Belt clip cases let you utilize your iPhone with more efficiency with added sophistication. You can attach them with your bag or belt. Besides, they protect your phone from any shock or unexpected drop.

It’s always great to have a look at some of the most suitable varieties before settling down on one. I know it takes a lot of time to pick the right one but it is the matter of your new iPhone. And you would always want something special for it, wouldn't you?

Best iPhone 6 Plus Belt Clip Cases

Here are some belt clip cases for the iPhone 6 Plus. To keep themselves at par with the newest iPhone, they have defined their qualities and look just fine. Dive in to find you best one!

Best iPhone 6 Plus Belt Clip Cases

#1. Debin Belt Clip Case

Debin Belt Clip Case for iPhone 6 PlusThis is a vertical leather belt case clip. It features a durable belt clip that lets you easily attach your phone with belt or bag. The magnetic closure that makes sure your phone remain secured inside the case. The soft inner lining gives protection from any scratch or nicks.

The belt clip fits iPhone 6 Plus with only Otterbox Defender case, Commuter case, Lifeproof case and Symmetry case. You may find the case too big for your iPhone if you don’t have a thick case on it.


  • Durable belt clip
  • Magnetic closure
  • Soft inner lining
  • Professional look

Price: $19.99 ($9.59 on Amazon at the time of writing.)
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#2. Hotcool Belt Clip Case

Hotcool iPhone 6 Plus Belt Clip CaseThis belt clip from Hotcool is equipped with a built-in kickstand that allows you to watch movies or media hands-free efficiently. Holster clip swivels with sturdy locking mechanism hold the phone securely.

The hard polycarbonate material with the subtle grid lends a cool look. You don't have worry about slip-ups or a loose-fit. With 180 degree rotation capability, it is quite flexible for use too.


  • 180 degree rotation
  • Subtle grid design
  • Hard polycarbonate material
  • Rotating belt clip for flexibility
  • Built-in kickstand
  • Holster clip swivels with locking mechanism

Price: $19.99 ( While writing this.)
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#3. Galaxy Wireless Belt Clip Case

Galaxy Wireless Belt Clip Case for iPhone 6 PlusThis belt clip comes with a 180-degree holster swivel clip making it flexible enough for use. The shell and holster give a rubber like feel that helps in keeping the phone firmly in its place.

It is small and lightweight that allows you to carry it anywhere without any hassle. The material being very thin, your phone may get only basic protection though. As for accessibility to buttons or ports, you can easily reach them.


  • 180 degree holster
  • Lightweight
  • Separable shell and holster

Price: $6.39 (While writing this.)
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#4. NOuch Belt Clip Case

NOuch iPhone 6 Plus Belt Clip CaseNOuch belt clip and kickstand allows you to make the best use of your phone as a multimedia center, hands-free. The belt clip swivel having 180 degree rotation helps you in securely attaching the phone with your belt and accessing the phone easily.

Impact resistant 2-piece shell holster combo protects your phone from any bump or fall. The lightweight holster lets your phone slide in or out easily. You can use shell and kickstand as standalone. You should definitely check this one out.


  • Impact resistant
  • Lightweight holster
  • Belt clip swivel with 180 degree rotation

Price: $28.98 ($15.50 on Amazon at the time of writing this.)
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#5. A&Best Belt Clip Pouch Case

A&Best Belt Clip Pouch Case for iPhone 6 PlusThis one features a strong belt clip and 2 additional secure belt loops that let you attach it with any belt or purse. The extra belt loops add more security. The magnetic closure works fine in keeping the phone safely tucked in.

The inner dimension of the case can prove to be too spacious if you haven’t added a thick case with your phone. The belt clip pouch fits iPhone with Otterbox case.


  • Strong belt clip
  • Two additional belt loops
  • Magnetic closure

Price: $29.99 ($6.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.)
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#6. The3Knights Belt Clip Case

The3Knights iPhone 6 Plus Belt Clip CaseThis belt clip is equipped with a double-layer holster and a kickstand that lets you use your phone quite efficiently. The dual-function stylus (stylus and ink pen) is a thoughtful addition if you scribble on your iPhone 6+. The locking belt swivel clip secures the iPhone inside the case.

The rubberized soft touch finish adds extra layers that protect the phone from any scratch. The quick release design lets you easily remove the phone with ease. If you can bear with the extra bulk this belt clip may add, this is not a bad option at all.


  • Stylus pen with dual function
  • Double layer holster with kickstand
  • Rubberized soft touch finish

Price: $29.99 ( $9.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.)
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#7. Duo Armor from Caseformers

CaseFormers Duo Armor Best Clip Case for iPhone 6 PlusDuo Armor Green comes with a shock absorbing layer and hard shell that give your phone ample safety from any shock or scratch.. The groove not only makes the case more stylish but also provides a better grip that helps in keeping the phone intact wherever you wish to clip it.

The belt clip has 2 viewing stands – one is on the case, the other is on the holster. Moreover, It provides easy access to all buttons, ports and functions.


  • Belt clip with shock-absorbing layer and hard shell
  • 2 viewing stands
  • A cool-looking groove

Price: $24.99 ( $6.99 on Amazon while writing this.)
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#8. Allmet Belt Clip case

Allmet iPhone 6 Plus Belt Clip case

This belt is made with high quality plastic and silicone. It's a combination of a hard-shell case and a belt clip case (with a holster that doubles up as a kickstand.)

This appears to be a minimal belt clip case with basic protection and a low profile appearance. As for usability, it should not disappoint you if you don’t expect much from it. Having already exhausted your bucks on the expensive phone, you can save a lot on it and still be satisfied with what you get.


  • Good quality plastic and silicone material
  • Detachable hard-shell case
  • 3 piece heavy duty case with holster
  • Holster cover kickstand

Price: $29.99 ($7.29 on Amazon at the time of writing)
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#9. Gencase Belt Clip Pouch Case

Gencase Belt Clip Pouch Case for iPhone 6 Plus

This is a DW horizontal carry case. The interior is lined with black soft neoprene fabric that protects your phone from fall or scratch. It is made with premium leatherette with high quality construction.

The magnetic closing flap keeps your phone safely inside the case. The fixed belt clip and the belt loop allow you to clip or loop the case securely. And if you like old-school, this case should work just fine.


  • Magnetic closing flap
  • Premium leatherette
  • Soft neoprene fabric
  • DW horizontal carry

Price: $9.99 ( at the time of writing this.)
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#10. Zomazig Belt Pouch Clip Case

Zomazig iPhone 6 Plus Belt Pouch Clip Case

This is a horizontal black leather pouch case with stylus pen and belt clip. It fits iPhone 6+ even if you've wrapped it in a thin case. The magnetic closure safely keeps the phone inside.

The belt clip with added belt loops can be easily attached to any belt or purse.


  • Horizontal black leather
  • Magnetic closure
  • Belt clip with added belt loops

Price: $6.99 ( While writing this.)
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