Best Photography Accessories for iPhone 6 Series in 2022

Best iPhone 6-6s Plus Camera Accessories

With improved camera features, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have garnered tremendous popularity over their predecessors. This has raised a greater demand for camera accessories from iPhone accessories makers. iPhone users don’t want to miss any photogenic moment in their life, and therefore, they go on clicking-spree from time to time. But some moments require users to make use of accessories so that they can capture the photo in better perspective, light, and position.

Camera Remotes

Camera remotes make it easy to capture fascinating moments due largely to the enormous comfort they bring into the play. When there is a `desire to snap every still of your life, you should keep a stunning camera remote for your iPhone.

1. Xenvo

Xenvo iPhone Camera Bluetooth Remote Control

“Xenvo” is one of the most appreciable Bluetooth camera remotes for iPhone. It looks pretty compact and works effectively in letting you snap pics remotely. So, you will be able to snap nice-looking photos without any camera shake.

It comes with a blue indicator to keep you informed that it’s geared up to let you capture pics. Plus, there is also an ON/OFF switch to preserve unnecessary power consumption.

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2. CamKix

CamKix Camera Shutter Remote Control for iPhone 6-6s Plus

CamKix presents a simple and easy Bluetooth wireless camera remote for your iPhone. When it comes to connectivity, it is easy to get started with your iPhone and also, enjoy up to 10 meters long distance for use.

The remote is compatible with all iPhones, iPads, and iPods enabled by iOS 6 or later versions. It is very comfortable to carry this Bluetooth camera remote in your pocket or with your iPhone accessories kit.

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In order to record perfect video, you need to have a competent tripod for your iPhones. There are several qualities that separate best iPhone tripods from the ordinary ones. Hence, picking up the right one is a real deal for the fabulous experience.

1. Peyou

Peyou Tripod for iPhone 6-6s Plus

This adjustable tripod is one of the best camera accessories for iPhone as this helps you capture photos from difficult and different angles. Look at its three 360 degrees tentacles, which can be wrapped around any rod to capture rare photos.

The tripod is compatible with all iPhones; moreover, users can install the variety of cameras if their cameras have the screw hole compatible with Peyou’s universal screw.

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SIX-QU iPhone 6-6s Plus Tripod

Whether you want to capture stunning photos remotely or shoot fun-loving videos, SIX-QU can live up to your expectation. I like its durable built and the secure locking mechanism that keeps your smartphone perfectly in place.

As the legs are flexible, you can perfectly adjust the tripod to take shots from the ideal angle. And with the remote shutter at the disposal, there is a high chance that your pics will look sharper and more elegant. Additionally, SIX-QU offers a lifetime warranty on this handy tripod.

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3. KobraTech

KobraTech Tripod for iPhone 6-6s Plus

One of the glaring features of this KobraTech tripod is that it can also be used as selfie stick. Capture incredible photos and videos with this tripod, which is lightweight and hence, highly transportable.

Another cool feature is that users can use this tripod on any surface as this tripod boasts flexible design. If the surface is not fit for stability, you can wrap this tripod around any object. For movie buffs, they can watch movies anywhere by fitting their iPhones in the tripod.

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Are you passionate about mobile photography? You’ve got to pick a terrific camera lens for your iPhone. It will not just let you capture even a tiny object with remarkable detail but also immensely enhance the quality of the pics.


AMIR iPhone 6-6s Plus Camera Lens

AMIR presents a universal detachable wide-angle fisheye camera lens that rotates 180 degrees. Now you can turn your casual photography experience into an unforgettable memory with unbeatable clarity of the lens. Install the lens easily and it is equally easy to detach from the lens.

The Amir lens is compatible with a huge range of iPhones, and therefore, you don’t need to worry about installation.

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2. Akinger

Akinger HD Camera Lens Kit for iPhone 6-6s Plus

The Akinger camera lens is a nicely made fisheye lens with wide angle feature. The 198 degrees detachable microlens offers high clarity and durability to users. Now unleash your creative talent and capture all moments to make them memorable. The lens is compatible with all iPhones with a flat camera.

In total, there are four different lenses along with a case to hold them perfectly. It is surely worth the money, considering the price and quality of the product.

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3. Nelomo

NELOMO Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kii for iPhone

Impart wide, hemispherical image to your photos with Evershop 3-in-1 detachable lens for your iPhone. Even if there is a very small object, you can capture all details with its 15x macro lens, which allows you to take extreme close-up pictures. Use the fisheye lens to capture almost 230 degrees of the scene; appreciate its universal detachable clamp design, which can work on most iPhones.

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Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks have become almost indispensable these days, haven’t they? Especially when you are out to enjoy with your friends or loved ones, it’s better to explore iPhone selfie sticks that can help you capture memorable pics with optimum convenience.

1. Kungfuren

Kungfuren Bluetooth Selfie Stick for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Are you looking for a lightweight and compact selfie stick for your iPhone? Kungfuren Bluetooth Selfie Stick can be an automatic choice for you. Thanks to the fast responsive Bluetooth connection, you can quickly use it. The remote shutter allows you to take cool pics with utmost ease. The rubber-coated mount holds your smartphone securely.

You can easily carry it in your pocket or bag. The adjustable holder makes it quite convenient to capture selfie from any angle. Moreover, it’s compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones.

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2. Selfie World

Selfie World iPhone 6-6s Plus Selfie Stick

Selfie World presents a battery and Bluetooth free selfie stick. This stick can extend up to 30 inches and has a phone holder that is compatible with all iPhones. If you frequently find yourself in the crowd, this selfie stick is good for you as the adjustable holder allows several shooting angles from traditional selfies. Take above-crowd shots easily. Capture selfies with the easily accessible handle button directly.

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