Best iPhone SE, 5s, or 5 Bike Mounts

Best iPhone 5, 5s and iPhone SE Bike Mounts

Bike mounts for your iPhone 5, 5s, and iPhone SE can be handy for many purposes. You’ll need bike mounts if you prefer tracking your bike ride (or using GPS). You’ll need bike mounts when you want to use your iPhone as an action-cam recording your bike tour. A great bike mount comes with much flexibility and holds your iPhone securely in place. Not only that, but a great bike mount will also protect your iPhone from the elements: a mountain biking tour is going to hit a lot of dust, and your iPhone needs to be safe.

1. CAW.CAR Accessories

CAW.CAR Accessories iPhone 5, 5s and iPhone SE Bike Mount

What makes “CAW.CAR Accessories” bike mount so handy is the adjustable grip with 360° rotation that allows you to securely adjust your iPhone to the desired angle for the more convenient experience. It comes with the rubberized clip with silicone belts that grip your device firmly without any scratch. The bands securely wrap four corners of your device to ensure it remains intact in its place. It’s very robust and can defend your smartphone from minor bumps. You will have hassle-free access to all the ports and buttons.

USP: Adjustable grip
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IPOW iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5 Bike Mount

IPOW is pretty lightweight and offers secure locking mechanism that keeps your iPhone steady and secure. The silicone butterfly bands also protect the iPhone from scratch. High-quality material makes it very durable.

You can rotate the band 360-degree to have improved viewing angle. It’s ideal especially when you are using an app to navigate. Additionally, Ipow comes with a lifetime warranty.

USP: the Secure locking mechanism
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3. Widras

Widras Bike Mount for iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5

While buying a bike mount, the one quality I make sure to check is the bump-absorbing design. I have found Widras quite solid in dispersing impact. That means your smartphone will remain secure even on a bumpy road.

This bike mount securely fits all motorcycles and bicycles. You can use it with smartphones that are up to 3.5-inch wide.

It’s made of high-grade ABS plastic and silicone material. Due mainly to the durable construction, it’s got the strength to last long.

USP: Bump absorbing design
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4. Quad Lock

Quad Lock Bike Kit for iPhone 5, 5s, and iPhone SE

Quad Lock is a robust bike mount for your iPhone 5, 5s and iPhone SE. It comes with the dual-stage locking mechanism that holds your device securely to your bike. 3M VHB adhesive can adhere to most flat, non-porous surfaces like plastic, glass, and metal. It’s ideal for navigating through GPS or tracking your ride.

With the impact resistant TPU material and soft microfiber lining, it’s very protective and durable. The kit consists of bike mount pro, the slim & the protective case for iPhone 5/5s/SE, weather resistant poncho for iPhone 5/5s/SE & mounting hardware.

USP: A dual-stage locking mechanism
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5. Mengo Lumi

Mengo Bike Mount for iPhone 5, 5s, and iPhone SE

Mengo Lumi bike mount comes with a very useful feature called glow-in-the-dark feature that delivers up to two hours of illumination with just 15 minutes of charge. The glowing light becomes very helpful, especially in low-lit environments. It fits any device with the 4-6-inch screen.

Made of high-quality silicone material, the bike mount is very durable. It keeps your device securely in place. You can effortlessly slip your device in or out of the mount.

USP: Glow-in-the-dark feature
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6. Bestrix

Bestrix iPhone 5. 5s, iPhone SE Bike Mount

Bestrix bike mount provides complete access to all the features of your iPhone. For instance, you can easily access all the buttons, ports and headphone jack. The shock absorbing material protects your device from impact.

Super handy ball and socket design provide adjustable 360-degree rotation. It comes with two silicone bands to let you securely fasten the holder. Clip on and off design allows you to install and remove it from the holder easily.

USP: Shock absorbing material
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7. Roam

Roam Bike Phone Mount for iPhone 5,5s and iPhone SE

Roam bike mount is exactly what you should use to hold your device securely and enjoy tracking your ride. It keeps your iPhone firmly in place providing excellent viewing angles. It has been created with the hard plastic material. The sturdy construction can easily withstand shock. Silicone net reinforces its strength and adds more security.

USP: Sturdy construction
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8. Mongoora

Mongoora iPhone 5,5s and iPhone SE Bike Mount

Mongoora bike mount sports a dashing look and makes it ultra-convenient to hold the device. It has been readied with high-quality plastic and metal. Due mainly to the solid design, it can ensure impact with ease. The three silicone butterfly bands provide more security. As it’s lightweight, you can comfortably carry it.

USP: Compact design
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9. Okra

Okra iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5 Bike Mount

This bike mount for iPhone 5/5s can fit almost all phones. If you ever wish to upgrade your iPhone, you won’t need to buy another bike mount after having this. Just adjust the screw and fit it on almost all bike bars without needing to worry about the grip; tighten it for maximum security.

Talking about the iPhone protection, the silicone bands are soft on the device but tight enough to hold it in its place. No matter how bumpy route you take, your iPhone is safe and secure while it is on the mount.

USP: Fits almost all iPhone
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10. iOttie

iOttie Bike Mount for iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5

What makes iOttie one of the finest bike mounts in the market is the ability to let you install and remove your iPhone with utmost ease. Another notable feature of this bike mount is the fully adjustable design. Hence, you can place your smartphone both in landscape and portrait modes to have enhanced viewing angle during navigation.

Courtesy the robust construction; it’s able to disperse impact. The cradle arms fit devices seamlessly and keep them secure. To ensure it remains steady, it covers three corners. Besides, you can choose this high-quality bike mount in three colors; black, indigo blue, and electric lime.

USP: Adjustable cradle arms
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Signing Off

So, which bike mount have you chosen to make your ride tracking a delightful experience? It would be great to know its name and the qualities that have impressed you.

The ability to hold your device securely and provide optimum viewing angle makes these bike mounts stand out. Moreover, they have a compact design and can easily withstand shock.

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