One of the first things you can do to your iPhone after jailbreaking is change the way your Lockscreen looks. I am kind of sure that if you are not new to jailbreaking (and modding), you have mostly changed your LS theme by now. There are tons of them even on the ModMyi and BigBoss repos and there are other repos like Insanelyi which bring even more.

Right after Evasi0n jailbreak opened the flood-gates for iPhone modding, a lot of people are looking for Dreamboard and Winterboard themes. I was specifically interested in lockscreen themes for my iPhone 4 but then, we also look for iPhone 5 LS themes.

So today, we thought we’d just sit and note down the iPhone 5 LS themes that look cool, stunning or just plain beautiful. This is what we got after a few hours.

Winterboard LockScreen Cydia Themes for iPhone 5:

1. LS Anime i5

LS Anime Theme for iPhone 5

LS Anime for iPhone 5 is a seriously beautiful lockscreen theme. I’m not sure how much battery it eats up (it can’t be much) but for the beauty of the theme, I’d surely barter some juice just to have the LS modded to this. Take a look at the clock, buddy.. it’s just amazing.
Download: Search for LS Anime i5 in Cydia. It’s available in the ModMyi Repo.

2. LS Cliffs IP5

LS Cliffs iPhone 5

I stumbled on LS Cliffs for iPhone 5 on the ModMyi forums. It’s pretty cool and if you’re okay with a minimalistic theme and a clock that’s on the bottom, this is the one you’re after. You’ll need to use No Lockscreen UI or No LockScreen Camera (or something similar) to remove the camera icon from the LS (so the weather widget shows clearly).
Download: Search for LS Cliffs IP5 in Cydia. It’s available in the ModMyi Repo.

3. LS Nimbus

LS Nimbus for iPhone 5

Boy oh boy. I just can’t take my eyes off the theme. We didn’t test LS Nimbus on iPhone 5 but we sure heard that it works just fine. There’s this forum post where you can get more details about modding the theme to fit iPhone 5 but I think that it works right from the start without any mod. LS Nimbus was – and is – a very popular LS theme for the iPhone.
Download: Search for LS Nimbus in Cydia. It’s available in the ModMyi Repo.

4. LiveWeather LS GPS iP5

LiveWeather LS GPS iPhone 5

Without a doubt, LiveWeather LS GPS IP5 is a stunning weather-based theme. But oh, note that it eats up your battery a little more than others. But it’s worth having if you are looking for a theme that’s classic and yet heavily eye-candy-ish.
Download: Search for it in Cydia. It’s available in the ModMyi Repo.

5. LS Lyra for iPhone 5: Coming Up

LS Lyra for iPhone 5

If you’ve used LS Lyra on older iPhones, you probably know how cool it looks. I drool over the theme and the good news is that the developer is almost ready with the iPhone 5 compatible theme. It should be up in a few days (hopefully a week or so) on the ModMyi repo.
Download: Available in the ModMyi repo.

6. LS Frost HDLS

LS Frost HD for iPhone 5

Frost HD is a beautiful iP5-compatible theme. It’s simplistic but captures your attention. The theme has a live weather widget and supposedly shows notifications. Although it looks good and dandy, I wasn’t able to locate it on the Insanelyi repo. May be they’re adding it in the future but I’d definitely want to see this on my iPhone.
Download: Add “” and then search for LS Frost HD. So far no luck for us.

  • Thomas


    I downloaded LS Nymbus, but after selecting it in Winterboard and respringing it doesn’t look AT ALL like that. What may I be doing wrong? They look really really cool and I would like to give them a try.


  • LS Lyra 5 is ready to download in Cydia. Thanks for the kind words :)