Somehow, car chargers for iPhone SE, 5, and 5s seem to be quite costly. The lightning dock looks like the culprit, and if you're looking for an authentic, complete set from the big guys, you’re looking at shelling out anywhere between $25 and $40. (Here is a list of Best iPhone 6/6 Plus Car Chargers.)

The best option looks like this: if you've got a USB car charger already, you have the USB to lightning cable. Use them both and save your money. The same applies to people going to buy a new car charger for their iPhone 5/5s: purchase a default USB car charger which powers from the cigarette lighter of your car and then, get the USB-to-lightning connector.

Best iPhone SE, 5s, and 5 Car Chargers

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That said, we've still got people looking for a hassle-free solution. That's where iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s car chargers come in. These are basically the same setup but if you're looking for high-quality, go for brands. We've got a few of them listed here with all the information:

Best iPhone SE, 5s, and 5 Car Chargers

#1. Archeer

Archeer iPhone SE Car Charger

Archeer's car charger is an all rounder. It has almost everything you would look for in a car charger. The features include two USB ports for charging, small LCD screen, has low voltage alarm, and it also displays vehicle battery voltage on the LCD display. The only drawback of this car charger is that it does not offer any colors.

Price: $29.99 [$12.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.] Buy it from

#2. Belkin

Belkin iPhone SE, 5s, and 5 Car Charger

If I remember correctly, Belkin was the first third-party manufacturer to produce a lightning-compatible car charger for the iPhone and the iPad. The charger is a standard issue: no bells and whistles here. One of the best out there, the Belkin iPhone 5/5s Car Charger (or better known as the Belkin Lightning Car Charger) costs $19.99 but on Amazon, you can buy it for $11.49.

Price: $34.99 [$23.45 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Buy it from

#3. Anker

Anker Car Chager for iPhone SE

Anker Car Charger is dedicated to all the Apple devices supporting Lightning connector, which includes the new iPhone SE as well. That's because, it does not have any USB port, only a pre-fixed lightning cable. Also, the charger is Apple MFI certified, which means you will not have to worry about any issue related to charging your device.

Price: $19.99 [$11.89 on Amazon while we are writing this.] Buy it from

#4. Eleckey

Eleckey iPhone SE Car Charger

Unlike Anker, which is only for Apple devices, Eleckey has an additional USB port along with a pre-fixed MFI certified lightning cable. This makes it more demanding as you can charge your other devices as well. As part of the notification, the holder has a round LED, which lights up when it receives power. There are three color options as the time of writing this.

Price: $39.99 [$22.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Buy it from

#5. Vinsic

Vinsic iPhone SE, 5s, and 5 Car Charger

Vinsic can be considered as a pioneer in power products. It has a broad range of products for charging your iPhone or iPad. This particular car charger from Vinsic has every feature as described for Eleckey. The key difference is the design. Another feature that stands apart is the MFI certification.

Price: $29.95 [$16.95 on Amazon while we are writing this.] Buy it from

#6. Keku

Keku iPhone SE, 5s, and 5 Car Charger

Keku is a bit bigger car charger compared to all others. The reason is the feature it carries within it. The list of features includes FM receiver, Bluetooth, small Display screen, USB port for charging your iPhone 5/5s or iPhone SE, hands-free calling feature, and it also has an SD card reader. It's like a mini music system for a car. You don't need to select from color options when you get so many features in a car charger.

Price: $26.99 [$17.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Buy it from

#7. Hama

Hama Car Charger for iPhone SE, 5s, and 5

Same like Anker, Hama is also solely dedicated for Apple devices with Lightning connector. There are no USB ports for charging any additional devices. It does have LED to indicate when the power is on. Also, it has extendable lightning cable, which can be stretched up to 5 feet. Hama car charger is certified by Apple.

Price: $29.99 [$14.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.] Buy it from

#8. JETech

JETech Dual-Port Rapid iPhone SE, 5s, and 5 Car Charger

JETech is one of the brands that you would like to trust when it comes to iPhone accessories. The company has specialized in a wide range of accessory products. The car charger from JETech is compact, has two USB ports, and supports quick charging. It also protects your iPhone from overheating, overcurrent, and over-charging. JETech offers two color option – White and black.

Price: $29.99 [$5.98 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Buy it from

#9. Swiftrans

Swiftrans Car Charger for iPhone SE, 5s and 5

Driving an expensive car? Here's a beautiful car charger that will match the beauty of your car. Unlike all other car chargers, Swiftrans has three USB port, piano finished body, and a cute little LED that indicates power supply. Also, it protects your device from almost all charging related issues.

Price: $16.99 [$8.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.] Buy it from

#10. Francois et Mimi

Francois et Mimi iPhone SE, 5s, and 5 Car Charger

This car charger has also received Apple's MFI certification. In addition, it has a pre-fixed dedicated Lightning cable for Apple devices. The car charger has an additional USB port to charge two devices simultaneously and also protects your iPhone or other devices from being over charged. There are two color options – White and black.

Price: $59.95 [$19.95 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Buy it from

Which one did you pick up from Above list? Do share choice with us in a comment, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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