

#5. Labato

Labato iPhone 6-6s Plus Folio Case

If the minimalist design is right on top of your priority, Labato folio case can be a beautiful choice for you. It comes with view window on the front to let you easily check out time and receive a call.

The ultra-thin folio case has been handcrafted with durable material. The internal lining protects your device from scratch. You can prop it up into a stand case to enjoy movies. Rose, brown and black are the three enchanting color options.


  • View window
  • Minimalist design
  • Stand function

USP: Minimalist design
Price: $11.99 on
Buy it from Amazon

#6. Nouske

Nouske iPhone 6-6s Plus Folio Case

Nouske doesn’t have a fancy design, but it’s good enough to make a fine pair with your smartphone. PU leather exterior feels pretty warm to the touch and also much-improved feedback. Soft microfiber interior doesn’t allow scrape to damage the elegance of your phablet.

You can keep a card inside the slot, and with the built-in stand, you will be able to watch videos in landscape mode. With the precise cutouts, you have trouble-free access to port and camera. Better still, you can pick this folio case in nine attractive colors.


  • Soft TPU bumper shell
  • PU leather exterior
  • Magnetic closure

USP: Kickstand function
Price: $9.99 on
Buy it from Amazon


TUCCH iPhone 6-6s Plus Folio Case

TUCCH wallet case has been carved out of high-quality synthetic leather. Its inner shell has been made of polycarbonate material which helps it withstand the impact of drops and absorb shock.

The folio case has three card slots and a money sleeve. With the magnetic closure, you will comfortably fasten and open the case. The stand feature is primed for spectacular media viewing. Moreover, this slim folio case comes in multiple colors like black, brown, pink, etc.


  • Made of high-quality synthetic leather
  • Slim design
  • Protection from drops

USP: Slim profile
Price: $15.99 on
Buy it from Amazon


SHIELDON iPhone 6-6s Plus Folio Case

SHIELDON folio case has been crafted with the premium cowhide leather. The vivid handcrafted design coupled with the smooth finish gives it a professional look. The sturdy design helps it survive the impact of drops and prevent scratch.

This case features three card slots and a big pocket to keep the cash. There is a magnetic closure which makes sure the case remains securely closed. Lastly, SHIELDON wallet case comes in two colors—black and brown.


  • Top quality cowhide leather
  • Three card slots and a pocket for cash

USP: Luxurious design
Price: $15.99 on
Buy it from Amazon

#9. LUPA

LUPA iPhone 6s Plus Folio Case

LUPA has got a refined design that should ideally cater to your professional needs. The PU leather construction ensures you feel comfortable while holding the case in your palm. Soft interior helps the case resist scratch.

You can carry 3-4 four cards and 4-dollar bills. Magnetic closures work impeccably in keeping all of your valuables secure. Besides, LUPA folio case is available in six colors like dark brown, black, burgundy, light brown, navy blue and rose gold.


  • Faux leather
  • Vintage design
  • Drop protection

USP: Rugged protection
Price: $18.99 on
Buy it from Amazon

#10. Lockwood

Lockwood iPhone 6-6s Plus Folio Case

Lockwood folio case has the elegance and the superior quality to be a worthy suit for your smartphone. Created with quality faux leather, it’s extremely durable and protective enough to resist the impact of drops and scratch.

The leather case has three card slots and a compartment wherein you will be able to stash a couple of dollar bills. The magnetic flap allows you to fasten the case securely. Lockwood wallet case comes in six vibrant color options.


  • Faux leather
  • Magnetic flap
  • Three card slots and a money pocket

USP: High-grade leather
Price: $10.99 on
Buy it from Amazon

Wrapping Up

Which one of these folio cases has stood up to your expectation from all aspects—quality material, design, durability, and comfort? Share your valuable feedback and also let us know the one quality you never want to compromise with.

Personally, the qualities that I always want to see in a case is the good-looking design followed by comfort and durability.

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To read more such top iPhone case lists, download our app and stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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