Best iPhone 5s/5 Clear Cases: Protect Your iPhone But Keep the Looks Intact

Clear cases for the iPhone 5s/5 are great ways to protect your iPhone from the accidental bump, from sharp objects scratching at the screen/back, while still showing off the cool Apple markings over the iPhone’s back. Clear cases work great for all the three iPhone 5s models.

But clear cases need to be light-weight and they definitely need to be somewhat sturdy. Having a clear case just for the looks doesn’t really mean much. If you want to have cover your iPhone 5s/5 with a clear case, it better be strong too.

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Here’s a collection of some of the best iPhone 5s clear cases available now:

The prices listed here are the official ones that the case sells for. Follow the product links or look them up on Amazon or eBay to find discounts and deals that slash the price by more than 50% in most cases.

Luvvitt Clearview

Luvvitt Clearview Case for iPhone 5s

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Luvvitt’s Clearview is a complete clear case for the iPhone that covers both the front and the back of your iPhone 5s/5. In a way, this is the perfect clear case for an iPhone. It is also probably the lightest clear case on this list at 0.5oz. The case  has a  0.4-inch thickness which is considerably thin. Some of the reviewers pointed out that the case does indeed protect the iPhone even from drops. Seems like a tough case to go.

Price: $29.95
Buy Luvvitt Clearview case

Laza iPhone 5s/5 SlimJelly Gloss

Laza SlimJelly Gloss Case for iPhone 5s & 5

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Clear cases are usually made of TPU plastic that can break if you bend them, drop something hard on it etc. The Laza SlimJelly Gloss case for iPhone 5s is quite different: it’s a flexible rubber shell that can be bent and yet, it won’t break. The flexibility does not compromise the hardness of the case. The case covers both the front and the back of the iPhone. The cutouts provide access to microphone, headphone jack, lightning dock and the camera. Like most clear cases, SlimJelly is lightweight and considerably thin.

Price: $19.99
Shop Laza iPhone 5s/5 SlimJelly Gloss cas

Case-Army iPhone 5s/5 Clear Case

Case-Army iPhone 5s & 5 Clear Case

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Case-Army’s clear case is known to be a tough, hard-shell contender. The case is scratch-resistant, protects the iPhone 5s/5 from bumps, drops etc. It’s not the usual silicone that most clear cases choose as source material. Instead, Case-Army uses a rubber-based TPU. While not as fancy as many other cases, Case-Army’s iPhone 5s/5 clear cases are the best when it comes to transparency, protection and snug-fitting form factor.

Price:  $19.99
Grab Case-Army iPhone case

Wydan Ultra Thin

Wydan Ultra Thin iPhone 5s Case

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Wydan’s iPhone 5s/5 ultra thin case is clearly one of the most stylish yet minimalist iPhone clear cases in the market. Accented rounded-corners add all the style to an otherwise normal clear case. The snap-on case covers the back and comes with a raised-front bumper which protects the screen if you drop the iPhone. With cutouts for all the buttons and ports, the case makes sure the iPhone is completely accessible.

Price: $19.99
Buy Wydan Ultra Thin

Snugg Ultra Thin Clear Case

Snugg Ultra Thin Clear Case for iPhone 5s

Snugg’s ultra thin clear case for iPhone 5s is a part of a multi-color/patterned series of cases. Two things that define the case is the thickness (along with weight) and the toughness. Snugg designed the case to be almost invisible not just visually but also to the person using the iPhone. With Snugg’s clear case on your iPhone, you protect it from scratches, bumps etc.

Price: $29.98
Shop Snugg Ultra Thin Clear Case

Case-Mate iPhone 5s/5 Clear Case

Case-Mate iPhone 5s-5 Clear Case

Case-Mate’s clear case for iPhone 5/5s is a very popular, high-quality transparent case. The package comes with a clear bumper. Instead of cutouts for the volume buttons, you have button caps on the bumper. The case is pretty good in terms of protecting your iPhone even from rare, accidental falls. The case, at 2.5mm, is decently thin and lightweight. The case and the bumper come separately (packaged as one) and you’ll need to fix it on the iPhone 5s.

Price: $32.66
Grab Case-Mate iPhone 5s/5 Case

i-Blason iPhone 5s/5 Clear Slim Fit

i-Blason iPhone 5s-5 Clear Slim Fit Case

The i-Blason clear case for iPhone 5/5s is actually a part of a colorful series of translucent hard-shell case for the iPhone. At 0.5-inch thickness and 2.08 ounces, the i-Blason transparent skin for iPhone is quite a decent clear case. All ports and buttons are quickly accessible. The design is perfect, form-fitting. The case is made of polycarbonate which, while being lightweight, adds a protective, scratch-resistant layer to the iPhone.

Price: $19.99
Buy i-Blason iPhone 5s/5 Clear Slim Fit case

Speaking of clear cases, if you’re looking for some light-weight iPhone 5c cases, here’s a list you should check out. And if you’re looking for under $20 iPhone 5s cases, here you go.

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