Best iPhone 6/6s Plus Bumper Cases in 2020

Bumper cases are a must especially if you want your smartphone to easily withstand drops or ugly scratch. They provide needed protection to the device without adding any bulk to it. Based on the latest design and superior built-up, these are best iPhone 6/6s Plus bumper cases that are currently ruling the roost. With the ideal snap-on design, these bumper cases snuggly fit on your phablet. They are crafted out of high-grade material and offer essential safeguard from the impact.

Best Bumper Cases For iPhone 6/6s Plus

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#1. Trianium

Trianium iPhone 6s Plus Bumper Case

Trianium presents a top-notch bumper case for the iPhone 6s Plus. Flaunting a robust frame, the cover has got the ability to provide the necessary defense to your phablet.

And the transparent back panel not just helps the cover withstand bumps but also lets the iPhone catch eyeballs.

Thanks to the anti-scratch coating, the case continues looks pristine for long. It also adds additional safety to the screen and camera. Plus, Trianium bumper cover comes in four colors powered by a reliable lifetime warranty.

USP: Anti-scratch coating
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#2. Ansiwee

Ansiwee iPhone 6-6s Plus Bumper Case

This is a crystal clear case with a hard PC bumper. Constructed with the top grade TPU and polycarbonate material, Ansiwee case has got enough muscle to defeat the challenge of nasty drops. The clear back lets your phablet shine through.

Front bezel shields the touchscreen from scratch. With the non-slip grip, you will feel comfortable to hold it in your hands. This stylish bumper case comes in 11 color variants.

USP: Shock-absorbing casing
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#3. JETech

JETech iPhone 6-6s Plus Bumper Case

Choose JETech bumper case not just gives your smartphone a highly protective suit but also provides it the complete license to showcase its charm with the desired freedom.

Readied with the TPU and PC fusion, it is powerful enough to endure shock and defend your smartphone from scratch. Air cushioned corners add more protection to its armor. The double-layered casing doesn’t look bulky at all on your device. Five color options allow you to pick out a nice pair for your iPhone.

USP: Air cushioned corners
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#4. iXCC

iXCC iPhone 6s Plus Bumper Case

The iXCC bumper case features crystal clear back panel to let you show off your device without any hindrance. The soft TPU bumper is made to be extremely resistant to impact. With the extra protection to all the corners, it is able to absorb shock.

The case also features front lip to keep scratch away. Lastly, there are five dazzling color options to choose from.

USP: Soft TPU bumper
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#5. RhinoShield CrashGuard

RhinoShield iPhone 6-6s Plus Bumper Case

There are two important qualities that make RhinoShield CrashGuard one of the finest bumper cases shock-absorbing design and improvised grip. Constructed with the premium PC material, it is capable of withstanding even nasty bumps.

The military-grade drop protection enhances its profile. The soft interior adds another layer of safeguard into its arsenal. CrashGuard is available in as many as 14 eye-catching color options.

USP: Military-grade drop protection
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#6. Supcase

Supcase iPhone 6 Plus Bumper Case

The Supcase iPhone 6/6s plus bumper is a hybrid. It’s basically a bumper case but features a thin, clear shell. Looks with some cool protection for your iPhone 6/6s Plus. Unlike most bumper cases, the Supcase features a futuristic design with sharp cuts and interesting camera+flash cutouts.

The backshell, made of polycarbonate, is scratch resistant. And needless to point out, the TPU frame is shock-absorbing, preventing any damage to the iPhone 6/6s Plus when you accidentally drop it or bump it against something.

USP: Rugged construction
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BAISRKE iPhone 6 Plus Bumper Case

BAISRKE is a complete bumper case that not only pairs spotlessly around your smartphone but also provides it the needed care. Thus, you can kill two birds with just one stone.

The hard PC back panel is strong enough to survive bumps, while the rubberized frame enables it to offer a secure grip. The buttons are clicky and the precision cutouts let you easily access ports, camera, speaker etc.

Moreover, it also guards the rear camera and the large screen against scrapes. Lastly, BAISRKE comes in eight different colors like black, blue and more.

USP: Secure grip
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#8. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 6-6s Bumper Case

The bumper case from Spigen has tough PC back and soft TPU bumper. The back of the case is so clear that it looks invisible. This allows you to flaunt the Apple Logo beautifully. The TPU bumper has air cushion technology that protects your device from normal falls and bumps.

In addition to that, the raised edges give extra protection to screen on the front and camera on the back. Lastly, there are four different variants available.

USP: Pronounced buttons
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#9. Elago

elago iPhone 6-6s Bumper Case

Are you a minimalist lover? Go for Elago bumper case for your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. It is just a TPU frame and nothing else. The structure is strong enough to protect your device from normal falls and bumps. Besides that, the bumper edges are slightly raised; camera and the display will never touch the desk when you rest it.

This will secure your iPhone from scratches, dust, and dirt. Apart from that, there are precise cuts that give you complete access to all the ports. Lastly, there are also a couple of color options available.

USP: Minimalistic design
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#10. Spigen

Spigen iPhone 6 Plus Case Neo Hybrid EX

Over the years, Spigen has been quite successful in producing some excellent cases for the iPhone. This one too seems to have the stamp of the brand that Spigen has come to be known as.

The Neo Hybrid case has dual layer – a combination of hard and soft frames that provide sufficient protection from drops, scratches or any fall. It’s slim and flexible. It is made with premium TPU.

The metallic finish to frame and metalized polycarbonate buttons make the case pretty impressive. Though there are a good many bumper cases available in the market, this one is as good as any. If you want to pick one bumper case for your brand new phone, this case can easily fill that spot.

USP: Adorable compact design
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KEWEK iPhone 6 Plus Bumper Case

KEWEK looks really stylish and fits perfectly around the smartphone. The aluminum metal frame endows it both the elegance and the strength. With the silicone interior, the case is able to keep abrasion away and also disperse shock.

The 0.3mm front lip ensures the 5.5-inch screen doesn’t slide on a flat surface. It also offers the much-needed care to the single rear camera. Regarding pronounced buttons and cutouts, I find them up to the task.

USP: Aluminum metal frame
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That’s all, folks!

Signing Off

These bumper cases offer the needed safeguard to your smartphone without adding any bulk to it. They also provide the extra grip to hold the device comfortably in hands.

Personally, I like the bumper cases with the clear back just give some additional safeguard to my device. Which of these cases have you picked to defend your iPhone from bumps? Would you like to tell us the quality you like in a high-quality bumper case?

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