If you are a person who loves “transparency,” we understand that you want “this quality” even for your iPhone 6 cases! Yes, we are talking about “clear cases” or transparent cases for iPhones. If you are looking for beautiful soft clear cases for the latest Apple phones, here we come up with the best ones available in the market.

To provide you with the best cases, we explored several manufacturers' sites and products. We thoroughly checked the features, quality and reviews by the users. As a result, we listed down TOP 10 iPhone 6 Clear Cases. Let's go…

Best Phone 6 Transparent Cases

Best iPhone 6 Clear Cases

#1. Maxboost® Liquid Skin iPhone 6 Clear Case

Maxboost Liquid Skin iPhone 6 Clear Case
Maxboost® case won the race due to its amazing features. It looked stunning and when hold, it gave us royal feeling. It maintained the elegance of iPhone 6 by having ultra-clear soft case. What we loved is its clear soft skin case that maintains the beauty of the device, and its flexible body which can stand very well against scratches, marks etc.

Features include:

1. Ultra-clear soft flexible case
2. Scratch-proof case
3. Extremely thin (0.4mm) gel TPU transparent skin case
4. Flexible body to withstand scratches, dust etc.
5. Anti-scratching coating
6. Super fitting to iPhone 6
7. Lifetime manufacturer's warranty

Price: $19.95 [$7.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.] Buy it from Amazon.com

#2. New Trent Alixo Rugged Transparent iPhone 6 Case

New Trent Alixo Rugged Transparent iPhone 6 Case

Our second choice is the all New Trent Alixo Rugged transparent iPhone 6 case. The uniqueness we found is it comes with two interchangeable color front covers. We could not take our sight off of this beautiful case. Our thumbs up for this clear case for the latest iPhone 6. The case is NOT compatible with iPhone 6 Plus


1. Scratch resistant case
2. Shock proof and dirt proof clear case
3. Perfectly engineered for iPhone 6 –easy to fit in and easy to remove
4. Prevents scratches and chips from accidental dropping
5. As a bonus, it comes with two interchangeable front covers in black and white colors

Price: $49.95 [$21.95 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Shop it from Amazon.com

3. Case Ace™ Crystal Clear iPhone 6 Case

Case Ace Crystal Clear iPhone 6 Case

We tested this cover with our gold iPhone and it simply looked awesome. Not just it offered a classy look, but it also made our iPhone secure than ever before. The Case Ace® comes with a slim-fit cover protection to keep your device intact. The silicon coating seems to be promising in protecting the device fitted in.


1. Crystal clear transparent case for iPhone 6
2. Durable TPU material ensures flexibility, elasticity and durability we expect
3. Perfect grip, maximum protection and stylish look
4. Crystal clear material allows your iPhone's Apple logo shine the way it does naturally!

Price: $9.45 on Amazon while we are writing this.
Order it from Amazon.com

#4.Luvvitt™ Clear Grip iPhone Air Case

Luvvitt Clear Grip iPhone 6 Case

Luvvitt® states that it offers us a clear grip iPhone case and we must believe it. Upon holding our iPhone with Luvvitt case, we felt there are less chances of dropping the device even if we want! The phone case is made up high quality German Bayer thermoplastic giving it robust yet convincing looks. The case is for iPhone 6 ONLY.


1. Crystal clear iPhone 6 case made from super quality German Bayer thermoplastic
2. Flexible TPU material is used for better flexibility
3. Protective lip above the screen level
4. It has reinforced corners to protect the device from dropping
5. It's easy to reach your buttons and ports

Price: $29.95 [$12.95 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Purchase it from Amazon.com

#5. Yousave iPhone 6 Clear Case

Yousave iPhone 6 Clear Case

We had to include this case due to its unparalleled features and texture. Our experts simply loved Yousave accessories for iPhone 6. What unique our experts fond about this product is it offers iPhone 6 in baby pink shade and also clear raindrop hard cover.


1. Clear screen protector
2. Soft micro fiber polishing cloth
3. 3D raindrop effects to make your iPhone like no other
4. Hard protective skin to provide your device with super security than ever
5. Precisely cut case for camera, charger, buttons and other ports

Price: $8.99 [$6.49 while we are writing this.] Buy it from Amazon.com

#6. Maxboost™ Cushion Case Bumper

Maxboost Cushion Case iPhone 6 Bumper

We found no any other go but to include this again because it is all different. While other iPhone 6 clear cases offered elegant looks, Maxboost® cushion case is made to protect your iPhone as a bodyguard! Slim bumper case for iPhone 6 comes with a lifetime warranty and it is shock-absorbing


1. Anti-scratch coating for rough use of your iPhone, long term use, no problem
2. Double injected ultra-protective clear case
3. Integrated shock-absorbing frame, one of its only kinds
4. Careful cutouts for charging, camera and other ports
5. Lifetime manufacturer's warranty

Price: $19.95 [$10.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Order it from Amazon.com

#7.Swees™ Ultra-Slim iPhone 6 Case

Swees Ultra-Slim iPhone 6 Transparent Case

Swees® seemed to be engineered with utmost care for iPhone 6. This is because we checked it from every corner and found that iPhone fits so well as if it is an Apple product! When Swees say “Ultra-slim”, they stood by their caption. We are happy to include this in our top 10 list of transparent cases for iPhone 6


1. Ultra-slim means ultra-slim! 0.4mm thickness which is nothing
2. Complementary stitch to give an extra-edge look
3. Scratch, dirt and bump proof case
4. Soft TPU gel cover, TPU silicon back

Price: $15.99 [$4.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.] Shop it from Amazon.com

#8. Caseology iPhone 6 Case

Caseology iPhone 6 Clear Case

This particular case offered dual benefits -drop protection and mesmerizing looks. What they call a clear-back bumper comes with scratch resistance feature and drop protection quality. It is available only for iPhone 6 and NOT iPhone Plus. The very unique thing we found with Caseology is you can CUSTOMIZE it with your photos, stickers and many more!


1. Fusion clear iPhone 6 case by a renowned company
2. TPU polycarbonate case offering powerful shock absorbing
3. A 4-point guard raised lip that protects touchscreen fully
4. High quality anti-scratch coating clear back cover
5. Customized case – it's made as you want!

Price: $39.99 [$7.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Purchase it from Amazon.com

#9. Spigen™ iPhone 6 Crystal Clear Case

Spigen iPhone 6 Transparent Case

We list Spigen® as our second to last clear case for iPhone 6. What made us happy about this product is its eco-friendly packing. Again, the case is slim, super fitting iPhone. When we fitted our device in, it simply adapted its shape. From a distance, it was hard to recognize whether the phone has a cover! Another unique thing about this case is it comes with a coating that prevents the yellowness that we find in most of the iPhone transparent cases.


1. Durable TPU material to long last even in rough use
2. Comfortable grip, good protection without compromising on attractiveness
3. Slim and form-fitted case
4. Urethane coating to keep up the whiteness of the cover
5. Air cushion technology to absorb shock more powerfully

Price: $24.99 [$12.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.] Shop it from Amazon.com

#10. .JETech™ Apple iPhone 6 Anti-Scratch Clear Back Case

JETech iPhone 6 Transparent Case

We found this cover one of the products that have all four corner air cushioned. This made it to enter into our top 10 list of clear iPhone cases. Clear cutouts, dynamic design and ultra-smooth texture simply took our breath away.


1. Perfect fit for iPhone 6 offering an ultimate grip
2. Advanced shock absorption technology, all corner air cushioned
3. Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
4. Design it yourself! Customizing option
5. TPU – PC fusion as a great combination for total protection

Price: $19.99 [$5.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Buy it from Amazon.com

You may choose any of these iPhone 6 clear cases to protect or adorn your device. Grab them now and enjoy carrying them with you all time.