For tourists and travelers, iPhone 5s battery cases are a boon. These cases double up the standby and talktime of your iPhone and that’s very useful when you are away from a charging port.

We’ve written about iPhone 5 battery packs earlier. While mophie and Belkin cases are still some of the most popular iPhone battery packs, there are more options for you to pick from. Here’s that list.

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iPhone 5s Battery Cases

Round-up of Best iPhone 5s Battery Cases

1. Voltanium X from Minzos

Voltanium X iPhone 5s Battery Case
The Voltanium X for iPhone 5s/5 is an Apple-certified battery pack for the iPhone. The battery capacity is 2400mAh which doubles up the time your iPhone lasts in standby and talktime. Besides the heavy-duty performance, the case also protects the iPhone with its screen protector and back case. The case is made of standard materials and offers a good level of protection. The case also features smart charging and auto-cutoff which prevents any battery heating issue. And there’s a kickstand for the case too.
Battery: 2400mAh
Price: $139.97
Buy if from Amazon

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2. Lenmar iPhone 5s Battery Pack

Lenmar iPhone 5s Battery Pack
Lenmar takes the cake for being one of the stylish iPhone 5s battery cases in town. It’s more like a bumper case with a 2x battery and offers a good level of protection. The case is light-weight, which is a plus because most battery cases are bulky. And it’s kind of cool with its color options. As is the case with any battery pack with a greater-than-2000 mAh capacity, Lenmar will double the usage time for your iPhone.

Battery: 2300mAh
Price:$89.99 ($57.95 on Amazon while writing this.)
Buy it from Amazon

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3. mophie iPhone 5s Battery Packs

mophie iPhone 5s Battery Packs

Needless to say, mophie deserves a mention in any battery case list for the iPhone 5s. Mophie has four options for the iPhone 5s – the Space pack, the Helium, the Air and the Plus (Juice Packs). The folks launched the Space pack very recently and it’s one of the coolest-looking battery packs for iPhone 5s. While the battery capacity doesn’t hit as high as other battery cases, the space pack does come with one amazing feature that we’ve yet to see in any other product: storage space! You can store (via an app) your files and photos on the Space pack.

Battery: 1500-1700mAh
Price: $79.95 – $149.95 ($79.95 to $129 on Amazon)
Buy it from or

4. PhoneSuit Elite iPhone 5s Battery Case

PhoneSuit Elite iPhone 5s Battery Case
The PhoneSuit Elite is an amazing, stylish iPhone 5s battery pack which offers quite a lot of battery backup. The case is designed to be smooth, neat-fitting and comes with cutouts that make it very easy to fit earphones and the charging cable. Also the case adds a lot of ergonomic comfort when you use the iPhone 5s. The battery case charges quickly and has metallic accents for beauty and durability.

Battery: 2100mAh
Price: $89.95
Buy it from

5. PowerSkin for iPhone 5s/5

PowerSkin Battery Case for iPhone 5s
At the time of writing, PowerSkin appears to be out of stock but it’s one of the most cost-effective iPhone 5s battery cases in town. You might try finding PowerSkin from other retail websites (like Amazon). The case is also one of the thinnest cases.

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Battery: 1500mAh
Price: $59.99 ($34.44 on Amazon while writing this)
Buy it from