It's always safer and better to have your iPhone 5's glossy display covered safely by a transparent and strong cover. A screen protector is a must-have, if you ask me and others who've got an iPhone.

It's so easy to think that this little piece of a plastic cover wouldn't actually cause much of a difference but boy are we wrong! (Here is list of Best iPhone 6 Screen Protectors.)

An iPhone 5/5s screen protector is your first line of defense from a lot of things:

  • Oily or dirty finger tips
  • Constant stream of dust from exposure outside
  • Scratches caused by objects like keys, coins etc.
  • Humidity and sometimes, even accidental water (rain)

Screen protectors are – therefore – an obligatory thing for your iPhone. It doesn't matter if you've got a case on or not but a screen protector is something that should be on your iPhone.

Screen Protectors for iPhone 5/5s

So out you go and try to figure out which is the best of the lot. Obviously, big brands produce the best stuff and so you take a look at, say, Otterbox, Belkin and others. That's when you realize that the iPhone 5/5s screen protectors listed there cost as much as the case that your neighbor just bought for her iPhone. Sometimes, even more!

I don't like the idea of spending $30 or even $25 for screen protectors. I mean, come on! I know the quality speaks for itself but I don't want it that loud anyway. Basic screen protectors do the trick much the same way.

So here's a collection of the best iPhone 5/5s screen protectors that doesn't drop an atom bomb in your pockets. Where it does burn a hole, we're talking about something really seriously important – like brushed aluminum. If not, we're going to go for the optimal collection.

Round up of Best Screen Protectors for iPhone 5 and 5s:

#1. TechArmor HD Clear Screen Protector

TechArmor's HD screen protector is every inch the typical screen protector aimed at providing the best protection while not compromising one-bit on user experience. That is to say when you've got the screen protector on the iPhone 5/5s, you'll still be seeing the same retina bliss that you'd get without the screen protector.

True to its words, the TechArmor is pretty good. Comes with a neat package kit that can be used to apply the skin on the iPhone's display.

Price: $5.95

#2. Amzer Kristal Clear

No specialty here. The Amzer clear for iPhone 5/5s is as normal a screen protector as can be. The good thing is it sells for under $7. The skin is clear and although it misses being oleophobic, it does have some really good spec on the plastic that goes into making the protector.

Price: $6.95

#3. MobC

I ran into MobC through a forum recommendations. Turns out that this iPhone 5/5s screen protector an oil-resistant Japanese film screen protector which is – as the name suggests – an oleophobic coating. No traces of fingerprints or those oily imprints that you get on the screen.

You can grab this one from Amazon for a reduced retail price and it has got some really good reviews.

Price: $6.99

#4. BestSkinsEver

From someone whose tagline is “unhealthily obsessed with keeping your stuff shiny”, the screen from BestSkinsEver is highly glossy to the point where you'll sometimes forget there is a screen protector. This one is not just a screen protector. Most screen protectors come with a front and back screens but this one also covers the sides, the top and the bottom of the iPhone 5/5s. For someone obsessed with keeping every part of the iPhone spic-and-span, this is it.

Price: $8.99

#5. AmFilm Screen Protector

Made with quality three-layer pet film, this screen protector offers your iPhone touchscreen complete protection from scratch, dust or scrapes. It attaches with the screen smoothly and doesn’t leave any residue when you remove it.

It comes with a micro-fiber cleaning cloth and bubble removal card. If you desire to have a nice-functioning screen protector for your iPhone, AmFilm should make a smart choice.

Price: $19.99  [$4.95 on Amazon while we are writing this.]

#6. ClearPlex

With the ClearPlex on your iPhone, you're going to feel like there's a thin layer of glass over the display. Granted, ClearPlex isn't one of the cheaper solutions and it's not going to look like plastic either (not very thin, at the very least) but the screen protector is mighty strong. After all, the folks made it from a material used in car windshields.

The $14.99 is just the screen protector and the kit. As you go up the ladder and pick the entire body protection kit, the price hits $25. Pricey but justified for the quality just like other major brands.

Price: $16.99

#7. Skintomi TechSkin Brushed Aluminum

Well, here's a case that sells just for the audacity of the manufacturer to put a brushed aluminum coating instead of some cheap plastic. Skintomi TechSkin skin for iPhone 5/5s  is a combination of a brushed aluminum full casing (which you can stick on the iPhone) along with a powerful skin protector. In a sense, it's a complete package, more stronger than the rest.

Price: $19.95

So there we go. A few of the best screen protectors for iPhone 5 and 5s that you can grab right away. The first few ones are for those who're looking for an optimally cheap solution. The last few ones are for those who're looking to grab the best but still not sweat too much over it (as you'd if you picked the bigger brands).

This was our pick but I'm sure you've got other skin protectors for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s lined up. Let us know too!

  • Joseph Jaconi

    Thanks Chandrashekhar for the support! We are excited to have been included in the roundup! Joe J, GM Tech Armor