Best iPhone 5/5s Bumper Cases 2021

Best iPhone 5s and iPhone SE Bumper Cases

If you are looking to buy a bumper case for iPhone 5/5s, then look no further. Besides, the bumper case for iPhone 5/5s also works on iPhone SE, which is an extra advantage.

Even though Apple signed off on this one, several case makers have produced some excellent iPhone 5/5s bumper cases that sell a dime a dozen on Amazon. Okay, not exactly that cheap but you get the idea, right?

Each of these was picked from a thorough review of what people – real users who have bought and used these bumper cases – are saying about the bumper cases for iPhone SE, 5s and iPhone 5. Ready to dive in? Here we go:

1. Trianium

Trianium iPhone 5s and iPhone SE Bumper Case

Trianium is one of the leading brands that manufacture high-quality iPhone accessories. This bumper case from Trianium gives four-side protection to your iPhone. The case securely protects your iPhone’s touchscreen as well as the camera.

Unlike other bumper cases, which are bulky in profile, this slim and light case keeps your phone’s profile thin. You can easily slide your iPhone in your pockets. Enjoy maximum protection for your iPhone with this bumper case.

USP: Precisely fit
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2. Ailun

AILUN iPhone SE, 5s and 5 Bumper Case

The bumper case from Ailun is quite simple but very elegant. It’s a plain black case that takes care of all the four corners of your iPhone 5/5s and iPhone SE as well. Of course, there are seven different colors available, which you can choose depending on your preference.

Lastly, the case can absorb normal shocks and falls, keeping your device intact from the impact.

USP: Anti-Scratch Design
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#3. Basse

Basse Bumper Case for iPhone 5s and iPhone SE

Comfort, style, strength, and design – you will get everything in a single bumper case made by Basse. This feature-rich bumper case is perfect for your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. Its simple style attracts all eyes; the black color gels well with other accessories of your iPhone.

TPU rubber of this case ensures better toughness and flexibility to absorb the impact created by the collision of mobile phones. The material keeps your iPhone lightweight and protected all the time.

USP: Soft and no-slipping
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#4. ULAK

ULAK iPhone 5, 5s, and iPhone SE Bumper Case

A clear case reveals the real beauty of your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. Show the real colors and impress people with your prized possession. Keep your phone safe from watermarks, scratches, and fingerprints with a case that is made of polycarbonate UV coating.

The transparent case perfectly fits on your iPhone and allows you to quickly access all your phone’s ports, controls, and buttons. The lightweight case adds minimal bulk to your iPhone.

USP: Polycarbonate UV coating
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5. JETech

JETech iPhone SE, iPhone 5s and 5 Bumper Case

In case you are looking for a bumper case that doesn’t hide the natural beauty of your iPhone 5/5s and iPhone SE, then JETech bumper case is a perfect choice. It is fully transparent, which flaunts the Apple logo.

Moreover, the fusion of TPU and polycarbonate affirms that your device is free from the impact of normal falls or bumps. Lastly, there are different frame color options available at the time of writing this.

USP: Ultra transparent
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6. Ansiwee

Ansiwee iPhone 5s and iPhone SE Bumper Case

The clear back design of Ansiwee showcases the real beauty of your iPhone. You can display your device’s color as the case flaunts transparent back. This powerful case is made of soft TPU bumper mixed with hard PC frame.

Strong grip and slim profile make this case more adorable. The crystal clear back and metalized coating make your iPhone 5 more fashionable. Though the case is bendable, it provides good protection with its stiff and sturdy profile.

USP: Bendable case
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7. Besiva

Besiva iPhone SE Bumper Case

Flaunt the beauty of your iPhone 5 with this transparent bumper case. It is slim and lightweight, without compromising on the safety of your iPhone. The bumpers are raised at the corners to absorb shock from falls and bumps. Even the edges are slightly raised to keep scratches away from screen and camera.

It fits perfectly on the iPhone 5 and the precise cuts on the case allow access to all ports and functions. Being a clear case, there aren’t any color choices available.

USP: Raised corners for extra protection
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8. Spigen

Spigen iPhone 5, 5s, and iPhone SE Bumper Case

Spigen is the most popular and reliable brand in iPhone accessories. The name is particularly known for protective cases. This ultra hybrid case is packed with air cushion technology for extreme drop protection.

Though the case scores low on style, it offers superior dual protection with a combination of TPU and polycarbonate. Unlike other cases, Spigen gives lips on both front and back to protect the touchscreen and back panel from scratches.

USP: Lips on front and back
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TENDLIN iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5 Wooden Bumper

Here is something for those who want to live a life of pleasure and expensive things. This marvelous piece is crafted from natural wood and TPU silicone to make it shockproof and drop-proof.

This one-piece case is ergonomically designed to offer you excellent grip and ultimate comfort. Look at the impressive wood grain finish and sleek profile design that can dazzle all eyes. The unique arc bumper design with shock absorbent TPU protect your iPhone from impact, drops, and shocks.

USP: Natural wood grain
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10. Maxboost

Maxboost iPhone SE, iPhone 5s and 5 Bumper Case

It’s time to add some sparkling colors in your life with the Maxboost bumper case. The catalog of Maxboost bumper cases consists of five different bright colors, which will certainly speak about your personality. Apart from bright colors, the case perfectly fits on iPhone 5/5s and iPhone SE.

The interior of the case is quite soft, making sure that it doesn’t leave any scratches on the back of your iPhone when the case is removed.

Price: 360° PROTECTION
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11. Eloven

ELOVEN iPhone 5, 5s, and iPhone SE Wallet Bumper Case

Most of the bumper cases have a flat surface on the back, which makes it little hard to hold at times. This bumper case from Eloven has a wavy design on the back, which gives you a firm grip over your iPhone.

The front frame of the case is nominally raised, which protects the iPhone screen when laid upside down. Apart from that, the hard shell is an expert in protecting your iPhone from normal falls. Lastly, there are 3 different color options at the time of writing this.

USP: Card slot
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That’s all folks!

Signing off…

Bumper cases are known for their robust body and comprehensive protection. For your iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, you can select any one of the cases listed above. Buy one or more and share your experiences with us.

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