Best iPhone SE, 5s, 5 Sleeves and Pouch Cases in 2023

Best iPhone SE, 5s, 5 Sleeves and Pouch Cases

Following our coverage of the best iPad sleeves, it’s time to look at the options for iPhone 5s/5 sleeves and pouch cases. Or more specifically, iPhone 5s/5 pouch cases. Fewer people prefer pouch-like cases for the iPhone. It comes down to usability: with a snap-on case, you don’t have to remove the iPhone out of its case every time you need to use it. With the sleeve, you have to. But some folks still prefer the sleeve/pouch-style case for its own benefits.

1. UltraJacket

UltraJacket iPhone SE and iPhone 5s Sleeve

With UltraJacket, you are looking at a refined pouch that ideally takes care of the iPhone. The PU leather construction gives it a sophisticated look. With the presence of soft microfiber lining, it doesn’t let scratch damage the screen of your iPhone.

The smooth interior also plays a decisive role in helping the sleeve resist impact. Plus, the textured surface fits snuggly in your palm for a more comfy feeling. As for colors, you have ten options to experiment.

USP: Shock-absorbing interior
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2. xhorizon

xhorizon iPhone 5s and iPhone SE Sleeve

This one is a combo pack from xhorizon! At just one price ($7.49) you get a well-designed pouch and a sleeve.

Made of the soft neoprene material, the sleeve is waterproof and features a simple design. And the pouch features belt loop on the rear to let you securely carry your iPhone.

That’s not all; you also get a decent stylus free of cost. Lastly, xhorizon is available in eight color variants.

USP: Soft neoprene material
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3. Sosam

SOSAM iPhone SE and iPhone 5s Pouch Sleeve Case

I personally don’t like to hide my iPhone in a case; I always wish to have the feel of my phone. That’s when the sleeve from Sosam helps. It is extremely soft inside and also on the outside. It doesn’t scratch the iPhone while it is resting, just slip out the phone to use.

All you need to do is to slip your iPhone SE/5s/5 in the sleeve and pull the thread to tighten it. The soft microfibres will take care of the rest. Lastly, there are different color options to suit every age group and gender.

USP: Incredibly soft material
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USSTORE999 iPhone SE and iPhone 5s Pouch Sleeve Case

This sleeve for iPhone 5/5s is made using neoprene, which is resistant to water. It will protect your device from scratches, dust, and dirt while it is resting. It is soft and gentle, gives a feeling of satisfaction even while holding in hands.

There’s no thread or zip, just slid the iPhone in and out. Sadly, there are no color options available except black.

USP: Water resistant material
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5. fitBAG

fitBAG iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5 Sleeve

Showcasing a retro design, fitBAG is specifically readied for the folks who prefer low-profile. The high-quality fabric gives it a durable structure, while the smooth microfiber ensures your iPhone has the desired safeguard shock.

This pouch fits snuggly to the smartphone. With the anti-slip exterior, you have a much-improved grip while holding the device.

Furthermore, fitBAG comes in ten color variants so that choosing a fine companion for your iPhone is not a big deal for you.

USP: Low-profile design
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6. Sena

Sena Case iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5 Sleeve

Sena’s leather pouch features a simple design. There are no clasps and magnets here either. Just a bare opening and a soft velvet interior that keeps the iPhone safe. Sena’s mark of quality is evident in the pouch. This sleeve features a rugged design too.

Comparatively, Sena’s leather pouch is more form-fitting although it can be tight initially. And true to its name, the pouch is slim/thin. It’s a feat to produce a long-lasting thin pouch.

USP: Soft velvet lining
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That’s it!

Your pick?

Hopefully, you have found a good-looking sleeve for your iPhone 5? Which one is it? It would be great to know your pick in the comments. You may also like to buy iPhone 5s/5 Pouch From Snugg.

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