iPhone 5/5s docking stations have already crept into the market and are doing brisk sales. There are alarm clock docks for the iPhone 5 and then there are stereo speaker docks too. A dock is a cool thing to have, by the bed, by the sofa in the drawing room or even on the kitchen counter when you’re cooking listening to some reggae.

iPhone 5/5s docks  have become quite popular in a way. More specifically, people are also looking for iPhone 5/5s Clock/Radio docks with built-in FM and AM channels that’ll stream crisp radio music.

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Best iPhone 5 Clock-Radio Docks
Rounded up of the best iPhone 5/5s clock-radio docking stations

#1. iHome iDL 45

iHome iDL 45 iPhone Docking Station
iHome iDL 45 is an excellent, chic dock for the iPhone 5/5s. It’s got an alarm clock (that can be set to wake you up with your favorite song or a preset FM radio channel), a large LCD clock display and a stereo speaker.  iHome iDL 45 is kind of compact but not too small for comfort. Extra features like auto sync, EQ controls and 3D sound make the gadget a worthy docking station for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

Price: $99.99 ($89.95 on Amazon while writing this)
Buy it from Amazon.com

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#2. Philips AJ5305D

Philips AJ5305D iPhone Dock

The Philips AJ5305D is a charming little dock with clock and radio for the iPhone 5/5s. Quite interestingly, it has one of the most unique interfaces in the market and that makes it a thing to desire. Since it’s from Philips, the fidelity in audio is quite good and the dock comes with a native app to enable better communication between the iPhone and the dock.

Price: £70.00
Shop it from Philips.com

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#3. Philips DS3400

Philips DS3400 iPhone 5 Docking Station

The DS 3400 is a beautiful and curvaceous iPhone 5/5s docking station. It is different from all the other items on this list because it doesn’t feature a normal radio. Instead, you download the companion app that comes along with the DS 3400 and you can tune in to a lot of internet radio stations. The best thing is the design.

Price:  $129.99 ($118.11 on Amazon while writing this)
Order it from Amazon.com

#4. Sony iPhone 5/5s Dock Clock+Radio

Sony iPhone 5 Dock Clock Radio

Sony’s iPhone  5 dock clock radio is like a look back at the old stereo systems. Although handy and perfect in a way, Sony iPhone 5/5s Dock clock radio comes with buttons on the side to control and edit settings. The dock has about 20 FM presets and 10 AM presets and the clock is a large, instantly legible LCD display.

Price: $69.99 ($64.88 on Amazon while writing this)
Purchase it from Amazon.com

#5. Philips AJ3275D

Philips AJ3275D iPhone 5 Dock

This one is one of the most compact docking stations for the iPhone 5/5s that comes with a minimal speaker and clock. There isn’t much in the way of features but you get a large LCD clock with an alarm, a radio with FM presets and a dock that’s safe for your iPhone.

Price: $349.33
Buy it from Amazon.com

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