Best iPhone 6 Plus Clock-Radio Docking Stations in 2022

Best Clock Radio Dock for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Want your iPhone dock to be more than just a good charger? I would recommend you glance at some of the top clock radio docking stations, which are designed to work with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Aside from charging your iOS device securely, these Lightning docks can boost your music time. And just in case you often get late for office or college, you can also take advantage of the dual alarms never to let your time leave you behind!

1. iHome iPL23

iHome iPL23 iPhone 6-6s Plus Clock Radio Docking Station

iHome is known to produce the finest Lightning dock with the speaker. And, I expect iPL23 to have all the qualities to be an admirable charging stand.

The highlight of this dock is the adorable sound quality powered by reson8) speaker chambers. Powerful drivers deliver heavy bass that makes your music sound stunning.

Dual alarms help you remain in sync with your time, while the sleep timer lets you automatically turn off the speaker after a particular time. Furthermore, iPL23 comes in two colors like black and white.

USP: High-fidelity drivers
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2. Homtime

Homtime iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Clock-Radio Docking Station

“Homtime” could easily end up being your favorite docking station. Talking about the features that make it a useful asset, it comes with dual USB ports that allow you to power up not just your iPhone but also other Android devices.

Packed in with dual speakers, it also has got the quality to spice up your wireless music streaming. And with the aux-in jack, you will be able to connect Homtime with almost any audio player.

The digital tuning FM radio coupled with the sleep timer can help you embrace sleep, while the alarm clock can come in handy in keeping up ahead of your time. Plus, you will be able to position your iPhone both in portrait and landscape orientations to have enhanced hands-free video calling experience.

USP: Dual speakers with good bass
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3. iHome Wireless Charging Dock

iHome iBN350 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Clock-Radio Docking Stations

iHome always brings innovation to its products. Unlike other docking stations, this stand has a wireless charging facility. This means you can place your iPhone on the wireless charging surface of the docking stand. However, you need to install a wireless charging compatible case on your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

For quick Bluetooth pairing, iHome presents NFC (near field communication) technology. Next, you can wirelessly stream your audio-visual contents from your iPhone and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Use dual alarms for yourself and your spouse. Also, check that USB port to charge your other iOS devices like iPad or iPod.

USP: NFC technology
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DPNAO YW-008 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Clock-Radio Docking Stations

DPNAO introduces unconventional design in the clock-radio docking station for iPhones. This flat stand provides full support to your large-sized iPhone 6 Plus and others. At the back, you can see powerful Bluetooth speaker to stream music from your iPhone and other Bluetooth devices. The digital clock is placed next to your iPhone so you can check time quickly from a distance.

Below the clock, there is power on/off button, tuning buttons, and volume up/down buttons. Among other notable features, there are the reset button, AUX jack, USB charging connector, FM antenna wire, and DC-IN jack.

USP: Unconventional design
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VELOUR iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Clock-Radio Docking Station

For wirelessly streaming music and juicing up your iPhone, VELOUR is an excellent option. Among several praiseworthy qualities, the one thing that I have found appreciable is the availability of 20 FM radio preset stations.

Due mainly to the two high-fidelity speakers, VELOUR delivers appreciable sound quality. It has audio line-in (AUX IN) that lets you connect it to another digital audio player.

Apple MFi certification makes it fully compatible to charge your iPhone. Hence, your device is powered up not just rapidly but also with the needed security against common hazards like short-circuiting. That’s not all; it also features clock alarm to let you remain in sync with your time.

USP: Apple MFi certification
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That’s all, folks!

What’s your favorite?

I know you have chosen a fine dock for your iPhone. Which one is it and what are the qualities that have caught your eyes in it? It would be my pleasure to know that.

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