Best Bamboo Cases for iPhone 6 in 2023

Best iPhone 6-6s Bamboo Wooden Cases

Getting protective cases for your new iPhone 6 can be a cause for the dilemma. You need cases that shield your device adequately while lending a degree of panache to the already stylish phone. Most good cases cost some money and therefore if you are spending the money anyway why not go for something out of the ordinary? Bamboo Cases for iPhone 6 give you an eco-friendly yet tasteful choice to protect your phone. These bamboo cases not only give the necessary safeguarding from wear and tear but also give your phone a natural look with a blend of eye-catching workmanship. Stand out from the crowd by opting for the following lovely bamboo cases for the iPhone.

1. CYD

CYD Wooden Case for iPhone 6-6s

Experience the blend of beauty and elegance with this natural cherry wood case from CYD. The wood carving on the back adds a spark to the beauty. Besides, the soft TPU is gentle on your iPhone, while also protecting it from normal falls and bumps.

The precise cuts on the case deliver unhindered access to every port and function of the device. Lastly, there are six different carving design options to select.

USP: Different wood carving designs
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2. iATO

iATO iPhone 6-6s Wooden Case

iATO is one of the reputed brands when it comes to buying a case for your iPhone. This real wood grain case from the company is simple yet classy, just like the iPhone. Thanks to the natural wood grain, every case has a unique texture.

The interior PC bumper is soft and lightweight, but at the same time effectively protects your device from shocks and bumps. Lastly, there are a few color choices available.

USP: Real wood texture
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OTOOLWORLD iPhone 6-6s Wooden Case

Don’t wish to buy a simple wooden case for your iPhone 6? Have a look at this beautifully carved case from OTOOLWORLD. It is a blend of wood and soft TPU, which serves a dual purpose. Firstly, the wood provides elegance, while the soft TPU provides protection.

Crafted from real wood, you get a soft feel while holding in your hands. Also, it gives a good grip. Lastly, there are three carved designs available – Elephant, Giraffe, and a Skull.

USP: Elegant design options
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4. Reveal

Reveal Wood Case for iPhone 6-6s

If you are worried about the environment while buying a wooden case, this one from Reveal is worth looking. It is made using cork wood, which doesn’t need the tree cut down to harvest the wood. Besides that, cork wood by nature is soft and also resistant to water.

To add to it, the case has a beautiful drawing on the back. You also get to choose from different design options. Lastly, the precise cuts on the case allow access to all ports and functions of the device.

USP: Cork wood – soft and water resistant
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Joylink Wooden Case for iPhone 6-6s

Crafted from real walnut wood, this wooden case from Joylink is simple yet elegant, mostly suitable for corporate professionals. It is strong, durable, and able to withstand minor impacts and shocks. The unique feature of this case is that it is slightly raised at the back, giving extra protection to the camera.

The only drawback is that as it is crafted from real wood, you cannot expect color or design options. Also, no two cases will share the same design, color, or texture.

USP: Real walnut wood case
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6. 3dMagic

3dMagic iPhone 6-6s Wooden Case

The wooden case from 3DMagic is completely handcrafted using FSC certified wood. The benefit of a handcrafted case is that it fits precisely on your iPhone 6. Besides that, the cuts on the case too are precise, making sure you have comfortable access to your device whenever you need.

Wood by nature is durable and strong. Thus, this case effectively protects your iPhone from dust, dirt, normals falls, and bumps. Lastly, there is no design or color option.

USP: FSC certified wood
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7. iATO

iATO Wooden Case for iPhone 6-6s

When it comes to wooden cases, we don’t generally get features like a kickstand. But iATO seems to be changing this perception with their folio case for iPhone 6. The impressive thing is that the entire case is crafted using real wood, including the folio.

The case undoubtedly is unique and makes you stand out of the crowd. Well, even though it is a folio case, it neither has wallet or kickstand functionality. But it actually secures your device from dust, dirt, and normal impacts from fall.

USP: Folio case
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8. TabPow

TabPow iPhone 6-6s Wooden Case

The case from TabPow boasts a modern look. Thanks to the blend of wood and soft TPU. The TPU absorbs the shock from impact and also gives a good grip while holding. On the other hand, the wood on the back adds to the elegance of the case.

Besides that, the case is also available in two different color textures – Rosewood and dark Rosewood. It has perfect cutouts wherever required for easy access to all functions of the iPhone.

USP: Modern looks
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TENDLIN Wooden Case for iPhone 6-6s

The wooden case from Tendlin is almost identical to TabPow as far as design is concerned. This too has wooden back along with a TPU bumper to add that extra bit of protection. Overall, this case is slightly thinner compared to the one above.

Apart from that, most of the features are identical. And yes, Tendlin doesn’t have any color options to select.

USP: Thin profile
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10. B BELK

B BELK iPhone 6-6s Wooden Case

B BELK is one of the reputed brands when it comes to cases for the iPhone. The wooden case from the company has a TPU bumper to protect the device from normal falls and bumps while the wooden back adds the elegance.

Another notable feature of the case is that it has slightly raised lips, which protects the display from scratches. Lastly, there are precise cuts as well to have complete control over your device.

USP: Raised lips for protections
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That’s all folks!

Which one you liked the most? Do share your choice with us in the comment below.

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