Best iPhone 6/6s Battery Cases: Re-fuel Your iPhone Rapidly

Loaded with high-capacity battery, these top 10 battery cases for iPhone 6/6s are readied to offer a lot of additional charge to your smartphone. Hence, you will play your favorite game, watch funny videos and also browse the web without any hiccups. Even battery, these cases also make a good-looking pair with the iPhone!

There are tons of different types of battery cases with cutting-edge technology and high-quality features. Each one of them has their own utility. Battery cases are popularly demanded due only to their rich versatility of providing protection, much-needed power, attractive company to iPhone and a lot more. [Check out the list of best iPhone 7 battery cases]

How about bargaining the best battery cases for Phone 6/6s? Keeping every feature, price, and technology in the right perspective in accordance with how much value it can add to your phone, some of the most efficient battery cases have been shortlisted. Let’s dive in to see them!

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Best iPhone 6/6s Battery Cases

#1. Mophie

mophie iPhone 6-6s Battery Case

Mophie offers two pretty impressive iPhone 6 battery cases-Juice Pack Air and Juice Pack Plus. While Juice Pack Air delivers 100% extra battery, Juice Pack Plus gives 120% extra battery to your phone. The battery case features an integrated standby which allows you to choose when you want to charge your device or let you preserve battery. The LED displays the battery level.

Charge vault technology makes sure the battery remains powered for a long time. The charging circuitry is equipped to charge your iPhone fast. The case safeguards your phone from accidental bumps or damage.

The case enables pass-through charge and sync when you connect it to the computer. As a result, your iPhone is powered first, and then the case gets juiced up later. Besides, you have multiple color options to choose from.

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USP: Plenty of extra battery
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#2. Lenmar MAVEN

Lenmar iPhone 6-6s Battery Case

Packed in with a high-capacity 3000 mAh battery, Lenmar Maven is truly a robust battery case for your iPhone 6. This case is capable of providing your iPhone 110% extra battery power. Just in case, Maven is down with power; you won’t have to wait for a long time for it to get re-fuelled as this battery case has been made to charge itself rapidly with 2-Amp speed.

The case features speaker channels to improve your iPhone’s speaker sound. It features raised edges which provide your iPhone protection from accidental damage. Through the LED indicator, it keeps you informed that your iPhone is securely charged. Additionally, you have three colors to choose from: black, red and silver.

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USP: High-capacity battery
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#3. UNU DX

UNU iPhone 6-6s Battery Case

UNU DX battery case for iPhone 6 is loaded with some high-quality features that make it an ideal companion for your smartphone. With 2, 400 mAh rechargeable battery coupled 14 hours of talk time or 11 hours of web browsing; the battery case packs a solid punch. It provides more than 100% extra battery life to your phone.

The solid PC shell is capable of withstanding bumps. The sync-through technology makes it quite easy to sync and charge the iPhone without having to remove the case.

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Raised bumper offers the additional protection to the screen. Lastly, UNU DX is available in three colors: black, white/magenta and white/blue.

USP: Compact design
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#4. Trianium Atomic S

Trianium iPhone 6-6s Battery Case

Trianium Atomic S is one of the most reliable battery cases for iPhone 6. Equipped with solid 3100 mAh LI-polymer rechargeable battery, it’s able to deliver more than 100% extra power to your smartphone.

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Thanks to the 360-degree bumper design and hard-shell back plate, the battery case has got the strength to fight out the impact of accidental drops.

The sync-through technology lets you comfortably sync and charge your device without any hassle. The LED battery level indicator displays the current power status. The micro USB cable lets you simultaneously charge your iPhone and case.

USP: 360-degree bumper design
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#5. Tylt Energi

Tylt Battery Case for iPhone 6-6s

Tylt Enerji sports pretty impressive design that snaps on immaculately on the iPhone. The dual-layer design ensures your iPhone has the needed protection from impact. Sliding design allows you to use the battery case with or without the sleeve.

With the powerful 3200mAh battery onboard, you get tons of additional battery life. The solid battery charges your device with lightning fast speed. And, as soon as your smartphone is fully powered up, charging is automatically stopped.

USP: Sliding design
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#6. i-Blason

i-Blason Battery Case for iPhone 6-6s

If you want to have a more protective battery case, go for i-Blason. The case features a very rugged outer shell, which is fully capable of enduring bumps. Solid 3,200mAh batter provides a lot of extra battery to your iPhone. Hence, you will have plenty of juice to browse the web and watch your favorite videos.

The LED indicator shows the current power status of the battery case, so you remain informed about how much juice is left in the tank. Besides, 360-degree belt clip holster allows you to carry your smartphone comfortably.

USP: 360-degree belt clip holster
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#7. Alpatronix BX140

Alpatronix iPhone 6-6s Battery Case

Featuring both robust power and attractive design, Alpatronix BX140 is designed not just to keep the iPhone charged up but also make a fine pair with it. The highly efficient 3, 100mAh battery never lets your iPhone run out of steam. The MFi certified chip makes it fully compatible with your iOS device. Besides, it also meets CE, RoHS, and FCC compliance.

With the snap on design, the battery case is very easy to install and remove. The 360° scratch-guard protection offers the needed safeguard for your device. Furthermore, Alpatronix BX140 comes in four stylish color variants: black, gold, rose gold and space gray.

USP: 360° scratch-guard protection
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#8. ZVOLTZ ZT6 Series

ZVOLTZ Battery Case for iPhone 6-6s

The first thing that I have noticed in ZVOLTZ ZT6 Series battery case is the thin design that’s strong enough to offer the essential defense to your smartphone against drops. Incorporated with 3100mAh built-in battery, it provides plenty of extra juice to the iPhone. You won’t need to take off the case to charge or sync the device.

It offers the required protection to the iPhone while it’s being charged. LED keeps you informed about the power status. You can choose this nice-looking battery pack in three colors: back, champagne gold and silver/clear.

USP: Thin design
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#9. Maxboost VIVID Power

Maxboost Battery Case for iPhone 6-6s

With 3100 mAh fairly strong Li-polymer rechargeable battery, Maxboost Vivid Power offers 125% extra battery life to your iPhone. The sync through design makes powering up your device an effortless task. Simply install it on your device and press the button to begin charging.

You can juice up both the iPhone and the battery case at once using the micro USB cable. The bumper design and the hard-shell backplate keep the iPhone securely protected from falls. The raised lip shields the touchscreen from scratch.

It is slim and goes along nicely with the sleek appearance of iPhone 6. The precise cutouts ensure you have the needed convenience while using your iPhone. Moreover, VIVID Power comes in five beautiful color variants.

USP: 125% extra battery life
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#10. Smiphee

Smiphee Battery Case for iPhone 6-6s

I like the form-fitting slim design of this battery case from Smiphee. Despite having such a thin and lightweight profile, it’s got a powerful 2,500mAh battery, which is able to deliver 11 hours of talk time and a good 8 hours of web browsing. On most occasions, this much of extra juice will help you sail through your tasks without any issue.

As for protection from bumps, you can expect this case to do a fairly good job of keeping the impact of minor falls at bay. Besides, Smiphee is available in three appreciable colors: black, blue, and rose gold.

USP: Slim and lightweight design
Check out on Amazon

That’s all, folks!

Your pick?

I guess you have found the ideal power back for your smartphone. I would be glad to know its name and the features you have found really adorable.

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  1. Was wondering if you tested any of these cases with an iPhone compatible Car Stereo. Do any allow full function over the iPhone? The current iPhone 5/5S Mophie (and others) require you to remove the case to allow it to work with the stereo. Thanks.


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