Best iPhone 6 keyboard cases to buy in 2023

Best iPhone 6 keyboard cases to buy

What’s better than a case for your iPhone 6? A case with a keyboard! Keyboard cases fulfill two purposes – protect smartphones against drops and scratches and offer ease of typing with a physical keyboard. If you plan to buy a keyboard case for your iPhone 6, this article is for you! Check out these best iPhone 6 keyboard cases.

  1. Geyes
  2. Bewinner
  3. Eliater
  4. Tonysa
  5. Fosa
  6. Duragadget

1. Geyes foldable keyboard case – Editor’s choice

Geyes Folding Bluetooth iPhone 6 keyboard case

Gather around travel junkies, this Geyes travel-friendly foldable keyboard case is perfect for iPhone 6. With a folding Bluetooth keyboard, you can carry it along on your adventures to turn your iPhone into a mini laptop. This iPhone 6 keyboard case features automatic on/off and sleep mode functions to help save battery.

It is crafted using Aluminium alloy, imparting it a sturdy look and offering a smooth typing experience. Its built-in kickstand holders allow you to hold and prop up your device.

Geyes’ keyboard case is fitted with a USA Broadcom Bluetooth chipset ensuring unparalleled functionality. You can use this iPhone 6 keyboard case for about 120 hours on a single charge. Moreover, its standby time is up to 3 months!


  • Aircraft-grade aluminium for sturdiness and durability
  • Zero electricity leakage
  • Super stable Bluetooth connection


  • No power switch
  • Lacks rubber coating at the base
  • Doesn’t have an emoji key

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2. Bewinner universal 2-in-1 keyboard flip case

Bewinner Universal 2-in-1 Phone Keyboard Flip Case


Bewinner universal 2-in-1 case for iPhone 6 is the sturdiest keyboard case on this list. It is lightweight, thanks to its high-quality PU leather built. Moreover, the case’s unique folio design prevents scratches while allowing easy access to all your iPhone’s ports.

Its built-in bracket securely fixes your phone at a perfect angle, making it ready to type or watch movies on the go. If you want to protect your iPhone from accidental drops, its detachable magnetic keyboard tray turns the keyboard cover into a classic briefcase for added protection.

Moreover, the PU leather used in this case is dust-proof, scratch-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and high-performance. It also comes with an indicator light that turns red while the case is charging and flashes when the keyboard case for iPhone 6 needs to recharge.


  • High-quality PU leather build
  • Can be detached easily
  • Dust-proof and abrasion-resistant keyboard


  • Available in one color
  • The flap above the case might be distracting for some

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3. Eliater wireless keyboard with leather cover

ELIATER Portable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard case for iPhone 6

Eliater’s leather case with Bluetooth keyboard is designed specifically for making notes, working in the office, and typing on your iPhone 6 for prolonged hours.

It comes with a removable keyboard attached to a magnet. The case also has a built-in stand that securely positions your phone at a perfect angle, turning your phone into an easy-to-use laptop in less than a second.

Moreover, it is crafted using high-quality, soft PU leather boasting a soft microfiber-lined interior with unmatched protection during use.

You can use this case comfortably for working, writing, or watching videos anywhere. The keyboard accompanied by the case features silent and ergonomically-designed keys and remembers your device after you connect to it for the first time. Hence, it connects automatically the next time.


  • Built-in stand
  • Ultra-slim keys
  • Highly ergonomic design


  • The keyboard is made of plastic and not backlit
  • Available colors are tacky and unsuitable for professionals

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4. Tonysa mini portable keyboard with case

Tonysa Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone 6

If you are worried that keyboard cases won’t hold your iPhone in position, here’s a case with a built-in phone stand. It firmly holds your iPhone in a perfect angle for watching movies or texting.

Further, the case is made of PU leather protective exterior providing durability, ruggedness, and shockproof cushion even if you drop it. Moreover, the plastic keyboard is dust-proof and scratch-resistant.

You can also detach the keyboard if you want to use the case without it. The keyboard can be detached by unclipping the magnetic holder. Once detached, the case turns into a classic portfolio case. Moreover, it also has a power indicator light that shows the charging state to know when to charge the keyboard.


  • Premium PU leather
  • Scratch- and dust-proof keyboard
  • Detachable keyboard
  • Built-in phone holder


  • Available in one color

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5. Fosa wireless keyboard with flip leather case

Fosa Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard case for iPhone 6

This Fosa portfolio flip leather case with a keyboard carries a premium design with top-quality PU leather. Besides being attractive, the leather cover is durable and rugged. It offers extreme protection and a shockproof cushion to the iPhone. 

The keyboard case can be easily detached and attached again using the magnetic clip-on. Also, the iPhone stays in place owing to the built-in stand. Place the iPhone between the stands, and now you are good to travel with the keyboard case without worrying about the phone slipping out of the case. 

The unique blue design is aesthetically pleasing! However, I felt that the lack of a rubber grip makes it difficult to keep the device in place when working.


  • Simple plug and play design
  • Lightweight
  • Magnetic clip-on keyboard


  • No rubber grip to support the case

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6. Duragadget slim back QWERTY keyboard case

DURAGADGET Slim Black QWERTY Keyboard Case for iPhone 6

Want to type on the go but don’t want to attach a full-size keyboard to your iPhone 6? This Duragadget slim back QWERTY keyboard case is designed just for the purpose. Besides, the keyboard case pairs with your iPhone via Bluetooth easily.

The case also doubles down as a stand, thanks to its unique origami folding design. It makes for a strong magnetic stand with an anti-slip sticky pad attached to its base to prevent accidental slips.

Further, the case also features magnetic metal clasps that exude a premium look, making it a perfect travel companion.


  • Slim and elegant
  • Magnetic stand at the back
  • Anti-slip sticky pad
  • Premium look


  • No straps to hold the iPhone in place

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Typing on iPhone 6 is a pleasant experience, but this becomes even more refined with a keyboard case. We hope that the products listed above will help you choose the best iPhone 6 keyboard case. Which one did you like the most? Share in the comments below.

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