Best iPhone 5/5s Screen Protectors

Best iPhone 5, 5s, and iPhone SE Screen Protectors

It’s always safer and better to have your iPhone 5’s glossy display covered safely by a transparent and strong cover. A screen protector is a must-have, if you ask me and others who’ve got an iPhone. It’s so easy to think that this little piece of a plastic cover wouldn’t actually cause much of a difference but boys are we wrong!

An iPhone 5/5s screen protector is your first line of defense from a lot of things:

  • Oily or dirty fingertips
  • Constant stream of dust from exposure outside
  • Scratches caused by objects like keys, coins etc
  • Humidity and sometimes, even accidental water (rain)

Screen protectors are – therefore – an obligatory thing for your iPhone. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a case on or not but a screen protector is something that should be on your iPhone.

So out you go and try to figure out which is the best of the lot. Obviously, big brands produce the best stuff and so you take a look at, say, Otterbox, Belkin, and others. That’s when you realize that the iPhone 5/5s screen protectors listed there cost as much as the case that your neighbor just bought for her iPhone. Sometimes, even more!

I don’t like the idea of spending $30 or even $25 for screen protectors. I mean, come on! know the quality speaks for itself but I don’t want it that loud anyway. Basic screen protectors do the trick much the same way.

So here’s a collection of the best iPhone 5/5s screen protectors that doesn’t drop an atom bomb in your pockets. Where it does burn a hole, we’re talking about something really seriously important – like brushed aluminum. If not, we’re going to go for the optimal collection.

1 AmFilm

amFilm Screen Protector for iPhone SE, 5, 5S, 5C

Made with quality three-layer pet film, this screen protector offers your iPhone touchscreen complete protection from scratch, dust or scrapes. It attaches with the screen smoothly and doesn’t leave any residue when you remove it.

It comes with a micro-fiber cleaning cloth and bubble removal card. If you desire to have a nice functioning screen protector for your iPhone, AmFilm should make a smart choice.

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OMOTON screen protector comes with round edge that helps it easily get installed and provide full-screen protection to your iPhone. The 9H hardness makes it robust enough to protect the screen from scratch. The high-quality material is fingerprint resistant.

As it’s bubble-free, you won’t have any inconvenience while installing it on your device. Being very thin, it feels very smooth to the touch. Better still, it provides high definition clarity to ensure you enjoy using your device.

USP: High definition clarity
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UPPERCASE Phone 5, 5S, SE Screen Protector

This screen protector from UPPERCASE has been made of premium tempered glass material. You will easily install this thin screen protector on your device. The rounded edges allow it to get rolled out smoothly.

It offers the full-fledged safeguard to the touchscreen. Powered by 9H hardness, it’s fully capable of resisting the impact of scratch. The oleophobic coating keeps off fingerprints and oil stains.

USP: Full-fledged safeguard
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4. JETech

JETech iPhone SE, iPhone 5s, and 5 Screen Protector

JETech screen protector is just 0.33mm thick and offers ultra-transparency. Having round edge and being completely bubble-free, it provides hassle-free installation.

It offers just the smoothness you would want to use your device with the peace of mind. The industry leading hardness ensures it can shield the touchscreen from any brutal scratch. Being resistant to fingerprints and dust, this screen protector offers better user-experience and comes in three colors—clear, blue and black.

USP: Extremely responsive
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5. MoboZx

With just 0.3mm thickness, MoboZx screen protector for delivers top notch clarity. It doesn’t leave residue behind and perfectly snaps on all the edges of the screen. It’s very sensitive to the touch. The industry standard hardness reinforces its strength and makes it potent enough to withstand scratch.

Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating prevent oils, grime from ruining the clarity and responsiveness.

USP: Premium temper glass
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Signing Off

Which one of these screen protectors has passed your acid test? Which is the one quality you want to see in every top quality screen protector for iPhone?

Personally, I want a screen protector to be completely resistant to scratch and offer the high transparency as well as response. But your preference may differ from mine.

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