Best iPhone 5/5s Bluetooth Keyboards: Type Your Way On a Physical Keypad

Isn’t it ironic that there are iPhone Bluetooth keyboards? One of the main reasons why Apple introduced the touchscreen interface for the smartphone was to get rid of the physical keypad. Obviously, some of us still need that large physical keypad to do things better.

Business folk from the older generation of smartphones continue to like a physical keypad. iPhone 5 Bluetooth keyboards offer the best of both worlds: you have the iPhone 5 in all its glory and you can control it via a Bluetooth keypad attached to it! Right after the jump, we’ll take a look at five best iPhone 5/5s Bluetooth keyboards that double up as sliders and cases for the iPhone 5 and 5s.

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#1. Boxwave iPhone 5/5s Keypad Buddy

iPhone 5 Keyboard Buddy Case

The costliest of the lot here, the BoxWave Keypad Buddy is a QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard for the iPhone 5 and 5s like no other. It’s almost a given that Bluetooth keypads are bulky but BoxWave is an exception to this rule. Incredibly thin, and a powerful backlit feature, the BoxWave is designed aesthetically to fit the iPhone 5/5s almost as if it was a part of it already.

Price: $99.95
Log on to to know more.

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I find that the product is being sold at a 28% off for web purchases. You might want to check this out first before looking at other Bluetooth keypad cases.

#2. Nuu Minikey for iPhone 5/5s

Nuu Minikey iPhone 5 Keyboard

The Nuu MiniKey for iPhone 5/5s might seem overpriced but it’s a cool 42-key slide-out keypad that just works like a charm. The keypad is backlit (can be turned ON/OFF), quick keyboard shortcuts, and an ergonomic design with tilted keys makes sure the usability is good. The MiniKey for iPhone 5/5s, at 17mm thickness, is quite a decent add-on to the iPhone without causing much of a bulky feeling.

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Price:  $39.99 (at the time of writing)
Buy Nuu Minikey

3. MiniSuite Bluetooth Keyboard Case

MiniSuite iPhone 5 Bluetooth Keyboard CaseMiniSuite for iPhone 5/5s is probably the cheapest and the best Bluetooth keyboard case I’ve seen for the iPhone. It has a rubberized back, with a standby time of 45 days (and 2-3 days for intensive use). The case is quite thin, yes, and doesn’t impart much bulk to the iPhone 5/5s. You can get this product for cheaper on Amazon.

Price:  $19.95
Buy MiniSuit from Amazon

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4. Poetic SHIFT Sliding Keyboard

Poetic SHIFT Sliding Keyboard for iPhone 5sPoetic’s “Shift” is an iPhone 5s/5 keyboard case which has some extra features: you can detach the keyboard from the case (dual layer case), there is a flip-up view position so you can prop the iPhone into a slant when you type on the keyboard. The keyboard connects via Bluetooth 3.0. The case lends a good level of protection while keeping the buttons and ports completely accessible.

Price: $39.95
Buy Poetic Shift from Amazon

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