Best Wireless Charging Cases For iPhone 6/6s Plus in 2023

Best iPhone 6-6s Plus Wireless Charging Cases

Life throws countless challenges. One of them is our helplessness to find a socket and plug to charge our communication devices. Our daily life is precise in wires that we can’t think of our existence without wires. But we have to face unexpected and untoward events wherein we don’t find anything to keep our smartphones and other devices charged up.

Though iPhones boast better battery capacity than other smartphones in the category, they need charging given the usage of apps, Apple Music, and videos. Accessories makers have found ways to deal with situations of low battery. Two options are available for iPhone users: they either carry bulky power banks or get wireless charging cases for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus.


BEZALEL Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Want to power up your iPhone while having a cup of coffee at Starbucks? Here is a stylish yet sleek wireless charging case in store for you. This smart charging case by Bezalel can be a good companion for your device. The case appears to be strong and easy to carry.

This strong built-in lightning cable connector allows you to charge your device efficiently. The latitude easily fits your device just like a glove and when you hold this case, it feels great. Bezalel wireless charging case is available in black and white color.

USP: Secure charging
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2. Antye

Antye Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Antye offers a complete bundle to charge your iPhone 6/6s Plus wirelessly. It comes with a charging pad and also a case. The charging pad has LED lights that turn off when you place your iPhone for charging. Besides that, built-in safety features protect your iPhone from overcharging, overcurrent, and overheating.

The case is minimal in design, and it is slim and sleek giving it an elegant look. Lastly, there are no color choices for the case, while there are two color options available for the charging pad.

USP: Sleep-Friendly
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3. Gorilla Gadgets

Gorilla Gadgets iPhone 6-6s Plus Wireless Charging Case

Gorilla Gadgets offers an elegant wireless charging receiver for Qi wireless charging compatibility. Armed with slim design, this case adds beauty to your iPhone 6s plus.

Furthermore, the case offers complete protection to your smartphone. You can have faster-charging speed with utmost efficiency. TPU frame helps it endure bumps and also provides a secure grip. Beyond protection, you can choose this case in three colors such as black, silver and rose gold.

USP: TPU frame
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4. MobilePal

MobilePal iPhone 6-6s Plus Wireless Charging Case

This stylish yet highly protective MobilePal wireless charging case features crystal-clear bumper, fortified corners, and raised edges. Designed to provide ultimate convenience, this case allows you to charge your device quickly with required safety.

MobilePal charging case compliments your iPhone. It supports both wireless and wired charging; you get flexibility for charging your device. TI chipset is integrated to make this case fully compatible with WPC Qi 1.0/1.1 standards.

Lastly, MobilePal is available in two colors like black and gold.

USP: Crystal clear bumper
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5. Nillkin

Nillkin iPhone 6-6s Plus Wireless Charging Case

Equipped with absorbing material on the back, Nillkin wireless charging case will let you power up your iPhone faster. It gives an excellent touch and allows you to access all buttons smoothly.

Nillkin case is quite flexible as you can easily detach lightening connector. The case is available in black and gold colors.

USP: Built-in Magnets
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6. Hanende

hanende iPhone 6-6s Plus Wireless Charging Case

Hanende also offers a charging pad as well as a wireless charging case for iPhone 6/6s Plus. With 2A output, it can fast charge your iPhone compared to other wireless chargers. Besides that, the flexible lightning connector can be detached easily to charge your iPhone using a lightning cable.

The charging pad is made of durable acrylic, and its look will add beauty to your desk. Lastly, it also protects your device from common electric problems like overcurrent and overheating.

USP: Made of ABS solid and Acrylic
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Antye Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 6-6s Plus

During the first few days of fresh iOS versions, many users experience battery drain issue on their iPhone 6/6s Plus. The solution is ANTYE wireless charging case. Now stop finding the plugin to charge your iPhone.

This Qi wireless charger kit is the most futuristic way to charge your iPhone6/6s Plus; the charger quickly charges your iPhone while protecting the device from scratches and drops.

Take a look at the charging pad that comes with LED indicator, which will emit blue light when you are charging. The charger has 75% high wireless charging efficiency.

USP: Short-circuit protection
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8. Angeliox

ANGELIOX Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Angeliox wireless charging case for iPhone 6/6s Plus is perfect for daily use. That’s because its look is similar to a standard case. It has slim body but at the same time, giving enough protection from regular falls and bumps. Besides that, if you ever wish to charge your iPhone using a cable, you don’t need to remove the case.

As far as safety features are concerned, this case is FCC, CE, and ROHS certified, delivering complete protection for your device. Lastly, there are no color choices available except black.

USP: FCC, CE, ROHS certified
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9. Meewoo

Meewoo iPhone 6s Plus Wireless Charging Case

I have found Meewoo a decent wireless charging receiver case for iPhone 6 Plus. Thanks to the slim form factor, it makes a befitting match with the iPhone. Though the cover may not look durable, it can resist low-volume impact.

The rubberized exterior feels pretty comfy and also offers enhanced gripping. You can install and remove the cover with ease. Precise cutouts let you access ports, speaker, and headphone jack.

USP: Rubberized exterior
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10. Mophie

mophie iPhone 6-6s Plus Wireless Charging Case

A wireless charging case by Mophie allows you to charge your iPhone 6s plus faster. The case also prevents overcharging and overheating. It has magnetic mounts, which holds your iPhone firmly.

Also, you can mount your device at different angles to have a better view. Its cushioned corners give your iPhone solid protection from high impacts. By utilizing its 1,560-mAh-battery case, you can enjoy music, watch movies, play games and explore the Internet at peace.

USP: Charge Force Wireless Technology
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That’s it!

What’s your favorite?

Which one of the above cases is going to pair with your iPhone? Do let us know your pick and the qualities that have attracted you in it?

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