When you go jogging/running, where do you strap your iPhone? What's the best way to keep the iPhone safe when you work out? Obviously, the iPhone armband is one of the best gym accessory for the smartphone.

Picking an iPhone 5s/5 armband is easy but you've got to make sure it fits certain criteria: it needs to be water-resistant to prevent sweat from affecting the iPhone, it has fit correctly which means the straps have to be adjustable and of course, the armband should be light-weight.

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Update: Check out our collection of the Best iPhone 6 Armbands.

There are some amazing iPhone 5/5s armbands out there – but most of these are not going to let you access that TouchID sensor. You can still work your way through the apps etc. One simple tip would be to disable the fingerprint lock when you put that iPhone 5s into its armband.

Best iPhone 5s & 5 Armbands

Here's a list of best iPhone 5/5s Armbands:

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1. Belkin Ease-Fit for iPhone 5s/5

Belkin Ease-Fit Armband for iPhone 5s & 5

Slim, not very sleek but quite enough, light-weight and adjustable: that's Belkin Ease-Fit. This iPhone armband keeps your iPhone safe and dry while you workout. The adjustable strap circumference extends up to 32cm. Also, the armband case is hand-washable.

Colors: Two (Blue, Grey)
Price: $19.99 ($14.07 on Amazon while writing this.)
Buy if from Amazon

2. Incase Sports Armband for iPhone 5s/5

Incase Sports Armband for iPhone 5s and 5

Incase's Sports Armband case for the iPhone 5s/5 is one of the coolest, minimal-looking armbands. It features things like sweatproof protection, a touch sensitive screen cover, perforated skin and reflective safety highlights. It's easy to adjust the armband to fit your arm. The TouchID doesn't work when the phone is inside the armband case.

Colors: One (Black/Silver)
Price: $39.95 ($30.99 on Amazon While writing this.)
Buy it from Amazon.com

3. Griffin FastClip Armband for iPhone 5s/5

Griffin FastClip Armband for iPhone 5s & 5

This is perhaps the finest iPhone 5/5s armband cases of all. Griffin's FastClip Armband is an armband+stand+belt-clip case combined into one. The armband comes as a single stretch of comfortable, “breathable” band that can fit any circumference. You can also use the clip as a stand for the iPhone to lean on. You can lock the clip onto your belt and make it a belt-clip case too.

Colors: Two (Citron, Red)
Price: $29.99
Buy it from Amazon.com

4. iGadgitz iPhone 5s Armband

iGadgitz iPhone 5s Armband

Designed as an affordable armband case, iGadgitz iPhone armband case is made from neoprene – a good, water resistant case ultimately. The case keeps headphones and the buttons accessible. As with most armband cases, it stays in place with adjustable Velcro strap. It is also compatible with Nike+  sensors.

Colors: Multiple
Price: $13.39 ($9.29 on Amazon while writing this.)
Buy it from Amazon.com

5. TuneBand for iPhone 5s

TuneBand Armband for iPhone 5s

TuneBand is a cool-looking, elastic armband for the iPhone 5s. If you are specifically looking to get TouchID functionality with the armband case, this is the only case in the list that does it. And it's a pretty safe and secure armband case for the iPhone. Silicone skin, accessibility to all buttons, ports and camera. The armband circumference ranges from 7″ to 18″.

Colors: 3 (Black, Glow-in-the-dark, Pink)
Price: $22.95 ($21.99 on Amazon while writing this.)
Buy it from Amazon

6. i-BLASON Sport Armband

iBlason iPhone 5s & 5 Sports Armband

For every costly branded product, there's an agreeably cheaper iBLASON product with similar specs or something that's acceptable. The iBLASON Sport Armband will not let you use the iPhone 5s TouchID but it fits the phone just as well. This is an elastic Velcro armband too. Doesn't come with exceptional water-resistant features but works just as good.

Color: Black
Price: $14.95 ($12.99 on Amazon while writing this.)
Buy it from or Amazon.com

Buy your choice of Armbands for iPhone 5/5s

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