Best iPhone 6-6s Armbands

Miss your iPhone during a workout or want to keep track of everything that’s going on your smartphone? We’ve lined up the best iPhone 6/6s armbands to help you choose a more practical companion for your smartphone; without compromising on style and convenience.

Using these armbands, you can keep your device perfectly in place and also stay tuned with it without any hassle. Readied with breathable material, they are very comfortable to wear. Even better, the stretchable bands keep sweat at a fair distance and also allow you to fine tune the strap. Read on to find out what’s more they have in store for you!

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Best iPhone 6-6s Armbands

Best iPhone 6/6s Armbands

#1. Tribe

Tribe iPhone 6-6s Armband

Tribe presents a perfect armband for your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. This weatherproof armband is specially made for jogging and other fitness workouts. The best thing about this armband is that it stays in place during your toughest workouts.

You can fit this armband around your upper arm of 8-16 inches – credit goes to its double Velcro straps. While you are working out, you can easily take calls, as the armband case is touchscreen compatible.

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USP: No-slip fit
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#2. Minisuit SPORTY

Minisuit SPORTY iPhone 6 ArmBand

The Minisuit Sporty is a typical iPhone armband that features a near-form-fitting design. It can fit arms up to 14″ in diameter. You will have to buy the Armband Extender if your biceps are bulkier than that.

Thanks to the soft neoprene material, the armband is extremely breathable and sweatproof. It also features some reflective strip if you’re out jogging too early/too late. Besides, you can also securely keep your keys in the hidden key holder.

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USP: Reflective strip
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#3. Trianium

Trianium iPhone 6-6s Armband

Trianium is a popular brand that manufactures high-quality armbands for iPhones. This one is made of stretch resistant neoprene premium material. You can easily bend, flex, twist, and fold the case without warping. The adjustable Velcro allows users to fit the band around any sized upper arm.

While working out at gym or outdoor, you can access the screen of your phone as this armband case is compatible with your iPhone’s touchscreen. If you are sweating heavily during exercise, don’t worry about your phone as the armband is water-resistant.

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USP: Water-resistant
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#4. Griffin Trainer

Griffin Trainer iPhone 6 Armband

Griffin Trainer for iPhone 6/6s is just an upgrade on the iPhone 5/5s armband. It features an old-school stretch armband that can fit biceps up to 18″ around. Most other features are standard: sweat-resistant neoprene and splash-resistance.

It fits snuggly around your smartphone. Being extremely soft, it allows your skin to breathe comfortably. Lastly, the touch-through window ensures you have trouble-free access to the touchscreen.

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USP: Stretchable material
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#5. DanForce

DanForce iPhone 6-6s Armband

DanForce has you fully covered from all fronts! It’s got an adorable sporty design that catches eyeballs at the very glance.

The armband is made of high-quality polyamide lycra that’s not just extremely soft but also very strong. Besides, it’s water resistant and will keep your iPhone thoroughly dry. Sweat-proof lining gives the needed freedom to the skin to breathe easily.

As for colors, DanForce comes in seven vibrant avatars. However, the one that has caught my eyes is the USA edition. On top of all, DanForce is backed by a lifetime warranty.

USP: Sporty design
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#6. Tune Belt

Tune Belt iPhone 6 Armband

Tune Belt is one of my favorite types of armband cases. It’s designed to fit your iPhone with a slim case. Top-grade neoprene material ensures you feel comfortable while wearing it.

You can easily adjust the strap to keep your iPhone perfectly in place. Being water resistance, the armband keeps your smartphone dry. Lastly, the plastic window not just shields the touchscreen from scratch but also offers unhindered functionality.

USP: Top-grade neoprene material
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JEMACHE iPhone 6-6s Armband

A highly functional armband like “JEMACHE” deserves to have your attention. I like its snug-fit design that wraps around the iPhone immaculately. The strap can be conveniently adjusted to keep the iPhone intact.

The screen protector is extremely sensitive to the touch. Hence, you won’t have any problem while using 3D Touch. Pockets for keys and headphones make JEMACHE a complete package. With multiple color options like rosy, grey, and blue on offer, you can choose a fine asset for your smartphone.

USP: Highly sensitive touchscreen
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#8. i2 Gear

i2 Gear iPhone 6-6s Armband

For the folks who appreciate minimalist design, i2 Gear can be an instant hit. The armband fits arm sizes from 9 to 15 inches. For larger arms, you will need to buy an arm extender separately.

The sophisticated material feels nice to the touch, while the strap makes it a lot easier to keep the iPhone steady. Reflective boarder prevents darkness from halting your run. And, the included screen guard doesn’t allow scrape to hurt the touchscreen.

USP: Minimalist Profile
Check out on Amazon

#9. iMangoo

iMangoo iPhone 6-6s Armband

Arguably, the best armband in this collection. I would surely rate this armband number four on the scale of five when five is the best or excellent. If you ask me the reason, look at the storage space given in the case.

Of course, it is for ladies (given its pinkish shade), you can check the other two colors, which are red and black. In the pouch, you can store your power bank, lightning cable, hands-free, credit/debit cards, and currency as well. Close the case with a zipper, and all your belongings are protected.

USP: Multi-functional armband
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#10. Triomph

Triomph Armband for iPhone 6-6s

Bring home Triomph armband for your iPhone 6s and enjoy your workout sessions at the gym or outdoors. This armband is made of superior quality lightweight Lycra fabric material, which keeps the band flexible, portable, and waterproof. No matter which sport you are pursuing, this armband is your perfect companion to protect your iPhone.

The dedicated key holder and earphone slot store your house key and earphones. You can tidily twine your earphone wire in the slot of your armband.

USP: Waterproof Lycra material
Check out on Amazon

That’s all!

Your favorite?

Now that you have got a fine armband to get ready for a long workout. But don’t forget to share your feedback about the one that has caught your eyes.

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  1. I like the look of the Supcase – anyone else used it? I’m also going to look into that SlimClip case someone mentioned as I’m not a fan of the armband…. during the winter months, I wear tights with a phone pocket on the hip which is perfect, but now it’s shorts weather here in Australia…. need another option!

  2. SlimClip Case is more convenient and more comfortable and functional than any armband for running and working out while securing your iPhone

  3. How does the velcro hold up on these cases? I got an incase “sports” armband with my iPhone 6 less than two months ago, and now it won’t stay closed for more than two minutes while I’m sitting at my desk at work. I need an armband that will stay on my arm.

  4. Too bad Nike continues to lag so far behind. I have used their arm bands starting with my iPod ate my iPhone 5. I love the fit, feel as wide band of the design. Nothing else seems to compare.

  5. I have an iphone 6 plus and am interested in the new Belkin Sport Fit armband case. Will the fit an iphone 6 plus with a cover on? I don’t want to take the over off every time I use the arm band case?

  6. Very helpful article. I think the Supcase is exactly what I’m looking for. It’s a gift for my mom. She wants to wear on her lower left arm while she’s at the office. A cover would be annoying because she’ll use the phone frequently while it’s in the band. And the easy detachability is excellent. Thank you for including it in your review. It’s made my search much easier. Here’s hoping it works for her! Cheers

  7. Belkin is still not available on their website, and you only get the free MapMyRun subscription if you buy it online – but you can’t! Just spent half an hour with their chat help which told me to call customer service, who wasted another half hour before telling me they can’t help me. They say absolutely nothing on their website about it only being if you get it through them, just that it’s available on any Belkin purchase which is clearly not true. Will be returning tomorrow and boycotting them in the future. Wasted way too much time for something overpriced.


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