Though folio cases are not considered to be very popular, they can make an attractive pair with your iPhone 6 especially when you want to have a sleek profile. If you desire to explore all the available options for your phone, you wouldn't want to miss on folio cases. From a plethora of folio cases, here are the best iPhone 6 folio cases purely based user-friendly features.

There is one thing about folio case that everyone would love to agree. It is the comfortable use that makes it easy-going. What it loses on overall qualities as compared to other cases, it makes up for the good convenience it brings with it. Let's check them out!

Best iPhone 6 Folio Cases

Best iPhone 6 Folio Cases

#1. Pasonomi Folio Wallet CasePasonomi Folio Wallet Case for iPhone 6The case features a window in the front and a transparent back view designed to let you iPhone shine through. The accurate cut-outs for all controls and buttons will allow full access to your phone comfortably. It will provide basic protection from accidental bumps or fall.

If you wish to go with a low-priced folio case, it can be a good option in terms of not only quantity but also quality.


  • Accurate cut-out
  • Front window
  • Transparent back view

Price: $19.99 ($5.99 on Amazon while writing this.)
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#2. MaxboostMaxboost iPhone 6 Folio CaseThe super slim folio style case doesn’t not put on much weight or bulk on your iPhone 6. The case is made of high quality material – solid TPU casing added with superior grade PU leather. Its robust exterior flap provides complete protection for your iPhone 6. Curves at the corners protect your phone against any bumps; with Maxboost iPhone 6 case, you can easily take on the unexpected moments of your personal and professional life. Apart from protection, its durable wallet design boasts a slot to store your card or cash; its accurate openings for speakers, camera and other ports allow you to access all controls and buttons easily.

Price: $29.99 [$9.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.]
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#3. Totu Folio CaseTotu Folio Case for iPhone 6This folio case features a front window that lets you answer or refuse a call without having to open the case. The self stand allows for a hands-free use for video watching. Apart from protecting your iPhone from dust, dirt or scratches, it provides complete access to all ports and buttons.

You would like the sleek profile of the case. Available in multiple colours, it is certainly the one you can give it a try.


  • Front window
  • Self stand for a hands-free use
  • Sleek profile

Price: $17.60 on Amazon while writing this.
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#4. Bear Motion Folio CaseBear Motion Folio Wallet Case For iPhone 6Bear Motion folio case comes with premium leather that provides durable protection. You can keep up to three credit cards in the inside slot. With simple and low profile look, it will let you use your iPhone comfortably giving easy access to all features.

If you have high expectation, this folio case may not impress you. As for finding an affordable one for your phone, you can go for it.


  • PU leather
  • Slot for credit cards
  • Low-profile

Price: $19.99 ($6.99 on Amazon at the time of writing.)
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#5. X-Doria Engage Folio CaseX-Doria Engage iPhone 6 PU LeatherFolio CaseX-Doria Engage folio case has an impressive profile which can make an attractive pair with your iPhone. The case features folio screen cover and see-through back w/anti-scratch coating. The easy snap-on design lets you use the phone pretty comfortably.

In terms of features and quality, this is a case you would like to check out. The one thing that can make you want it is the professional look that it carries with it.


  • Folio screen cover
  • Easy snap-on
  • See-through back
  • Anti scratch coating

Price: $29.98 On Amazon while writing this.)
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#6. NiceEshop Folio CaseNiceeshop iPhone 6 Folio CaseMade of quality colourful PU leather, it has a funky look. The magnetic clip design makes it pretty comfortable to use. The case has stand function that lets you use your iPhone hands-free. If you wish to go with an easy-going case, check this one out as it may not disappoint you.


  • Colorful PU leather
  • Magnetic clip
  • Stand for a hands-free use

Price: $4.59 on Amazon at the time of writing this.
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#7. Shenit Folio Wallet CaseShenit Folio Wallet Case for iPhone 6The folio case seems to be attractive especially with all the user-friendly features it carries. It has inside slots wherein you can keep credit cards. The kickstand will allow you to use your phone hands-free. Magnetic closing helps in keeping the phone safely inside.

The precise cut-outs provide easy access to all ports. Overall, this is a case you would like to have based on the useful features it has despite having an affordable low price.


  • Kickstand feature
  • Magnetic closing
  • Precise cut-outs
  • Slots for credit cards

Price: $29.99 ($8.95 on Amazon at the time of writing this.)
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#8. Kalaideng Folio CaseKalaideng Folio Case for iPhone 6Kalaideng folio case is slim, light and well-fitted. The snap-on case provides a comfortable installation. With combination of quality PU and Polycarbonate material, it protects your device from scratches, dust or fall. It has perfect cut-outs for speaker, camera as well as all other ports. The case looks pretty for both your iPhone and buck.


  • Slim, lightweight
  • Well-fitted
  • Snap-on installation
  • Perfect cut-outs

Price: $10.80 on Amazon while writing this.
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#9. Big Mango Folio CaseBig Mango iPhone 6 Folio CaseHere is a folio case with a fashionable look. The case features multiple slots for credit cards. Made of quality PU leather, it will last long. The strap will let you hang it on your wrist. The precisely cut openings will allow full access to all the functions of your phone.

The lightweight design won't add much bulk to your phone. Check this out for a different taste.


  • Strap
  • Multiple card slots
  • Precisely cut openings

Price: $10.90 On Amazon at the time of writing this.
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#10. Case Mate Folio CaseCase Mate iPhone 6 Folio Wallet CaseCase-Mate folio case has modern folio design with an integrated stand that will let you use your iPhone conveniently. The case has a slim profile with front and back device protection. There is an inside slot wherein you can keep a couple of credit cards.

The microfiber interior provides protection from scratches. Though there is no magnetic closure which you may prefer to have, it is a good-looking case for your iPhone 6.


  • Integrated Stand
  • Card slots
  • Front and back device protection
  • Microfiber interior

Price: $40 On Amazon while writing this.
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