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Tons of armbands have arrived to embrace iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 6s Plus Just like the newest iPhone, they too are all set to impress you with their exclusive variety and all new features.

Looking for armbands that can provide your phone complete security while you are on the run, jogging or working out and just don't want to keep it off your eyes? Here we are with exactly what you are looking for! Having checked out so many armbands available right now, we have brought some of the best iPhone 6/6s Plus Armbands based on their quality.

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Best iPhone 6 Plus ArmbandsBest iPhone 6/6s Plus Armbands

#1. Armband Solutions

Armband Solutions for iPhone 6, 6s and 7 Plus

This armband defines both the comfort you would want to enjoy jogging, hiking or running and the style to make an attractive fashion statement. The top-grade neoprene material not just reinforces its built-up but also makes it exceptionally flexible. It features LED lights with three light modes to let you use your device in low-light areas with ease.

The incredibly touch sensitive front panel allows you to use your iPhone without any trouble. There is a pocket to keep your key securely. You can easily adjust it as per your convenience. It's compatible with arm sizes 9 to 15 inches that means it iwll fit iPhone 6/6s and 7 Plus.

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Price: $19.95 on Amazon at the time of writing this.
Purchase it from Amazon.com

#2. Belkin iPhone 6/6s Plus Armband

Belkin iPhone 6 Plus Armband
This armband from Belkin is definitely the one you would like to take a look at. Made of stretchy neoprene material, the armband is lightweight and provides clear screen protection to your phone.

The armband is breathable, washable and features an adjustable strap. It provides easy access to all ports and functions. Designed to be a sport-fit, it remains put while you run, exercise or do any workout.

The armband is yet to launch. If you can wait some more before purchasing an iPhone 6 Plus armband, you should try this one.

Price: $49.99 [$39.95 on Amazon while we are writing this.] Buy it from Amazon.com

#3. Griffin Trainer iPhone 6/6s Plus Armband

Griffin Trainer iPhone 6 Plus Armband

This armband can fit arms up to 19 inches in circumference. It features a neoprene sleeve that keeps any moisture or sweat away. The touchscreen window is responsive enough to let you use the iPhone 6+ easily. While there are plenty of good armbands available to choose from, this one is as good as any.

Price: $19.99 [$14.34 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Shop it from Amazon.com

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#4. Khomo iPhone 6/6s Plus Armband

Khomo iPhone 6 Plus Armband

This armband from Khomo is made of lightweight soft neoprene. It is a sports armband that keeps your phone safe without letting it go up and down while you run. It keeps sweat away from your phone.

The touch screen is designed to work through clear cover. The reflective strip around the border provides safety while jogging. It is adjustable with many other devices. There is an inbuilt key pocket.

The armband being a little small may not fit every bicep.

Price: $7.93 on Amazon while we are writing this.
Buy it from Amazon.com

#5. Tune Belt iPhone 6/6s Plus Armband

Tune Belt iPhone 6 Plus Armband

This features an armband strap that is adjustable (9-16 inches). The armband is made specifically to fit large sizes. It can be extended up 6.5 inches. It is equipped to control earphone cords. Made of neoprene, the armband stays firmly secure and keeps your iPhone 6+ safe.

Price: $24.95 [$17.95 on Amazon while writing this.] Purchase it from Amazon.com.

#6. LK iPhone 6/6s Plus Armband

LK iPhone 6 Plus Armband

This armband is water resistant and sweat proof. It features a key holder. The armband stays put while you run or exercise/work out. This is made of soft nylon as well as neoprene. The only thing you can check out here is the length of the armband. Otherwise, it seems to be a good option.

Price: $7.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.
Buy it from Amazon.com

#7. Great Beast iPhone 6/6s Plus Armband

Great Beast iPhone 6 Plus Armband

This armband is adjustable to fit biceps from 7 to 20 inches around. Made of premium nylon and neoprene material, it protects your screen from scratches as well as keeps your phone fully secure.

The armband has been  designed to fit your phone without a case. Looking for an armband to suit your big bicep? You can try this out, if you want.

Price: $ 34.99 [$12.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Purchase it from Amazon.com

#8. UTLK iPhone 6/6s Plus Armband

UTLK iPhone 6 Plus Armband

This armband features a key holder, easy earphone connection. It fits arm circumference sizes  9-16. The armband comes with strong velcro with two slots that provide easy access to all ports and function. The quality neoprene material resists sweat. It is made suit for gym, exercise or any workout.

Price: $6.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.
Buy it from Amazon.com

#9. SUPCASE iPhone 6/6s Plus Armband SUPCASE iPhone 6 Plus Armband

This is a soft stretchy Velcro armband from Supcase. It fits arms that are 9 – 21 inches in circumference. Besides providing an all-round protection, it gives easy access to all ports and controls with the skin in place. You can insert and remove your iPhone 6+ within seconds. It seems to be an easy sport-fitting armband.

Price: $16.99 [$14.49 on Amazon while writing this.] Order it from Amazon.com

#10. Poetic iPhone 6/6s Plus Armband

Poetic iPhone 6 Plus Armband

This is a sport armband silicone case that fits arms up to 23 inches around. The armband is stretchy, adjustable and breathable. The silicone sleeve makes it a standalone carrying case. Given how low it is priced despite having some useful features, it looks like the best bang for the buck.

Price: $7.95 on Amazon at the time of writing this.
Shop it from Amazon.com

#11. Moko iPhone 6/6s Plus Armband

Moko iPhone 6 Plus Armband

This armband from Moko features adjustable Velcro strap that not only protects your phone but also keeps it stay-put. It is water resistant, sweat-proof and comes with a built-in key-holder slot. The armband provides easy access to ear phones and controls. And there's lifetime warranty too. While everything sounds pretty cool, this armband may not fit all arms.

Price:  $18.95 [$5.95 on Amazon while writing this.] Buy it from Amazon.com

#12. AmaziPro8 iPhone 6/6s Plus Armband

AmaziPro8 Sports Armband for iPhone 6 Plus

Made of sweat resistant neoprene material and PU leather sporty, the AmaziPro8 has a perfect fitting with your iPhone. The armband spots a stylish look and won't add much bulk to your device. The clear soft PVC cover allows you to use your touch screen with ease.

The built-in small pocket for coin, key will make sure your valuables are secured while you are making the most of jogging or doing exercise. The armband has cut-outs and slit on top and the bottom for audio jack. It will have a comfortable installation as well as removal. Though not a top notch choice for sure, it is not bad either considering the price you may pay.

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Price: $39.99 [$12.97 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Order it from Amazon.com

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  • Stephan Henry

    The belkin armband is not as good as they say. I have owned two of these and they start to tear in about 2 weeks time. The Velcro on these is not strong and the bands always tear away from the holder. Would not recommend their product to anyone got any sport.

  • Eleanor Cornish

    Erm, these all say 5.5 inch i have measured my 6 PLUS and it is over 6 inches… why can’t i find an arm band anywhere with that spec?

    • sackonuts

      5.5 is the screensize buddy

  • Andrea Boone

    Which one fits the 6+ that already has a case on it?

  • Mike Dancy

    Armband? You meant to say backpack. Strapping an iPhone 6 plus to your arm is like trying to attach a smart car to a bike lock. It’s just not going to happen.

  • Tishana Trainor

    Are there no images with the actual 6 plus? A lot of these are 4’s and 5’s…

  • teegirl

    Any idea when the Belkin one would launch?

    • We have listed it first in the list.

      • Eelco

        I contacted Belkin customer support. They have no clue about this product.