Best iPhone 6 Plus Clear Cases

Best Clear Cases for iPhone 6 Plus

A smartphone as adorable as iPhone 6 Plus deserves every bit of opportunity to show off its class. But keeping the phablet caseless is fraught with risk. So, how would you protect your smartphone, while still giving it a complete license to showcase its profile without any interference? Buy the device a protective transparent suit from this unique collection of the best iPhone 6 Plus clear cases.

Carved with the premium material, these clear cases can easily endure minor bumps. Thanks largely to the shock-absorbing design, they are very durable. Ultra-transparent look makes sure your iPhone continues to arrest eyes even with the case on. Find out more about what these top 10 clear cases for iPhone 6 Plus have to offer.

  1. JETech
  2. CaseHQ
  3. Coolden
  5. i-Blason
  6. iXCC
  7. Spigen
  9. OtterBox
  12. CellEver
  13. Trianium Clear Cushion

#1. JETech

JETech iPhone 6 Plus Transparent Case

JETech clear case has been crafted out of premium PC and TPU material. The air-cushioned four corners empower it to withstand shock. Being anti-scratch, it provides the required protection to your device to retain its shine for long. The clear has perfect cut-outs camera, ports and sensors and fits snugly on the iPhone 6 Plus. Furthermore, this case from JETech comes in five color options.

USP: Anti-scratch
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#2. CaseHQ

CaseHQ iPhone 6s Plus Clear Case

If you are someone who frequently falls the iPhone, then this is the case you need. With extra raised edges with air cushioned, your iPhone 6 Plus is safe from regular falls. Also, being scratch-resistant is an added advantage. Made from soft TPU material, it makes sure that there are no scratches on your iPhone while it is in the case.

Precise cuts enable easy access to all ports and functions of the iPhone 6 Plus. On a closing note, there are three color variants available to choose from.

USP: Air cushioned corners
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#3. Coolden

Coolden iPhone 6-6s Plus Clear Case

Unlike most of the cases out there, this one is slightly raised on the front. This feature gives extra protection to the screen in case of normal falls or bumps. The transparent case is made with PC and TPU giving it a durable life. As far as looks are concerned, this one looks little bulky, but its durability is what gets it on the list.

Also, the case comes with a lifetime guarantee. Lastly, there are four bright color options available to make your selection easy.

USP: Extra raised front side of the case
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#4. LUVVITT ClearView

Luvvitt iPhone 6 Plus Clear Case

The LUVVITT clear view hybrid case preserves the natural look of your iPhone at its best. The premium PC and TPU material have given its casing the needed ability to endure tough times. With the raised edges and shock-absorbing design, this hybrid case is made to be quite protective.

The crystal clear case also offers a better grip to hold iPhone comfortably. Above all, you get six color options to handpick the most desirable suit for your device.

USP: Impact-resistant
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#5. i-Blason

i-Blason Clear Case for iPhone 6-6s Plus

i-Blason is one of the top brands to go for when it comes to buying an iPhone case. This clear case from the company is beautiful and durable at the same time. It is slim enough to make you feel as if your iPhone 6 Plus is without a case. With anti-slip material, you won’t lose grip over your phone while holding in hands.

The case is precisely cut wherever required to give you easy access to all ports of the phone. Also, the case has a 3H rating scratch resistant surface as a big plus. Lastly, there are two variants: Clear, and Clear Black.

USP: 3H rating scratch resistant surface
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#6. iXCC

iXCC iPhone 6-6s Plus Clear Case

Similar to CaseHQ, this too has added bulk on the edges, giving it an extra layer of protection from normal falls and bumps. It is made from strong PC and soft TPU material giving it a perfect safety and durability features.

The case is slightly raised on the front as well, delivering protection to the screen if iPhone falls directly on the screen. Lastly, there are no color variants available.

USP: Raised edges with extra cushion
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#7. Spigen

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 6 Plus Clear Case

This clear case from Spigen has robust air-cushion technology that protects your iPhone from damages when fallen. Apart from that, Spigen is well-known for its high-quality products. The edges around the screen and camera are also raised for added protection from scratches.

Besides protection, the case is amazingly clear and allows flaunting the design of the iPhone 6 Plus perfectly. Also, the hard PC material on the back is strong enough to withstand normal falls. Lastly, there are few light color variants available to suit your iPhone 6 Plus.

USP: Air cushioned technology
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Supcase iPhone 6 Plus Clear Case

SUPCASE stands up to the task both regarding giving your smartphone a stylish look and protecting from bumps. The snap-on design helps the case get installed with ease.

Readied with the most excellent TPU and PC material, this clear is made to last long. Scratch-resistant coating adds more protection to its armor. SUPCASE clear case comes in multiple color options.

USP: Scratch-resistant coating
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OtterBox iPhone 6 Plus Clear Case

I rate this clear case from OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series very highly. Sporting sleek design, the case looks really stunning. Dual-material construction has provided it the strength to defend your device from bumps.

The raised beveled edge ensures the touchscreen has the required safety to keep off scratch. Better still, you have five color options including green, gray, pink and more.

USP: Dual-material construction
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CISTOID iPhone 6 Plus Clear Cases

When it comes to letting your iPhone glow in full-fledged form, CISTOID is right on the money. It’s made of top-grade soft silicone rubber gel and fits spotlessly around the phablet.

As the case is pretty smooth and flexible, you can quickly install and remove it. Another notable feature is that it doesn’t get yellow.

You can trust this clear case to endure accidental drops and also keep scratches at bay. Lastly, it’s available in two colors black and clear.

USP: Soft silicone rubber gel
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MOSNOVO iPhone 6 Plus Tranparent Case

This one has been specifically designed for the folks want to have an attractive clear case. What makes it so chic is the henna mandala floral lace design. The TPU frame is shock-absorbing, while polycarbonate back panel is sturdy and safeguards your phablet from bumps.

Raised bezel lifts screen and camera to ensure they don’t touch the ground. MOSNOVO clear case comes in fifteen color variants.

USP: Floral lace design
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#12. CellEver

CellEver iPhone 6 Plus Waterproof Clear Case

When it comes to transparent cases, they are all almost identical. But CellEver has done a great job designing a clear case with so many other functionalities. To start with, this case is waterproof with IP68 certification, while keeping a transparent back. It is also shockproof, tested with a 6-ft drop test.

Besides that, it is slim and looks stylish. If you ask me, this is one of the best clear cases for iPhone 6 Plus on this list. The only negative part is that there are no color options to choose from.

USP: IP68 certification
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#13. Trianium Clear Cushion

Trianium iPhone 6 Plus Clear Cases

Featuring shockproof design, this transparent case from Trianium is a reliable defender for the iPhone. With the ultra-clear design, it lets the smartphone glow elegantly.

It features a special coating to prevent scratch. Hence, it’s able to retain its glow for long.

With the tactile feedback, the buttons allow you to control your device comfortably. Four color options include clear, candy, blue and jet black. Moreover, Clear Cushion comes with a lifetime warranty.

USP: Durable bumper
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That’s all!

Wrapping Up!

These clear cases have all the qualities to be eye-catching suits for your smartphone. Apart from being so impressive, they are protective enough to endure shock. Besides, they offer enough freedom to your smartphone to shine through. Which clear case have you picked to adorn your device? It would be great to know the name of the case that is going to pair with your phablet. If any of your favorite transparent cases are missing from this list, let us know its name as well.

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