Best iPhone 6 Plus Battery Cases in 2023

Best iPhone 6 Plus Battery Cases

Though iPhone 6 Plus has got a stronger battery than iPhone 6, people choose battery cases to avoid an emergency situation, and wherein their iPhones are running out of battery. iGeeksBlog has already listed battery cases for iPhone 6, and here is the list of the best battery cases for iPhone 6 Plus owners. The battery cases also double as protection for iPhone 6/6s Plus, and therefore, it has the edge over simple cases that provide just protection.

  1. Pxwaxpy
  2. Yacikos
  3. Lonlif
  4. REDGO
  5. Feob
  6. QTshine
  8. Trswyop
  10. Swaller

1. Pxwaxpy Battery Case with Power Indicator for iPhone 6s Plus

Pxwaxpy iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case

This battery cover from Pxwaxpy has received a lot of appreciation on Amazon. Having given a close look to the cover, I can tell that it does live up to the billing.

The massive 8500mAh battery can provide more than 100% juice to your smartphone so that it can keep rocking your extended music time or movie watching for long. The LED indicator helps you track the power with ease. Design-wise, Pxwaxpy looks a bit sturdy to withstand impact.

USP: Sync-through technology
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2. Yacikos Rechargeable Charging Battery Case for iPhone 6s Plus

Yacikos Battery Case for iPhone 6 Plus

The massive and upgraded 8500mAh built-in Li-polymer battery provides amazing use time. It adds up to 17 hours of talk time and 60 hours of music playback time. An internal chip protects your mobile from overheating, short-circuit, and overcharging. This case also acts as a protective cover and prevents scratches and daily wear & tear of the iPhone.

The design is portable and sleek, which fits perfectly with your iPhone 6 plus. The advanced sync-through technology lets you simultaneously charge your phone and this battery case together. You do not need to take this case out to sync your iPhone with a computer.

USP: Massive 8500mAh battery
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3. Lonlif Portable Protective Charging Case for iPhone 6s Plus

Lonlif iPhone 6-6s Plus Battery Case

Packed in with a massive 5500mAh battery, Lonlif can be a perfect asset for your smartphone during long travel. It can be trusted to supply well over 100% additional charge to your iPhone.

As for design, Lonlif looks very durable and comes with four LED indicators to help you track the power status with ease. The use of high-quality material has reinforced the structure to survive bumps. Plus, the cutouts appear to be accurate, while the pronounced buttons are easy to press.

USP: Massive 5500mAh battery
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5. Feob Portable Charging Battery Case for iPhone 6s Plus

Feob Battery Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Sick of iPhone battery running out suddenly when you are in the middle of a game? Slap this portable charging case on your iPhone, and you are golden. The case provides ample power for up to 17 hours of talk time and 13 hours of video playback.

This Feob portable charging case also keeps your iPhone safe with short-circuit protection and overheating plus over charging protection built-in. With 360-degree scratch guard security, it makes sure that your expensive iPhone gets no scratches and scuffs.

USP: 360-degree scratch protection
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6. QTshine Rechargeable Extended Battery Case

QTshine iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case

Powered with a capable 8500mAh lithium polymer battery, this charging case is your companion for outdoor activities, trips as well as daily use. Certificated by CE, FC, and RoHS, the diagram design and internal chip on this battery cover protect your smartphone from overheating, short-circuiting, overcharging, and abrupt discharging. All-rounder! Isn’t it.

You have the option to conveniently sync your device with a computer without taking the case off. Additionally, you can also charge your iPhone and this battery case simultaneously. The 4 LED battery level indicator shows you how much juice is left and puts an end to the guessing game. Grab this safe portable charging case right away!

USP: Certified by CE, FC, and RoHS
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7. ROMOSS Encase Series Battery Case for iPhone 6s Plus

ROMOSS iPhone 6-6s Plus Battery Case

Built with cutting-edge technology, ROMOSS iPhone 6 Plus battery case boasts 2800mAh battery power that adds almost 100% battery life to your iPhone. Enjoy more talk time and web browsing time on your phone. Its perfect cut-out openings conveniently allow you to access all ports & buttons comfortably.

The case protects your phone in the most advanced textured rubber that prevents overheating. The slim structure of this case enhances the thinness of your iPhone 6 Plus. Lastly, it has a built-in magnet that allows you to mount your device on a magnetic car mount.

USP: Built-in magnet
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8. Trswyop Battery Case with 360 Protective Design

Trswyop Battery Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Full bumper design and hard shell back of this portable charging case protects your iPhone 6 Plus from scratches and normal wear and tear. The built-in internal chip keeps the phone and this case safe from short-circuiting and overcharging as well as overheating.

A large 8500 mAh battery will keep your iPhone always ready to rock. This case adds 17 hours of talk time, 12 hours of web browsing, and 60 hours of music listening! Furthermore, this protective cover creates no obstruction and lets you access your iPhone’s headphone port without any issue.

USP: Built-in magnets to support magnetic car mounts
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9. AONIMI Battery Case for iPhone iPhone 6s Plus

Here’s another reliable battery case equipped with a powerful 8500mAh built-in lithium polymer chip to effectively provide 150% extra battery life. You can conveniently enjoy more talk time, music, movies, and internet surfing.

Further, the lightweight, portable design makes it easy to take with you anywhere without adding bulk to your phone. It’s also got a 360-degree protective bumper design to protect your iPhone from scratches or other daily wear and tear. There are LED indicators to show you the remaining power, which adds to the convenience of using this.

USP: Lightweight yet powerful
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10. Swaller

Swaller best iphone 6 plus battery case

This powerful 5000mAh slim battery case provides an additional 120% power to your iPhone, which translates to an extra 25 hours of talkative or 15 hours of surfing.

It’s an ideal choice for the outdoor enthusiast as you’ll be able to use your battery without worries of it running out. Further, the smart charger case is not only a portable charger but also a protective case that fends off scratches and other wear and tear.

USP: 3 color options
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That’s all there is to it!

So, these are my top battery covers for iPhone 6/6s Plus. Which one has looked more equipped to fit your requirements?

Stay Tuned In With Us For More…

As a power user, I always want to have plenty of juice in the tank so that my run with extensive media play or action-packed gaming never has an abrupt end. And with a solid battery case always in the offing, I don’t have to worry about a sudden apocalypse.

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