Best iPhone 5/5s Docking Stations [Work with iPhone SE] for Crisp Music

Check out the list of best iPhone SE, iPhone 5s and 5 docking station to enjoy music while your iPhone is charging.

5Ever since Apple introduced the iPhone 5, things have never quite been the same in the dock-producing industry. The lightning dock, a massive shift from the 30-pin dock connector, has led to several new product ranges. With the launch of iPhone 5, Apple moved towards a new dock system and here we are, with some of the best docking stations for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, which are also compatible with the latest iPhone SE. [Check out the list of best iPhone SE docking stations with speaker.]

When you go looking for iPhone 5/5s docking stations with speakers, there’s only one important thing that matters: the quality/fidelity of the speakers. Depending on your budget, you would be looking from a range of minimalist docks from Philips to some really stunning ones from Bose.

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Best Clock Radio Docking Stations for iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5

10 Best iPhone 5/5s Docking Stations [Work with iPhone SE]

#1. Philips AJT3300/37

Philips iPhone 5 and 5s Docking Station

Philips is one of the oldest brands when it comes to consumer electronics. The company is very reliable for iPhone accessories as well. The docking station from Philips has an MFI certified lightning connector and also speakers. That means you can charge your iPhone while you listen to music.

The built-in microphone offers crystal clear audio for an improved hands-free experience. The FM radio with preset adds more value to its profile. Plus, it also has a sleep timer to let you take complete control of your music at night.

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USP: The built-in microphone
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#2. iHome iPL8XHG

iHome iPL8XHG Clock Radio Docking Station for iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5

Want to have a versatile docking station for your iPhone? iHome iPL8XHG can be one of the better options.

Aside from charging your iPhone, it also livens up your music time. With the Reson8 speaker chambers, it delivers top quality sound.

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There is also FM radio with 6 stations preset memory so that you can tune in to some cool radio program. Plus, the dual alarm helps you remain at pace with your ever-changing routine.

The adjustable sleep timer with separate volume comes in handy if you want to fall asleep with music.

USP: Reson8 speaker chambers
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BEACOO iPhone 5 and 5s Docking Station

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What defines “BEACOO” is the compact and durable construction. It’s designed to be an efficient charger not just for your iPhone but also Apple Watch.

With the case-friendly design, it lets you comfortably hold your iPhone even without removing the cover. You get a more convenient viewing experience during your hands-free viewing calling.

Thanks to the soft pad, the smartphone has the needed care to keep scrape away. Lastly, “BEACOO” comes in two color variants like black and the gorgeous pink.

USP: Durable built-up
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#4. Press Play ONE Dock

Press Play iPhone 5 and 5s Docking Station

When you talk about the best charging stands for iPhone, you can’t keep Press Play’s “ONE Dock” out of sight. It’s such an impressive docking station that ideally ticks off all the essential boxes.

First things first, it’s Apple MFi certified and provides fast and secure charging. Therefore, you won’t face the error message like “This accessory may not be supported,” error time and again. Besides, it also excels in powering up the Apple Watch with the needed efficiency.

With the adjustable Lightning port, it works with most cases. Plus, the solid aluminum construction makes it a long-lasting companion of the iPhone.

USP: Adjustable Lightning port
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#5. Pezin & Hulin

Pezin & Hulin iPhone 5 Docking Station

What about going for a complete docking station organization not just for iPhone or Apple Watch but also for tablet and laptop? Meet “Pezin & Hulin” a wooden docking station that’s designed to let you charge multiple devices with high efficiency.

It’s made of natural bamboo and features solid construction. It comfortably holds your devices for safe charging.

With the neat cable management, it doesn’t let cable clutter to mar the look of your desk. Besides, there is also a storage compartment to let you securely keep cables and adapters.

USP: Charge multiple devices
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#6. Spater

Spater iPhone 5 and 5s Docking Station

If you are looking for a multi-port charging stand, give serious consideration to Spater. What makes it a real deal is the ability to let you power up seven devices simultaneously.

With the Smart IC chip, it ensures your devices have the essential protection from short-circuiting and overcurrent. It also keeps the cables perfectly organized. As for built-up, it’s pretty lightweight but strong enough to endure the test of time.

USP: Multi-port charging stand
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#7. iHome iPL23

iHome iPL23 iPhone 5 and 5s Docking Station

This docking station from iHome is pretty similar to the one we have mentioned above. Powered by Reson8(R) speaker system, it offers rich sound quality. And the FM radio with 6 stations preset memory lets you catch up with your favorite radio programs.

You can take advantage of the sleep timer to listen to your favorite music at night and turn off the speaker at the predefined time. As for charging, it’s up to the mark and lets you securely power up your device. Besides, iPL23 comes in two colors like black and white.

USP: FM radio with 6 stations preset memory
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#8. Comsoon

Comsoon iPhone 5 and 5s Docking Station

Simplicity is the biggest highlight of “Comsoon.”. It features a more functional design that holds your iPhone steadily.

You can adjust the dock to your desired angle for a convenient viewing experience. Therefore, you will enjoy your FaceTime or find it a bit easier to interact with your device while it’s charging.

The high-grade aluminum endows it the needed strength to withstand bumps. Plus, the soft silicone pad protects the device from scrapes.

USP: Soft silicone pad
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#9. EasyAcc

EasyAcc iPhone 5 and 5s Docking Station

You would like to have “EasyAcc” to keep all of your devices fully organized. With six USB ports, it’s exactly what you may want to power up multiple devices at one go.

The dock features a useful drawer to let keep your cables, adapters and other small items. The magnetic base endows it more stability.

As for design, it looks refined and can add value to your professional environment. Furthermore, EasyAcc comes in two colors like black and brown.

USP: Drawer design
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#10. Avantree

Avantree iPhone 5 and 5s Docking Station

If a minimalist design is on top of your priority list, give a shot to “Avantree.” This Lightning dock is ultra-portable and comes with the case-friendly design. So, you won’t have any problem in charging the iPhone even with a case on.

Another important feature worth mentioning is the Apple MFi certification. That means it’s fully compatible to power the iOS device. Additionally, Avantree charging stand comes in four color variants topped by 24-month limited warranty.

USP: Ultra-portable design
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That’s all!

Your pick?

Which one of the above docking stations have you chosen for your device? Is it a simple one or a multitasker?

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  1. Ignore this guy’s recommendations. He has no clue what quality sound is supposed to be. Not surprisingly he rates Bose (that crap of a Co.) as the best Iphone dock. I got that pos for free with AMEX account and it is worthless, boomy piece of garbage.


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