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Best iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Stylus in 2021

Best Stylus for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Let’s hear take a glimpse at some of the Best iPhone 6 and 6 plus stylus that you must possess to give some rest to your fingertips. Made up of a range of materials like aluminum, steel, etc., you will absolutely fall in love with these stunning styluses very soon. Some also have the dual functionality of serving as a pen!

1. Milemont

Milemont iPhone 6-6s Plus Stylus

Milemont has made a stylus, which is sensitive to pressure and tilt. This enables you to change line weight and create subtle shading. This pen is particularly helpful for users, who love to sketch and draw with precision.

Long battery is one of the glaring features of this stylus. Once you charge this pen, you can use it for eight hours. The auto-sleep function saves its battery life.

USP: Auto-sleep function
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2. amPen Capacitive Stylus

amPen Ultra-sensitive Stylus for iPhone 6-6s Plus

The amPen ultra-sensitive stylus is every inch a must have for your touchscreen device. You can use the stylus for many of your Apple devices as well as HTC and Samsung Galaxy tabs effortlessly.

Designed in a pen form, the stylus boasts of a sturdy aluminum body and has a soft durable tip that ensures a scratch-free screen surface of your iPhone.

USP: Conveniently designed
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LIBERRWAY Stylus for iPhone 6-6s Plus

LIBERRWAY offers a set of ten stylus pens in a colorful array. The company has manufactured the tip of the stylus from soft and scratch-resistant rubber. You will enjoy excellent control over the tip while writing or drawing something on the large screen of your iPhone.

The aluminum body of this stylus keeps it protected and lasts long. Like other pens, this stylus also has a clip design that helps you clip it in your pocket, book, or diary.

USP: Aluminum body
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DHTS iPhone 6-6s Plus Stylus

DHTS brings unique stylus that also boasts ballpoint pen. This two-in-one design is 100% compatible with all capacitive touchscreen devices like your iPhone 6 Plus and other iPads. The premium rubber tip gives you the sensitive touch; the pen glides over the screen smoothly.

You can choose any stylus pen from the colorful range of ten pens. This set of the stylus can be a perfect gift option for your friends and loved ones.

USP: Sensitive touching
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5. Anngrowy

anngrowy iPhone 6-6s Plus Stylus

This is another two-in-one stylus pen, which has a ballpoint to use on paper. Whether you are working on a digital device or a paper, Anngrowy is your one-stop solution as a pen. Leave no fingerprints, scratches, or grease on your iPhone screen by using this stylus.

On one end, there is an ultra-sensitive stylus, and on other, you will find a high-quality ballpoint pen. This lightweight stylus is easy to carry with its clip design.

USP: Lightweight stylus pen
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6. Awinner

Awinner Active Stylus for iPhone and iPad

This offering from “AWINNER” is up to the task for a smooth writing or note-taking experience. What helps it make an impressive impact is the elastic fine tip that glides on the touchscreen with flair.

The active sensing technology further boosts its functionality. And with the support for several famous apps like Evernote, ZoomNotes and more, AWINNER ensures your time at note-taking remains a pleasing experience.

Talking about the battery life; it can run up to 12 hours after being fully powered. As for design, the anodized aluminum alloy with the soft rubber grip makes a safe bet for everyday use.

USP: Elastic fine tip
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7. Teviwin

Teviwin iPhone 6-6s Plus Stylus

Teviwin has designed this stylus, which gives you experience as responsive as finger touch. The pen smoothly rolls over the touch screen of your iPhone. It is fully compatible with all capacitive touchscreen devices.

On the other hand of this stylus, you will find a ballpoint pen for your convenience. You don’t need to carry a separate ballpoint pen with you. To prevent the scratching of the phone screen, Teviwin uses the durable soft head.

USP: Durable soft head
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8. AmazonBasics Capacitive Stylus

AmazonBasics iPhone 6-6s Plus Stylus

The unique feasibility of choosing the tip size from 5mm, 6mm and 7mm sized tips is what makes the black colored stylus an endearing one among iPhone 6/6 Plus users.

The non-bulky stylus is made of aluminum feature a pocket clip to facilitate easy storage and is also compatible with other touchscreen tablets and smartphones too.

USP: Built-in pocket clip
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9. amPen Hybrid Stylus

amPen Hybrid Stylus for iPhone 6-6s Plus

The amPen Hybrid Stylus ultra-sensitive stylus compatible with nearly all touch screen based devices is designed like a pen and offers an amazing feeling that can be experienced only when you will hold it between your fingers.

A lanyard is attached with the light-weight stylus so that you can carry it anywhere conveniently. It’s boast of a silver pocket clip also. The soft conductive hybrid tip can be replaced when worn out and thus your stylus will be there for you forever!

USP: Replaceable hybrid tip
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10. The Friendly Swede Basics – Bundle of 6 Stylus

Friendly Swede iPhone 6-6s Plus Stylus

The medium-sized stylus is just perfect to have for your Apple phone and is compatible with other touchpad devices in a brilliant way. The light-weighted built-in clip design stylus made of aluminum body is available in a pack of 6 and each in different colors like black, gold, silver, etc. with different rubber tip sizes.

Colored microfiber cloth is there with the bundle to ensure your screen scratch free as well as dust free. Two lanyards of 15-inch length are also there with the bundle that can be attached or detached with your stylus conveniently.

USP: Comes with microfiber cleaning cloth
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Summing up!

A combination of a ballpoint pen and iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Stylus seems a smarter decision for any iPhone user. By changing the ends, you can use your digital pen on touchscreen and paper as well.

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Which stylus would you like to buy from the above list? Share your feedback with us in below comment section.

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