Want your iPhone dock to be more than just a good charger? I would recommend you to have a glance at some of the top clock radio docking stations which are designed to work with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Aside from charging your iOS device securely, these Lightning docks can boost your music time. And just in case you often get late for office or college, you can also take advantage of the dual alarms never to let your time leave you behind!

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Best iPhone 6-6s Plus Clock Radio Docking Stations

Best iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Clock-Radio Docking Stations

#1. iHome iPL23

iHome iPL23 iPhone 6-6s Plus Clock Radio Docking Station

iHome is known to produce the finest Lightning dock with the speaker. And, I expect iPL23 to have all the qualities to be an admirable charging stand.

The highlight of this dock is the adorable sound quality powered by reson8) speaker chambers. Powerful drivers deliver heavy bass that makes your music sound stunning.

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Dual alarms help you remain in sync with your time, while the sleep timer lets you automatically turn off the speaker after a particular time. Furthermore, iPL23 comes in two colors like black and white.

USP: High-fidelity drivers
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#2. iHome iDL44

iHome iDL44 Clock Radio Docking Station for iPhone 6-6s Plus

iHome iDL44 comes with reson8 speaker chambers that offer stunning sound quality. The dock is fully capable of charging not just your iOS device but also your Apple Watch fast and securely. Courtesy the case friendly design; you don’t need to remove the case before charging your device.

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Dual alarms offer you more flexibility, allowing you to set multiple wake up times. Plus, the FM radio with six preset helps you catch up with your favorite radio programs. Furthermore, you can choose iDL44 in two colors: gunmetal and silver/white.

USP: Reson8 speaker chambers
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#3. Philips AJT3300/37

Philips AJT3300-37 iPhone 6-6s Plus Clock Radio Dock

Philips can ideally live up to your demand both as a decent Bluetooth speaker and an able docking station. With impressive sound quality, it’s good enough to rev up your music time. And the FM radio with multiple presets let you listen to your favorite programs.

The built-in microphone is designed to enhance your hands-free calling. You can also set the sleep timer to turn off the speaker after a certain time automatically. Thanks to the neat cable management, it doesn’t let your desk get cluttered.

USP: Built-in microphone
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#4. Richsound Research (RSR) DS406

Richsound Research Clock Radio Docking Station for iPhone 6-6s Plus

RSR DS406 seamlessly dons the role of a Bluetooth speaker and an efficient charger. You can instantly connect your iPhone to it and stream your favorite music.

There are dual alarms to let you set multiple wakes up times. Hence, you will be able to stay at pace with your time! The FM radio with as many as 20 preset stations ensures you have plenty to experiment. Besides, you can comfortably fine-tune the sound quality. Lastly, DS406 comes in two good-looking colors: black and ever shining silver.

USP: Rich sound quality
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VELOUR iPhone 6-6s Plus Clock Radio Docking Station

For wirelessly streaming music and juicing up your iPhone, VELOUR is a fine option. Among several praiseworthy qualities, the one thing that I have found appreciable is the availability of 20 FM radio preset stations.

The dock comes with audio line-in (AUX IN) that lets you connect it to another digital audio player. Apple MFi certification makes it fully compatible to charge your iPhone. Hence, your device is powered up not just rapidly but also with the needed security against common hazards like short-circuiting. That’s not all; it also features clock alarm to let you remain in sync with your time.

USP: Apple MFi certification
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#6. Chelsea

Chelsea Home Imports Clock Radio Docking Station for iPhone 6-6s Plus

I have found Chelsea just good enough to stand up to the task. The one quality that makes this dock highly appreciable is the excellent sound quality. That means you will love to stream music wirelessly.

As for charging, Chelsea can power up your device at a decent pace. It slightly tilts your device backward so that you have better viewing angle. Thanks to the clutter-free cable management, it keeps your desk neat and clean.

USP: Clutter-free cable management
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That’s all, folks!

What’s your favorite?

I know you have chosen a fine dock for your iPhone. Which one is it and what are the qualities that have caught your eyes in it? It would be my pleasure to know that.

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