Kick those plastic, aluminum, brushed-metal, polished-metal docks for iPhones out. Natural flavor is something totally inimitable. That’s why wooden docks for the iPhone 5s/5 hold our attention and probably impress us.

A wooden dock doesn’t come with a lot of benefits like, say, a metal dock. In fact, there’s no immediate benefit, but the looks, the style, and the aesthetic that a wooden dock adds to your workspace is unmatched. Needless to say, manufacturers have put their best foot forward in creating some of the finest wooden docks.

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Best iPhone 5-5s Docking Stations

Best iPhone 5/5s Wooden docks

#1. Hapurs

Hapurs iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5 Wooden Docking Station

It’s the compact design that makes Yome a fairly good option. The charging stand is made of natural wood and sports smooth edges.

Strong built up endows it both stability and durability. With the small footprint, it doesn’t require much space. Therefore, you won’t have a problem in finding a perfect place for it on your desk.

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As for charging, the dock is very efficient in letting your power up both your iPhone and Apple Watch. Thanks to the better cable management, it keeps cable clutters at bay.

USP: Durable construction
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#2. Shrmia

Shrmia iPhone 5-5s Wooden Docking Station

Shrmia wooden dock has been designed to charge both your iPhone and Apple Watch comfortably. With the high-quality bamboo wood construction, it can last longer.

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The smooth surface provides the needed care to your device. It firmly holds your iPhone offering a more comfortable viewing.

You can use it both in your home and office. This charging dock works with iPhone 5/5S and later.

USP: Natural Bamboo Wood
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#3. Show Wish

Show Wish iPhone 5, 5s, and iPhone SE Wooden Docking Station

“Show Wish” charging dock is highly functional. The quality of bamboo wood reinforces its durability. It’s made to let you power up your iPhone as well as the Apple Watch with the desired efficiency.

The dock holds your device at a better viewing angle. You can comfortably use your smartphone while it’s being charged.

Thanks to the three USB ports, the dock lets you power up three different devices simultaneously. It also works with your Apple Watch and iPhone 5/5s or later.

USP: Three USB ports
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#4. Blue Hole

Blue Hole Wooden Docking Station for iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5

Blue Hole is pretty on point when it comes to providing a reliable charging solution to your iPhone and Apple Watch. It’s neatly designed and comes with a perfect cable management system.

With three USB ports onboard, you have the flexibility to charge up to three devices at one go. The ports quickly identify your device and deliver rapid charging.

Thanks to trusted protection from overcharging, overvoltage and surge, your devices remain safe while being juiced up.

USP: Surge protection
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#5. Audiology

Audiology Wooden Docking Station for iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5

Audiology is a competent charging station. It’s equipped with 4 USB ports to let you charge multiple devices. With the 2A total output, it’s sufficient to power up your devices at a good speed.

Eco-friendly bamboo construction is pretty solid. The dock firmly holds your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, providing better viewing angle. Besides, it also has a penholder to let you keep your Apple Pencil.

USP: 4 USB ports
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#6. Fullcharg

Fullcharg Wooden Docking Station for iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5

Featuring a low-profile yet pragmatic design, Fullcharg can effortlessly pass your acid test if you are looking for simplicity. The dock is made of walnut wood and sports a refined design.

There are four grips on the bottom of the dock to offer it more stability. Hence, it doesn’t slide on a flat surface. Aside from letting you charge your Apple Watch and iPhone seamlessly, it also allows you to keep your glass or other small stuff.

USP: Walnut wood
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#7. Esimen

Esimen iPhone Wooden Dock

I like the design of Esimen charging stand. The dock is capable of charging your device with the needed convenience. It’s made of wood birch & aluminum.

As it perfectly holds your device, you would enjoy watching videos. You can comfortably carry it. The charging stand comes in three colors like black, white and golden.

USP: Neat design
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#8. Great Useful Stuff

GUS iPhone 5-5s Wooden Docking Station

“Great Useful Stuff” is primed to charge not just your iPhone, iPad but also the laptop. If you are looking for a charging dock that can work with multiple devices, it’s an excellent option.

The eco-friendly bamboo and robust built-up make it a real deal. Whether you are at office or home, you can put all of your devices in one place to charge. It can work as this professional organizer dock.

USP: Magnetic base
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#9. InkoTimes

InkoTimes iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5 Wooden Docking Station

In quest of a competent organizer for your multiple devices including iPad, Apple Watch, and even Android smartphone? InkoTimes has to be worthy of consideration. It has a solid bamboo structure that has been enhanced by handmade design. All the cutouts are precise, while the edges are quite smooth.

Courtesy the magnetic base design; you can effortlessly install and disassemble the dock with ease. It remains stable while holding all of your devices. Besides, InkoTimes comes with one-year warranty.

USP: Appreciable handmade design
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#10. JUNCH

JUNCH Wooden Docking Station for iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5

JUNCH’s aesthetic design has caught my eyes. The bamboo wood construction features impressive handmade design. Non-skid footpad keeps it steady ensuring your iPhone and Apple Watch remain intact.

Seamless cable management keeps your desk clean, whereas silicone sheet protects your device from scratch. Lastly, you can choose JUNCH in two adorable colors: dark and light brown.

USP: Non-skid foot pad
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That’s all, folks!

Your pick?

Based on functionality, I find the above charging stands best of the lot. They are neatly designed to power up your iPhone securely and comfortably. Have you picked any charging dock from this list? Do let us know that in the comments below.

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