Best iPhone 6/6s Plus Armbands in 2022

Best iPhone 6-6s Plus Armbands

Looking for armbands that can provide your phone complete security while you are on the run, jogging, or working out and don’t want to keep it off your eyes? Tons of armbands have arrived to embrace iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 6s Plus. Just like the newest iPhone, they too are all set to impress you with their exclusive variety and all new features.

Here we are with exactly what you are looking for! Having checked out so many armbands available right now, we have brought some of the best iPhone 6/6s Plus Armbands based on their quality.

1. Newppon

Newppon iPhone 6-6s Plus Armband

Newppon presents a universal armband for your iPhone 6/6s Plus. You are not required to remove your iPhone case of OtterBox and LifeProof. Moreover, you can operate your phone even as it is wrapped in the armband case. You can make and receive calls and read messages while your phone is installed.

The armband has a super flexible strap, which fits around most arms. This band boasts two strap slots and adjustable Velcro fastenings, which can be fitted around any arm size from 9″ to 16″.

USP: Universal armband
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PORTHOLIC iPhone 6, 6s Plus Armband

One of the glaring features of Portholic’s armband is fingerprint access. Unlike other armband cases, which fully cover the phones, this one offers fingerprint access. The case is made of soft and breathable Lycra and Neoprene, which makes it skin-friendly, lightweight, and odorless.

The extension strap easily fits around the arm size from 9 to 18.5 inches. Its triple-sweat resistance feature stops sweat from entering the case. Your iPhone is fully sweatproof.

USP: Fingerprint access
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3. Tribe

TRIBE iPhone 6, 6s Plus Armband

This is a perfect weatherproof case for your iPhone 6 or 6s Plus. The armband case from Tribe is made of high tensile, brushed PU and a mixture of soft lycra and neoprene. The materials keep your iPhone guarded against rain or sweat so that you can continue your workout even if it is raining outdoors.

The armband allows you to access the touchscreen of your phone, and you can also use the headphone jack to listen to your favorite music during the workout.

USP: Touchscreen access
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4. Tune Belt

Tune Belt Armband for iPhone 6, 6s Plus

This features an armband strap that is adjustable (9-16 inches). The armband is made specifically to fit large sizes. It can be extended up 6.5 inches. It is equipped to control earphone cords. Made of neoprene, the armband stays firmly secure and keeps your iPhone 6+ safe.

USP: Soft cushioning
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DEDEni iPhone 6, 6s Plus Armband

Dedeni has designed this armband case for medium-sized iPhones, and thus, your iPhone 6/6s Plus comfortably fits in this case. The notable feature of this armband is two slots for the strap to pass through. With its adjustable Velcro, this strap fits around the arm size of 10-15 inches.

Since the strap is made of flexible lycra, it is not affected by sweat, keeping the band dry for a long time. The storage space allows you to put your card, key, and earphone cable while you are working out.

USP: Extra storage
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6. VUP

VUP Armband for iPhone 6, 6s Plus

VUP has come with two significant additions in this armband for your iPhone 6/6s Plus. This band flaunts an open-face design and 180-degree rotation. These two features allow you to use your iPhone the way you use when it is in your hands. You can quickly access all the ports and buttons by rotating your iPhone while it is fitted on the band.

This sports strap has a built-in hidden key holder to store your car or house key. Don’t keep your earphone cord loose and dangling; simply fold it and pass it through the loop is given on the band.

USP: Open-face design
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SUPCASE Armband for iPhone 6, 6s Plus

This is a soft, stretchy Velcro armband from Supcase. It fits arms that are 9 – 21 inches in circumference. Besides providing all-round protection, it gives easy access to all ports and controls with the skin in place. You can insert and remove your iPhone 6+ within seconds. It seems to be an easy sport-fitting armband.

USP: Silicone skin
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8. Smartlle

Smartlle Armband for iPhone 6, 6s Plus

What features do you require in an armband case when you are out for exercise? Imagine your requirements, and you will find everything in this Smartlle armband case for your iPhone 6/6s Plus.

Early in the morning, you can lock your house and put the key in dedicated storage. You can pass your earphone cord through the loop to keep it untangled while you are running. A cardholder slot is something unique, as you don’t find such storage in other armbands. You can charge your device even as it is protected inside the band.

USP: Hand washable
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9. Moko

MoKo Armband for iPhone 6, 6s Plus

This armband from Moko features an adjustable Velcro strap that not only protects your phone but also keeps it stay-put. It is water-resistant, sweat-proof and comes with a built-in key-holder slot. The armband provides easy access to earphones and controls. And there’s a lifetime warranty too. While everything sounds pretty cool, this armband may not fit all arms.

USP: Adjustable hook & loop
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10. Trianium – iPhone 6/6s Plus Armbands

Trianium Armband for iPhone 6, 6s Plus

Trianium is another popular brand that manufactures high-quality accessories for iPhones and iPads. This armband case is suitable for your iPhone 6 or 6s Plus. This case is made of stretch-resistant neoprene, and therefore, you can bend, twist, fold, and flex easily.

Enjoy full access to your phone’s touchscreen as the case offers touchscreen compatibility; you can receive calls, manage your playlist, and activate stopwatch without taking your phone out of the case.

USP: Headphone/charger cutouts
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Summing up…

The armband is one of the essential accessories for fitness enthusiasts. Instead of leaving your iPhone unsecure, you can keep it with you always during your workout sessions. Whether you are at the gym or outdoors, your phone is with you all the time.

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