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You blew almost half a grand on that sleek and sexy iPhone 5s you just got! Its pristine, classy and a major source of jealousy to most of your contemporaries. Don’t you think that is reason enough to give it a decent protection?!

Whether you’re looking at something to match the Apple image or its stylish design or something that’ll help you show off a little more, your iPhone 5s is somewhat incomplete without a perfect case!

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Best Stylish and Protective Phone 5 5s Cases

Here's a collection of Best iPhone 5/5s Cases that Are Stylish yet Protective:

#1. iPhone 5s nüüd Case

iPhone 5s Nuud Case

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This thing is for tough guys. Trust us when we say this, but it’s gonna be a hell of a tough time finding a case that is not just good looking but protects your precious iPhone against shocks, drops and even full submersions. This one here is designed to do just that.

Pros – It protects your iPhone. Outstandingly.

Cons – It just protects your iPhone! It kinds muffles the microphone and makes actions like opening the control center by swiping up from the bottom a royal pain in the neck.. Oh yeah, and that costs a lot!

Price: $89.99 ($79.99 on Amazon)
Buy it from LifeProof.com or Amazon.com

#2. Trident Aegis iPhone 5/5s Case

Trident Aegis iPhone 5-5s Case

The thick inner rubber shell has toughened corners to tackle Ninja drops. The case also covers buttons and creates a raised protective frame around the screen. If you wanna plug your phone in somewhere, there are flip-open covers for ports, and a dust filter for the microphone and speaker. So there’s an ideal tough black frame outside with a pretty one that’s slightly more coloured on the inside.

If you want your Apple logo to show, there’s an open circle to oblige.

Price: $34.95 ($17.60 on Amazon)
Buy Trident Aegis Case from TridentCase.com or Amazon.com

#3. Official Apple iPhone 5S/5 case

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

Official Apple iPhone 5s case

Aaah! The official case. Officially the most good looking one, eh? Apple’s official case for the iPhone 5S is made from premium leather. There’s microfiber lining on the inside and your precious buttons are all covered by leather. It is a fool proof safeguard for your iPhone and is guaranteed to protect against most dings and scratches. If you’re picky about colour, the case is available in brown, beige, black, yellow, blue, and red.

It also has an impressively svelte form factor, and sports an Apple logo on the back. Hmm, I like that one!

Price: $39
Buy it from Apple.com

#4. TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case for iPhone 5-5s

TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case for iPhone 5-5s

This one is rather fancy! It has a battery built in on the go! For those who need a little bit of extra power on the go, this case comes with a battery that provides up to to nine hours of additional talk time for your phone.

Considering it's packing a 2500mAh battery, it has a surprisingly slim design. Apart from that, there’s the protective case which you can slide in and out of the main battery case with ease. This is a well designed kit for your phone where you can choose a spunky colour to match your personality.

The battery case has an LED light to indicate charge and it comes with a power cable that lets you sync without removing the case. Worth every 100 buck spent!

Price: $99.99 ($69.99 Onwards on Amazon)
Buy it from Amazon

#5. Griffin Survivor Case for iPhone 5/5s

Griffin Survivor iPhone 5s Case

Last but not the least, if you’re thinking of taking your phone for war (or throwing it at someone, both of which we would not recommend), you might want to grab this one! A sure shot protection against dust, dirt, wind and even bullets, you can literally swim with your phone if you have it covered in this.

It has a lovely premium design and is quite like armour in itself! It’ll keep your phone safe.

Price: 49.99 ($14.99 on Amazon)
Buy it from Amazon

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While these covers might or might not look rather appealing, it is definitely a must to have your phone protected. Have something that should make it to this list? Looking for something else? Whatever the case, get in touch with us! We are constantly on the lookout for crazy and funky stuff related to everything that starts with an i. Just kidding, if you have a cover that’s better than these beauties, let us know, we have an iPhone 5s that needs protection.

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