Listening music lends ears unbeatable joy and hearts the fantastic company everyone longs for. Though any great music has the charisma to overwhelm you, media has a significant role to play in making it everyone’s favorite. The quality of sound that comes out from an outstanding music player can transform the life of any song worth listening to hundreds of time!

Should you feel discontented with the earphones that Apple ships, we have shortlisted the best iPhone 6/6 Plus earphones to let you enjoy music to the fullest. When there is a desire to find the best available option, why make do with ordinary one. Ready to steal the top quality earphones? Let’s jump over!

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Best iPhone 6-6s Plus Earphones

Best Earphones for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

#1. Arisen WindBuds

Arisen WindBuds Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Arisen Phantom has to be your top pick if you want to have an extra dose of music during your intense workout. Impressive stereo sound injects thrill to your music, while the curved ear-hook design ensures the earbuds remain steadily in place.

IPX6 Nanotech waterproof safeguards the earphones against sweat. 10 hours of long playtime can fully quench your thirst for music. Besides, Arisen Phantom comes in two colors metallic grey and pearl white—topped by the 12-month warranty.

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USP: 10 hours of playtime
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#2. HBQ

Metco Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Listen to your melodious music in style with elegant HBQ Bluetooth earphones. The earbuds are incredibly lightweight and soft. They fit all the contours of the ears and stay firmly at their place.

The wireless earphones enliven your music with the high-fidelity sound. Anti-sweating material ensures the earbuds can give their best even when they are dripped with sweat. Multi-function button lets you answer or reject calls with ease.

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The earphones can provide 3-4 hours of talk time on a single charge. Moreover, you can pick Metco Group earphones in two colors: black and white.

USP: Sweatproof material
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#3. Ausein

Ausein iPhone 6-6s Plus Bluetooth Headphones

Pick out Ausein to completely transform the quality of your music. The headphones are blessed with the superior sound that can really thrill your heart. With the sporty design, you will love to wear them during your workout.

The soft silicone ear tips are very comfy and stay steady. Built-in HD mic comes with noise cancellation technology to keep background noise away. You can immaculately control your music using the highly responsive buttons.

The headphones offer 4 hours of music time, which is enough for normal use. They come with a 12-month warranty and are available in two colors: black and white.

USP: HD microphone
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#4. Mxstudio

Mxstudio iPhone 6-6s Plus Earphones

Mxstudio earphones are bestowed with trendy design. Soft earbuds with in-ear design are very comfortable to wear for a longer time. Mic provides crystal clear audio by reducing background noise.

Smooth ear tips remain firmly placed in the ear; allowing you enjoy music without any interference. You can conveniently play, pause, forward/backward songs. Aside from features, you get 12-month manufacturer warranty on Mxstudio.

USP: Trendy design
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ROVKING iPhone 6-6s Plus Headphones

Embrace the advanced noise reduction technology to immerse into fabulous music completely. ROVKING earphones deliver Hi-Fi stereo sound topped by heavy bass. Eartips being very smooth, you will never like to put your music on hold.

The mic provides crisp sound that enhances your hands-free calling experience. With the multi-function button, you can easily control your music and be able to answer calls. What’s more, these fantastic earphones are available four attractive colors: black, blue, orange and wine red.

USP: Advanced noise reduction technology
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#6. HaRuion

HaRuion iPhone 6-6s Plus Earphones

HaRuion earphones are comfortable to wear and offer high fidelity sound. The high-quality microphone is endowed with noise reduction technology. Therefore, you will have better hands-free calling experience.

Multifunction button enables you to comfortably forward or backward your tracks. You can also take or end calls using the simple button. Beyond features, HaRuion comes in double packs.

USP: Multifunction button
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#7. Tonicstar

Tonicstar Headphones for iPhone 6-6s Plus

It’s the sporty design that makes Tonicstar earphones such a fine pick. I have liked its HD stereo sound with heavy bass, which makes listening music a delightful experience. The latest noise reduction technology ensures background noise is kept at a fair distance.

The built-in buttons allow you to control your music with ease. Ergonomic design makes it ideal for the folks who like to wear earphones during jogging. Additionally, Tonicstar comes with three sizes of ear tips to let you choose the right fit.

USP: Ergonomic design
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#8. Dislot

Dislot iPhone 6-6s Plus Earphones

Dislot looks pretty impressive and features in-ear design to ramp up your comfort level. Having fabulous sound quality, the earphones rev up your music experience. Eartips are enormously smooth, and therefore you have the essential comfort while wearing them.

Since the earphones keep ambiance noise at bay, you will never get enough of your all-time favorite tracks. The cable is completely tangle-free and doesn’t lose their top functionality for long. Lastly, Dislot is supported by one-year quality warranty.

USP: Earhook design
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#9. JLab Audio J6M

JLab iPhone 6-6s Plus Earphones

JLab Audio J6M earphones have both the attractive design and stunning sound to be worthy of your choice. The soft earbuds feel very comfortable in the ear; allowing you to listen to your favorite music for long. The Advanced 6mm micro drivers set the rhapsodic tone for spectacular music playback.

The Kevlar reinforced cable with 24 karat gold plated jack not just enhance its design but strengthen life. The Mic doesn’t allow background noise to disturb your communication. Above all, you have seven captivating color options to choose from.

USP: 6mm micro drivers
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#10. Acode

Acode iPhone 6-6s Earphones

Acode earphones deliver top-quality stereo sound enriched by powerful bass that livens up your music. The ergonomic in-ear design ensures the ear tips fit comfortably in the ear. The noise cancellation technology keeps ambiance noise away so that you enjoy peaceful audio.

As the earphones are sweat proof, you would love to wear them for long. The built-in microphone enhances hands-free calling. Lastly, you can pick these wired headphones in three colors gold, rose and space gray.

USP: High-quality stereo sound
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Your Favorite?

Which one have you handpicked for your excellent music time? Is it the Bluetooth earphones or the wired headphones? Do let us know that.

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