Best iPhone 6/6s Bumper Cases in 2021

These iPhone 6/6s bumper cases offer best of both worlds; they protect your iPhone from accidental bumps and shocks but keep the natural look.
Best iPhone 6 Bumper Cases

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s are sure to thrill your aspirations with all its new features and glorious design. Loaded with cutting-edge technology, the iPhone deserves complete protection from any accidental bumps or damage. While full-fledged cases tend to suppress the looks of your iPhone, bumper cases for the iPhone 6/6s can be a cool, minimalist option. You want to flaunt your iPhone 6/6s style? Bumper cases are the way to go. Keeping this in mind, we have listed below the bumper cases which would provide your attractive iPhone the much-needed care.

#1. Ringke FUSION

Ringke FUSION iPhone 6 Bumper Case

Ringke Fusion comes with an anti-scratch coated PC back. It’s a one-of-its-kind bumper hybrid where the case on the back is transparent. The bumper edges cover the ports too (with a detachable opening). This helps keep the dust in the ports minimal. The TPU cushion absorbs the shock to provide the phone the required safety from any accidental bump or drop.

Designed for a more natural responsive feel when pushing the volume and power button, folks can make their phone look impressive. Each Ringke Fusion is customizable, so you get a unique case.

USP: Protective design
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#2. Poetic iPhone 6 Bumper

Poetic iPhone 6 Bumper Case

Poetic is often one of the firsts to produce minimalist cases for the iPhone. This one is no exception. It’s a super minimal bumper case that protects your iPhone 6/6s mostly from accidental bumps. It’s not a hybrid case (like some of the others on this list), so your iPhone 6s/6’s back is still open to scratches and dust. The bumper features appropriate cutouts for the ports. Like Bear Motion, Poetic’s bumper cases are made from a combination of thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate – for all general purposes, it’s a case made of good, flexible material that can withstand shocks.

USP: Pretty compact profile
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#3. Spigen Case Bumper

Spigen Case Bumper for iPhone 6

iPhone 6/6s is assured to have good protection with the Spigen bumper case with features like “Extreme Drop Protection,” “Air Cushion Technology for the corners,” a scratch-free design, the clear hard back panel with a flexible matte edge – and a combination of TPU and polycarbonate for dual protection.

For those looking for beautiful design as well as safety, it is a pretty good option.

USP: Extra safeguard for screen and camera
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#4. Trianium

Trianium iPhone 6, 6s Bumper Case

This offering from Trianium keeps the style of your iPhone intact, while also offering the required safeguard against accidental drops. And this is what makes it such a good pick.

Talking about the build quality; this case has a rugged back and a rubberized frame. So, you can expect the cover to offer a bit more grip.

The clear back allows the smartphone to reveal the profile. Lastly, this stylish looking iPhone 6 bumper cover is supported by a lifetime warranty.

USP: Good-looking design
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#5. RhinoShield CrashGuard

RhinoShield iPhone 6 6s Bumper Case

RhinoShield’s CrashGuard seems to be more equipped to take on nasty bumps. So, if protection sits right on top of your list, this one could be a better option.

For all being so protective, the cover doesn’t look bulky at all and snaps around the device like a glove. The anti-slip frame makes it more convenient to hold the smartphone. Plus, it has a raised edge to shield the camera from scuffs.

USP: Military-grade protection
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#6. Luvvitt ClearView

Luvvitt ClearView iPhone 6 Case

Luvvitt Clear View is a bumper hybrid that features a TPU-edge bumper case attached to a transparent polycarbonate back. At a distance, it looks like a bumper case, but it comes with the added benefit of protecting your iPhone 6/6s from scratches on the back. A beveled edge protects the iPhone’s screen when it’s face-down.

USP: Scratch-resistant
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#7. iXCC

iXCC iPhone 6, 6s Bumper Case

Choose this cover from “iXCC” to flaunt your smartphone while also safeguarding it against accidental falls. This clear case has a solid frame and features cushioned corners. Thanks to the grippy sides, the cover offers much better hold.

The pronounced buttons of this transparent cover are quite responsive, whereas the cutouts offer quick access to ports. With the elevated edge, iXCC keeps touchscreen and camera stay defended against scratches.

USP: Improved grip
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#8. Elago

elago iPhone 6-6s Bumper Case

If you believe in minimalist design, Elago bumper case for iPhone 6s is your perfect choice. The case retains the aesthetic elements of your iPhone and yet protects the device with its hybrid construction of polycarbonate and TPU. Even if you place your iPhone 6s on flat surfaces, the screen will be protected with the raised lip of Elago bumper case. Control all buttons and ports easily while your phone is wrapped around with Elago case.

USP: Form-fitting profile

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#9. Crave

Crave iPhone 6, 6s Bumper Case

When it comes to being an adorable pair with the iPhone 6, you can trust this cover from Crave to live up to the demand. It has a shock-absorbing frame helps the smartphone withstand bumps.

Made of TPU material, Crave bumper case fits around the device perfectly. And due mainly to the flexible profile, it’s quite easy to remove and put on. The four color options are mint, slate, black, and the ever-adorable navy blue.

USP: Shock-absorbing frame
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SUPCASE iPhone 6, 6s Bumper Case

There is a lot to like SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series cases. First things first, it comes with an exceptionally sturdy frame. That means your smartphone has a bit more cushion to fight out unexpected bumps.

The other quality that makes it stand out is the scratch-resistant coating. As a result, the cover doesn’t seem to lose its appreciable design. Lastly, Unicorn Beetle Series is available in multiple color combinations to raise the style quotient.

USP: Rugged construction with scratch-resistant coating
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That’s it!

Which one you have selected to protect your iPhone 6? Share your feedback with us in the comment section.

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