Following our coverage on the best iPad sleeves, it’s time to look at the options for iPhone 5s/5 sleeves. Or more specifically, iPhone 5s/5 pouch cases.

Fewer people prefer pouch-like cases for the iPhone. It comes down to usability: with a snap-on case, you don’t have to remove the iPhone out of its case every time you need to use it. With the sleeve, you have to. But some folks still prefer the sleeve/pouch-style case for its own benefits.

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Best iPhone 5s-5 Sleeve and Pouch Cases

Here’s a list of some of the best iPhone 5s/5 sleeve cases (pouch):

1. Dockem Leather Sleeve

Dockem Leather Sleeve for iPhone 5s
Dockem’s leather sleeve for iPhone 5s, 5 and 5c is probably the simplest leather sleeves in the market. One characteristic feature that makes a huge difference is the thickness: the Dockem Leather pouch is very thin even though it’s made of high-grade synthetic leather. The pouch is neither too tight (as in the case of Snugg) nor too loose (as in the case of Shocksock). This comes from the fact that the sleeve has to fit both iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

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A microfibre interior makes sure the iPhone rests in a soft environment. There are no protective snaps or clasps, no magnets and no other gimmickry. It’s a simple leather sleeve for your iPhone. A rugged design gives it a cool look.

Price: $14.99
Buy Dockem Leather Sleeve

2. Sena Ultra Slim Leather Sleeve for iPhone 5/5s

Sena Ultra Slim Leather Sleeve for iPhone 5s-5

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Right next to the Dockem, Sena’s leather pouch features a simple design. There are no clasps and magnets here either. Just a bare opening and a soft velvet interior that keeps the iPhone safe. Sena’s mark of quality is evident in the pouch. This sleeve features a rugged design too.

Comparatively, Sena’s leather pouch is more form-fitting although it can be tight initially. And true to its name, the pouch is slim/thin. It’s a feat to produce a long-lasting thin pouch.

Price: $29.99
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3. The Snugg Leather Pouch

The Snugg Leather Pouch for iPhone 5-5s

We profiled the Snugg’s leather sleeve for the iPhone recently. Quality-wise, it’s one of the finest. The PU leather pouch fits the iPhone tightly while a magnetic snap lets you pull the iPhone out of the sleeve easily. Using the Snugg, I found that unlike a few pouches, there are no hassles in using this one. The Snugg is designed to be very ergonomic and friendly.

But it’s not the thinnest, and it doesn’t aim to be one. The focus is on quality of the case and the richness in detail. The case looks very hand-crafted with exquisite stitches along the edges. Soft interiors protect the iPhone 5s while the hard exterior makes sure it is easy to carry the sleeve.

Price: £19.99
Buy Snugg for iPhone 5s

4. Yoshie & Nico Wool Felt Carry Sleeve

Yoshie & Nico Wool Felt Carry Handmade Sleeve for iPhone 5-5s

The Yoshie & Nico Wool Felt Carry sleeve for iPhone 5s is probably the only non-brand item on this list. The pouch has an interesting design that doesn’t follow the ‘leather’ convention. This one is made of soft-felt wool. That makes is pretty vulnerable to things like moisture and humidity. But if you’re going in for style, this woolen iPhone 5s sleeve definitely has something to give.

A snap keeps the iPhone tucked-in safely. But it’s not a tight-fitting case so you can slip your iPhone in pretty easily.

Price: $12.95
Buy the Wool Felt iPhone Sleeve

Incipio Marco Premium iPhone 5s/5 Pouch

Incipio Marco Premium iPhone 5s-5 Pouch

Incipio’s Marco Premium has a good design, is hard (not leather), comes with a form-fitting design and is mighty cheap on Amazon. The Marco Premium is actually a hard-shell pouch with microseude internal lining. It protects the iPhone not just from dust and moisture but also from accidental scratches and bumps.

One notable difference between this and other pouches is that the Incipio Marco Premium comes with openings at the bottom for the speaker. Not a big deal but if you’re going to listen to music on the speaker, you don’t have to remove the pouch.

Price: $34.99 (official)
Buy Incipio Marco Premium

ShockSock Neoprene Pouch

ShockSock Neoprene Pouch for iPhone 5-5s

Neoprene is not always the preferred material for an iPhone pouch/sleeve/case, because it’s too soft to protect the iPhone. But if you like to add style to the iPhone sleeve, and need something that will keep the iPhone inside no matter what, the ShockSock is a good option.

The Shocksock Neoprene iPhone 5s pouch comes with a loose-fitting design but its soft interiors are slightly shock-proof that keep the iPhone protected from bumps. The general quality is good enough to prevent scratches to the iPhone. And the velcro closing tab makes sure there’s no way your iPhone slips out.

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Price: $9.99
Buy Shocksock Neoprene for iPhone 5s