Best iPhone 6/6 Plus Docking Stations With Speaker in 2022

Best iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Docking Stations with Speakers

Listening and enjoying to music on iPhone has been a way of entertainment for a long time now. A majority of people loves listening to music using a good pair of earphones, but if you wish your entire room to experience the true joy of music, you would need good quality speakers. This is where the docking stations come in as a wise option. You may be thinking that the docks are not in play with the rise of wireless speakers and Bluetooth technology.

1. LuguLake

LuguLake iPhone 6 Dock with Speakers

With LuguLake Bluetooth docking speaker, you can connect your phone to the dock from a distance of nearly 33 feet. It comprises Bluetooth 4.0 technology and a 3.5mm audio port for your device when you are not using Bluetooth.

You can conveniently stream as well as share music, videos and handle calls anywhere with this dock. It pairs with your phone without any snags.

The speaker is made with Bass Enhance Technology to give you high definition sound. The dock consists of an integrated solid and durable cradle which tightly holds your phone at an angle suitable for viewing. This dock comes with a portable speaker, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a micro USB cable.

USP: Efficient charging
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DPNAO Docking Station With Speaker for iPhone 6-6s Plus

“DPNAO” comes with double high-fidelity speakers to amplify your music time. Plus, there is EQ function to let you fine-tune the sound as per your taste.

The FM radio has up to 20 preset stations, which can be more than enough for radio listening. You can use sleep timer to relish music at night and fall asleep with complete peace of mind.

The dual alarm should be pretty useful if you remain in sync with your hectic life. Besides, DPNAO features aux-in jack to let connect the speaker with other digital audio players.

USP: EQ function
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3. iHome iPL8XHG

iHome iPL8XHG iPhone 6-6 Plus Docking Station with Speakers

No list of top iPhone docks with the speaker will be complete without iHome. iPL8XHG comes with Reason8 speaker chambers which deliver high stereo sound. So, if you adore quality sound, you will find this dock spot on.

The dock firmly holds your smartphone so that you can comfortably interact with it. As for charging your device, it’s very efficient.

With the inclusion of FM, it ensures you can catch up with your programs. Besides, the sleep timer and alarm make it a complete package.

USP: Reason8 speaker chambers
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4. Press Play ONE Dock Beat

Press Play iPhone 6-6s Plus Docking Station With Speaker

“Press Play” is well known for producing high-quality docking station for iPhone. And its “ONE Dock Beat” can safely claim to be a better option.
The dock comes with a powerful wireless speaker, which provides commendable sound with deep bass. It’s designed to work with both Apple Watch and iPhone.

Plus, there are a couple of USB ports so that you can charge additional devices. The high-grade aluminum build coupled with the clutter-free cable management gives it a pro look. Besides, ONE Dock Beat comes with a lifetime warranty.

USP: Ideal dock for both iPhone and Apple Watch
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5. iHome iDL44

iHome iDL44 iPhone 6-6 Plus Docking Station with Speaker

This is yet another docking station from iHome. But iDL44 is more powerful and boasts superb sound quality. You can quickly connect your iPhone to it and stream music wirelessly.

Packed in with top-quality reason8 speaker chambers, it got the ability to rev up your music time. Dual alarm helps you remain in sync with your time, while the FM provides you the freedom to listen to your favorite programs.

Thanks to the case friendly design, you won’t have to remove the case to dock the iPhone.

USP: Superb sound quality
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That’s it, folks!

What’s your favorite?

Now that you have explored the top docking stations let us know which one has passed your test. Besides, if you want to any other top dock in the above roundup, tell us about that as well:

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