Best iPhone 6 Cases from Spigen

Spigen was one of the first companies to launch iPhone 6 cases (on pre-order) even before Apple officially launched the product. Spigen now has a lot many varieties of cases for iPhone 6 that you can choose from. The iPhone 6 appears to be very light and very thin and a case is now more of a necessity (despite the iPhone 6 being strong).

The Spigen catalog for iPhone 6 cases has almost every type of case you can think of. There are ultra-thin cases for a basic level of protection and there are heavy-duty cases that are shockproof. As is the case with Spigen, many of these are aesthetically good-looking (but I wouldn’t say all.). Have a look at some of the best iPhone 6 cases from Spigen:

#1. Spigen Air Cushion iPhone 6 case

Spigen Air Cushion iPhone 6 case

Spigen Air Cushion will provide your iPhone 6 with ultimate protection from the drops due to the technology of Air Cushion used in there. They make sure that you don’t get a single scratch and it is compatible with the iPhone 6 4.7″. It’s in the series of Ultra Hybrid.

Features of the case:

  • The back panel is clear hard and the matte edge is flexible
  • Back protection present as well
  • Polycarbonate and TPU combination present for protection from both sides

Price: $24.99 ($11.99 on Amazon while writing this.)
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#2. Spigen NeoHybrid Case

Spigen NeoHybrid case for iPhone 6

Spigen’s NeoHybrid case for iPhone 6 is a stylish polycarbonate case with a metallic-looking finish. It boasts a slim profile but that’s along with the dual material body (polycarbonate frame, TPU core). It is a good piece of hardware for your iPhone 6 it will protect your iPhone from scratches, accidental bumps and more.

Features of NeoHybrid Case:

  • Drop protection and scratch protection available
  • Combined Polycarbonate and TPU
  • Metallic finish and buttons are metalized polycarbonate

Price: $34.99 ($15.99 on Amazon while writing this.)
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#3. Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen Tough Armor Case for iPhone 6

Spigen’s Tough Armor is perhaps one of the thinnest armor shells for the iPhone 6. Contrary to the claims, it’s not heavy-duty but it sure can handle more than normal levels of shock. Most drops will do no harm to your iPhone 6 with this case on.

Features of Tough Armor for iPhone 6:

  • Shock absorption available in the form of Spider web pattern
  • 1.5mm screen protector to protect the touchscreen from scratches
  • Slimmer than others in the market

Price: $34.99 ($22.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.)
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#4. Spigen Thin Fit Series

Spigen Thin Fit Series Case iPhone 6

Spigen’s Thin Fit Series for iPhone 6 is a simple, minimalist case from Spigen. It’s designed to protect your iPhone 6 from dust, scratches and occasional bumps. It is a polycarbonate case that is soft to the touch and form-fitting. And yes, it’s lightweight.

Features of Thin Fit Series iPhone 6:

  • There is a coating of soft feel to help you with grip
  • Light in weight
  • Speakers, different ports along with camera have perfect cutouts

Price $14.99 ($11.99 on Amazon while writing this.)
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#5. Spigen Style Armor

Spigen Style Armor iPhone 6 case

Spigen Style Armor is a stylish armor case. Again, this one features the dual-layer design. It’s thin and it’s lightweight and there’s bezel to keep the iPhone 6’s screen protected when it’s face-down.

Spigen iPhone 6 Style Armor Features:

  • Slim and lightweight
  • dual layer, Matte interior TPU and two-part matte polycarbonate shell
  • iPhone 6 slides into the case

Price: $29.99 ($12.99 on Amazon while writing this.)
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#6. Spigen Wallet Case

Spigen Wallet iPhone 6 case

Apple Pay is expected to make credit cards somewhat redundant but till it takes off, you might still want a wallet case for your iPhone 6. Besides the feature where you can carry some ID cards, wallet cases typically offer greater protection to the iPhone 6. And Spigen’s wallet case is no exception to that.

Spigen iPhone 6 Wallet Case Features:

  • Synthetic leather wallet
  • Different slots available for your ID as well as cards
  • Not heavy to carry around
  • Can be used as a stand with multiple viewing angles

Price: $29.99 ($14.99 on Amazon while writing this.)
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#7. Spigen Soft Flex

Spigen Soft Flex iPhone 6 case

The crystal clear color of the case is a huge hit amongst the users due to obvious reason. It provides quite a good protection from the scratches and helps you to use it with élan. Most notably, it’s flexible and comes in a variety of color options.

Features of Spigen soft Flex iPhone 6 Case:

  • Flexible and durable material ensures soft grip
  • Flaunts the shape of the device with its form fitted slim case
  • Urethane coating present to avoid discoloring

Price: $14.99 ($9.99 on Amazon while writing this.)
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Spigen is offering some of the best cases for your iPhone 6. You will find several other Spigen cases out there, but the best ones are listed in here. These cases are easy to fit in your iPhone 6 and are easy on your pocket as well. You can look into the various features of the iPhone 6 and see which one will fit you fine and keep your mobile scratch free.