Best iPhone 6/6 Plus Car Chargers in 2019: Powered up and Ready Wherever You go

Securely charge your iPhone on the go! We’ve handpicked the best iPhone 6/6 Plus car chargers of 2019, which let you, power up your smartphone fast and securely on the go. Moreover, the chargers sport ultra-compact design so you can carry them even in your small pocket.

You are on the drive and enjoying your all-time favorite music on your iPhone 6. Suddenly you find the battery on the low end and just about to die. How will you charge your iOS device? That’s why you need to pick one of these best iPhone 6/6 Plus car chargers.

Made of premium materials, these iPhone car chargers are very durable. Apart from being highly compact, they are ultra-portable. That’s not all, they charge your iOS device with maximum speed. Find out more about these top 10 iPhone 6/6 Plus car chargers!

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Best iPhone 6/6s Plus Car Chargers – 2019 Edition

#1. Gembonics

Gembonics iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Charger
Gembonics car charger has been made of the high-quality fireproof material that makes it more durable and secure. The 3.1A car charger (1.0A USB port and 2.1A lightning connector) is able to charge your iOS device with good speed. It’s Apple MFI certified and fully compatible to empower your iOS device.

This car charger stops charging whenever it detects any danger like overcharging, over/low voltage. Two USB ports provide the comfort to charge two devices at one go. It comes in two color variants like black and white.

USP: Fast charging
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#2. Maxboost

Maxboost iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Charger
The one quality that instantly attracts attention in this car charger from Maxboost is the compact design. The 24W/4.8A output delivers fast charging to your iPhone. The dual injected frame has a polycarbonate inner layer along with the flexible external molding of TPU that provides enhanced grip.

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The protective framing resists the impact of drops or falls. Superior circuit design safeguards the car charger from short circuit and over/low voltage. With the availability of dual USB ports, you will charge two devices simultaneously.

USP: Double injected frame
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#3. Anker Quick Charge 3.0

Anker Quick Charge iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Charger

If you are after high efficiency and super-fast charging, you should keep in mind Anker PowerDrive Speed 2. Thanks to the advance PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies, the car charger powers up your smartphone at the lightning fast speed.

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Dual ports deliver huge 39W output that makes it a lot faster than other similar products. The compact design with carbon-fiber mesh gives it an impressive look. With the strong built-up, PowerDrive Speed can retain its top functionality for long. Furthermore, the car charger is backed by 18-month warranty.

USP: Lightning fast and secure charging
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#4. Syncwire

Syncwire iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Charger

The first thing that has caught my eyes in “Syncwire” is the pretty compact design. The durable polycarbonate shell endows it enough strength to survive bumps. It can easily slip into your small pocket and rest there with complete peace.

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The car charger comes with a built-in coiled cable to let you charge your iPhone with the needed convenience. Plus, Apple MFi certification makes it more reliable, while the additional USB ports ensure you can charge other devices as well. The inclusion of smart IC helps it fend off the challenge from short circuit and other similar hazards.

USP: Durable polycarbonate shell
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#5. RAVPower

RAVPower Car Charger for iPhone 6-6s Plus

RAVPower can be a smart deal for the folks who want to pick a highly affordable charger with top-notch quality. This robust car charger offers 4.8 amps output which is perfect for charging your device at top speed. Dual USB ports ensure you have the needed flexibility to charger multiple devices at once.

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iSmart technology helps it adapt the needed input current. It automatically adjusts the voltage received from the vehicle to power up the device with maximum speed. Additionally, RAVPower comes in three colors: black, red and gold topped by the lifetime warranty.

USP: iSmart technology
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#6. Sngg

Sngg iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Charger

Whether it’s the capability to charge your device at a robust speed or offer an efficient charging solution, Sngg is endowed with all the important qualities to be your trusted charger.

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The car charger features dual USB ports with 2.4 amps per port output. Plus, the support for Quick Charge Technology helps you power up compatible devices with Lightning fast speed.

The advanced circuit design doesn’t let overcharging or overheating damage your smartphone. LED indicator becomes very useful in dark environments. Thanks to the rugged design, it can last longer. This universal car charger comes with the 12-month warranty.

USP: Support for Quick Charge Technology
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HUNDA iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Charger

HUNDA comes with built-in coiled Lighting cable which assists it in charging your smartphone not just with high speed but also with essential security. The availability of extra port allows you to charge two devices at once. As it comes with the multi-protection system, your device has the required safety against overcharging.

Made of top-grade fireproof material, the charger lasts long. The 18-month warranty further enhances the reliability factor.

USP: Top-grade fireproof material
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#8. AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics Dual-Port USB Car Charger for iPhone 6-6s Plus

AmazonBasics is one of the most popular iPhone car chargers on Amazon thanks largely to the ultra-portable design and efficient charging. So, there is no point in missing out on this one.

The car charger comes in two variants: two ports and four ports. If you have to power up multiple devices at one go, choose the one that has four ports. As for pricing, they come at $9.75 and $14.99 respectively, which is in the affordable category.

As for charging speed, AmazonBasics delivers up to 4.8 amps total output (2.4 amps each port) and come in three color options: black, white, and black/red.

USP: Built-in safeguards
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#9. ETPocket

ETPocket iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Charger

If tangled wires are something that irritates you, go with the car charger from ETPocket. It has the retractable lightning cable that you can pull when you want to charge your iPhone while driving. All you need to do is to press the button to control the cable retraction. Apart from that, the design is elegant and will add beauty to your car.

As long as charging is concerned, it protects your device from overcurrent, overcharging, and overheating. Lastly, there are no color choices available except white.

USP: Retractable Cable
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#10. Czznn

Czznn iPhone 6-6s Plus Car Charger

Putting convenience at the forefront, Czznn has introduced a highly user-friendly car charger. Apart from the compact and durable design, the iPhone car charger comes with a six-feet long cable. That means you have a little more comfort to power up your iOS device from almost any corner of your car.

Aside from the long and durable cable, Czznn car charger has two USB ports and feature an intelligent circuit design that safeguards the smartphone against threats like short-circuiting and overcurrent. Being durable, it’s also equally good at resisting impact. Overall, it’s fully equipped and reliable charger for your device.

USP: 6-feet long cable
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That’s it!

Signing Off

There are two important qualities which I want to see in every car charger—the ability to charge fast and provide complete security from short circuit, over/low voltage. All of these car chargers have got these qualities. Which is your favorite car charger and what makes it different from others? Do let us know that in the comments below.

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