Kick those plastic, aluminum, brushed-metal, polished-metal docks for iPhones out. Natural flavor is something totally inimitable. That's why wooden docks for the iPhone 5s/5 hold our attention and probably impress us.

A wooden dock doesn't come with a lot of benefits like, say, a metal dock. In fact, there's no immediate benefit but the looks, the style and the aesthetic that a wooden dock adds to your workspace is unmatched. Needless to say, manufacturers have put their best foot forward in creating some of the finest wooden docks.

Best iPhone 5 5s Wooden Docks

Here's a collection of the Best iPhone 5/5s wooden docks

#1. Cedar Wood Dock for iPhone 5s from DockArtisan

Cedar Wood Dock for iPhone 5s from DockArtisan
Dock Artisan's products have this earthly yet amazingly, elite finish. They have a lot of wooden docks that you can pick from The Cedar Wood Dock is an authentic wooden dock for the iPhone 5/5s (also compatible with 6). The grains add much depth to the quality and the look of the wood. At $90 apiece, it's elite not just in quality but in price too. Call it a luxury, but if you are the collector type, this one (and the other wooden docks from Dock Artisan) would interest you.

Price: $90.00
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#2. Bamboo iPhone 5/5s Dock by SchuttenWorks

Bamboo iPhone 5 5s Dock by SchuttenWorksSchuttenWork has a long list of wooden docks for iPhones and iPads. There are also dual-docks in their catalog. The Bamboo dock is, like other docks, adjustable so you can set your iPhone the way you want (the slant angle). The design makes sure the cables are well-concealed and yet totally functional without any damage. Also, the dock is large enough to let an iPhone with its case on.

Price: $44.50
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#3. Bamboo Dock for iPhone 5s by GroveMade

Bamboo Dock for iPhone 5-5s by GroveMadeGroveMade has got some of the finest docking stations and cases made out of wood for the iPhone 5/5s. The Bamboo dock, which turns out to be the cheapest of the collection, is crafted out of amber bamboo with a finish that has natural oil and wax blend. The dock is set on steel that gives the weight to the dock. You can have a case on your iPhone and still be able to use the Bamboo Dock. GroveMade's other variants, Maple and Walnut, are $99 each.

Price: $79.00
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#4. Areaware Decorative Dock for iPhone 5/5s

Areaware Decorative Dock for iPhone 5s-5The Natural Beechwood variant of Areaware Dock for iPhone 5/5s is the only wooden dock out of the multiple varieties of the dock. It has an interesting design which puts your iPhone in the landscape orientation. There's a Areaware Flip Clock on App Store that you can download to run when the iPhone is docked to this one.

Price: $38.00 ($34.00 on Amazon)
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#5. Ecoustik Maple iPhone 5/5s Wooden Dock

Ecoustik Maple iPhone 5s-5 DockEcoustik is not a dock that can charge but it's designed to amplify the sound output from your iPhone gracefully. Ecoustik has been a very successful Kickstarter project (for both iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5/5s). It's a tiny dock that fits the iPhone 5/5s like a glove.

Price: $30.00
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#6. blók dók iPhone 5s Wood Dock

blók dók iPhone 5s Wooden DockThe dock is as cool – as slick – as its name. blók dók is made of Mahogany. Two colors (dark and light) make sure you can pick the right one for your iPhone (black or white or gold). The coolest thing about the dock is that it's tiny. Other things like a non-slip bottom, cutouts that make sure getting the cable in is easy make blók dók a favorite wooden dock for the iPhone 5s/5.

Price: $29.95
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#7. White Oak iPhone 5/5s Dock from Koostik

White Oak iPhone 5 5s Dock from KoostikKoolstik's got a mono-design wooden dock that comes in three variants: White Oak, Walnut, Sapele. Each of these has a specific, unique and beautiful texture. The docks have cutouts for the lightning cable so you can charge the dock from the wall or connected to your PC/Mac. And as you can see, the Koostik iPhone 5/5s wooden dock is one of the cheapest out there.

Price: $25.00
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Unlike other normal docks made of plastic or metal, wooden docks aren't cheap. They cost much more than the usual ones and in some cases, where the craftsmanship is clearly of a high order, docks can cost as much as $100 (like the GroveMode docks). But the docks are made of exceptional quality wood so that they last long and are usable even after several months and years.