Best iPhone 6/6s Bike Mounts in 2022

Best iPhone 6-6s Bike Mounts

Biking should not stop you from making and receiving calls, watching videos, listening to songs, and all those activities you could do sitting in your armchair. And therefore, bike mounts are created. This list of iPhone 6/6s Bike Mounts includes the best products that can help you stay connected with your loved ones even while you are paddling your bikes through the smooth and rough terrains.


IPOW iPhone 6-6s Bike Mount

IPOW’s bike mounts tightly hold your iPhone 6 when you install your device on the mount. Look at the silicone butterfly bands that firmly grip your iPhone 6. You will never feel your phone shaking even while you are paddling through rough terrains.

Check out the soft rubber lines for clamp; these rubber lines surely reduce vibration and protect your phone’s screen from scratches.

USP: Soft rubber lines
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2. Okra

Okra Bike Mount for iPhone 6-6s

No matter which bicycle or motorcycle you have, this bike mount from Okra will fit all handlebars. Moreover, you can also use this mount on your boat rail, stroller bar, etc. This one-piece construction ensures long-lasting use.

For installation, it won’t take more than ten seconds. Simply attach the mount to your bike by hooking on the adjustable silicone strap. The mount will stretch easily to fit any handlebar of any bicycle or motorcycle.

USP: Universal fit
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3. iKross

iKross Bike Mount for iPhone 6, 7, 8, and iPhone X

Whether you prefer biking on smooth roads or on the mountains, this bike mount for iPhone 6 will tightly grip over the bar. It is smooth on the iPhone, yet firm enough to hold it right in its place. The viewing angle is adjustable to suit your preference.

Unlike other bike mounts, you won’t need a toolkit to install it. Besides that, it is made using ABS plastic and metal, which are perfect for outdoor use. Lastly, the price is competitive and worth the quality.

USP: 360-degrees rotation
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4. CAW.CAR Accessories

CAW.CAR Accessories iPhone 6-6s Bike Mount

360-degree rotation makes all the difference when you are riding your bike with your iPhone 6 mounted on its handlebar. Whether you are watching a video (we don’t suggest you do) or using maps to navigate your route, you can rotate your phone to get the best view. This is possible with CAW’s bike mount for iPhone 6.

The best part of this bike mount is that it allows you to operate your phone when you have installed it on the mount. You can use your phone’s screen, buttons and mic jack for music. You don’t need to unmount the phone to use it.

USP: 360-degree rotation
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5. Vibrelli

Vibrelli Bike Mount for iPhone 6-6s

The quick release feature needs a special mention here. There are some occasions, when you have to pay attention to your phone – an important call or message that needs a quick reply. In this situation, you can rely on Vibrelli’s bike mount; you can clip on and off your phone in seconds.

For the extra security of your phone, Vibrelli’s offers three silicone bands; you can use two more bands to ensure a firm grip and shake-free usage of your phone.

USP: Quick release
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6. Aduro

Aduro U-Grip Plus iPhone 6-6s Bike Mount

Aduro’s achievement lies in manufacturing a bike mount that lets you operate your phone with one hand. When you are riding your bicycle, both your hands are occupied; and when it comes to operating the phone, you have to use one of your hands. Aduro bike mounts excel at offering you best one-hand operation of your phone.

To give you the best viewing experience, Aduro has manufactured a bike mount with adjustable 360-degree rotation. This bike mount comes with a lifetime warranty so that you get either replacement or get a full refund.

USP: One-hand operation
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AILUN Bike Mount for iPhone 6-6s

Even your bike mounts can make your mornings colorful. Look at the shades of bike mounts presented by Ailun. You can pick up any one of the five vibrant colors, in which Ailun has manufactured the mounts. Buy all the five and change the mount every day.

The mount is made of super strong, non-slip silicone, which can absorb shocks and holds your device tightly. Your iPhone 6 is safe on this bike mount. Don’t forget to remove the phone when you come back home.

USP: Colorful range
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8. Bovon

Bovon iPhone 6-6s Bike Mount

One of the glaring features of Bovon’s bike mount is multifunction. You can install this mount on your bike and motorcycle; additionally, you can tie it around the handle of your baby’s stroller and shopping cart.

In less than 10 seconds, you can attach this bike mount, thanks to its silicone belt, which makes it easy for you to install and remove the mount from any size handlebars of bike, motorcycles, or baby strollers.

USP: Multifunctional
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9. MaxMiles

MaxMiles Bike Mount for iPhone 6-6s

This bike mount is touted as the strongest and most reliable bike mount available on the market. If you are always on the go, MaxMiles is your reliable partner that will hold your phone firmly in its strong aluminum frame.

The design of this bike mount looks clumsy and complex, but when you receive the package, you will realize how easy it is to install the mount on your bike. The adjustable clamp is simple to install on your bike’s support tubes with installation tools shipped with the package.

USP: Aluminum frame
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10. iOttie

iOttie iPhone 6-6s Bike Mount

This is another simple bike mount that doesn’t have any trinket. The striking feature of iOttie’s bike mount is that you can efficiently operate your phone even while you are riding your bike at a moderate speed.

The mount face has a square design, which allows you to mount your iPhone 6 in landscape or portrait mode. You can use portrait mode for FaceTime and other live video chats.

USP: Versatile mounting
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That’s all friends!

Are you ready for a ride?

Armbands are considered the best partners for people who workout outdoors. However, they have their limitations as you cannot check the map or do video chat with others while working out. Bike mounts have the edge over armbands. Just install your phone on the mount, and you are good to go.

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So, which bike mount are you going to buy? Share your feedback with us in the comment box.

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