Best iPhone 6 Plus Car Mounts: The Much Needed Safety & Comfort Your iPhone Require On The Go

For an enhanced hands-free usage of your smartphone on the drive, these are top car mounts that are designed to work with iPhone 6 Plus. Read on explore the lineup and tell us which one is primed to fit into your specific requirement!

If you are in quest of the best iPhone 6 Plus car mounts in order to not only give the much-needed safety to your phone but also the needed convenience while you are on the go, here’s a list you should check out. A plethora of car mounts has graced the market with their upgraded features. If you wish to get one for your phone, you would be faced with a problem of a plenty of choices!

Anyway, it’s a happy situation to have to pick one from tons of competitive car mounts rather than just be content with whatever you get out of lack of available options. Let’s dive in to find out the best available car mounts for your new iPhone 6 Plus!

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Best iPhone 6 Plus Car Mounts

#1. Belkin Car Mount

Belkin Car Mount for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Belkin car mount looks perfectly designed for your iPhone 6 Plus. The cradle is made to fit your car’s cup holder with ease and positions your phone safely. It doesn’t require any suction cup or adhesive.

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360-degree rotation lets you position your iPhone the way you wish. Landscape mode or portrait mode, you can position it in accordance with your use. You can even tilt the phone 90 degrees to lie it flat making sure it is out of car’s control.

The base can be expanded to fit any cup holder. An opening in the mount’s base helps in easy cable management. It allows you to charge your device comfortably while mounted.

Should you wish to go with a tried and tested brand, it is a car mount to go for.

USP: Extendable base
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#2. iClever

iClever Car Mount for iPhone 6-6s Plus

If you admire simplicity, you will find “iClever” a worthy contender. Due to the strong magnets, it keeps your iPhone steady. Besides, the mount allows you to rotate your device in the preferred viewing angle.

The sticky gel helps the mount adhere to the windshield firmly. With the compact design, it doesn’t take much either. Furthermore, iClever comes with a solid one-year warranty.

Note: There are not many cases that support the magnetic car mount. Head over to best iPhone 6s cases post to get one for your device.

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USP: Strong magnets
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#3. TechMatte MagGrip

TechMatte iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Mount

TechMatte’s MagGrip is pretty much in line with the one from iClever. However, it’s currently available at a much lower price (current price $7.99/Original price-$29.99). So, if you are willing to have a top-quality magnetic car mount, you should give it a shot straight away.

Talking about the features, MagGrip is well-built and holds the iPhone 6 Plus steadily. The base features a suction cup to get fixed quickly and steadily. Besides, it’s universal and comes with a trusted one-year replacement warranty.

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USP: Impressive compact design
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#4. iOttie Car Mount

iOttie Easy One Touch 2 iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Mount

The car mount features easy one-touch mounting system. It requires just a push from the finger to lock and release your device. The super sticky gel pad allows it to stick securely to most surfaces.

The new telescopic arm adds two inches to let you have closer device viewing. The two-step mounting lever gives additional mounting support for a number of surfaces.

The case appears to be a great utility with some very good features. As for the price you pay, it is reasonable.

USP: Easy installation
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#5. Mpow

MPOW Car Mount for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Mpow is one of the most selling car mounts for iPhone. The four and a half stars out of more than 5,600 customer reviews make this phone highly appreciable.

It’s made of high-grade aluminum and features up to 8-inch that securely holds the iPhone. With the sticky gel suction cup, it readily adheres to most surfaces.

There is a release button that lets you quickly uninstall the iPhone. Thanks to the 360-degree rotation, you can position your smartphone in both landscape and portrait mode. Lastly, Mpow comes in three color variants like black, grey and red.

USP: 360-degree rotation
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EXSHOW iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Mount

When you talk about a top-quality car mount for iPhone, you can’t keep this offering from EXSHOW. It’s well-built and comes with a long arm that enables it holds your iPhone steadily.

The suction cup with two layers of TPU material allows it to stick to the windshield. Besides, the suction cup doesn’t leave any residue behind.

As it’s fully adjustable, you have the desired flexibility to position your device in your preferred orientation. Moreover, EXSHOW is available in three colors like black, blue and gray.

USP: The long arm
Check out on Amazon


SOAIY iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Mount

Should you think of buying a multi-functional car mount, SOAIY can be one of the better options. With the 3-in-1 functionality, SOAIY works as not just as a car mount but also a cigarette lighter and charger.

It comes with two USB ports to let you power up two devices simultaneously. The ability to deliver 3.1A Output and safeguard the iPhone against short-circuit makes it an efficient charger.

The LED display screen shows the vehicle’s battery voltage, allowing you to monitor the status of your vehicle’s battery with ease. And yes, you can also rotate your device to place it in the desired orientation for an enhanced viewing experience.

USP: 3-in-1 functionality
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#8. Mediabridge Car Mount

Mediabridge Car Mount for iPhone 6-6s Plus

The car mount comes with a cradle that fit a number of devices of different size. The 360-degree rotation allows the device to be used in multiple positions. It has slip-free grips that keep your phone completely secured. It is lightweight and has the foldable design.

USP: Adjustable cup holder
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#9. Macally

Macally Car Mount for iPhone 6-6s Plus

I like the practical design of Macally. It makes installing and removing the iPhone a lot easier. With the secure locking mechanism, the car mount holds your smartphone perfectly. Thanks to the rotatable design, it allows you to position your device in the preferred angle.

Macally comes with an adjustable base that allows it to fit most cars’ cup holders. As for built-up, it’s sturdy and designed to be highly durable.

USP: Flexible neck
Check out on Amazon

#10. Ainope

Ainope iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Mount

What makes “Ainope” a good deal is the durable built-up and more secure locking mechanism. The three arms help it hold the iPhone a bit more safely. Furthermore, you can extend the arms from 8cm to 13cm and allows you to put the iPhone in the desired angle.

The better suction design assists it in sticking to the dashboard without any hassle. And when removed, it doesn’t leave behind any residue.

USP: Telescopic arms
Check out on Amazon

That’s all folks!

What’s your favorite?

I guess some of these car mounts have looked promising to you. Would you like to tell us something about them and the qualities you have found appreciable in them?

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